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Nuclear Engineering and Technology

Volume 56, Issue 7, Pages 2437-2892 , July 2024
Nuclear I&C


Dimensional synthesis of an Inspection Robot for SG tube-sheet

Kuan Zhang, Jizhuang Fan, Tian Xu, Yubin Liu, Zhenming Xing, Biying Xu, Jie Zhao
Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Radioactive Waste Management


Towards inferring reactor operations from high-level waste

Benjamin Jung, Antonio Figueroa, Malte Göttsche

Laser surface cleaning of simulated radioactive contaminants in various technological environments

Maxim Cheban, Serafima Filatova, Yaroslav Kravchenko, Konstantin Scherbakov, Dmitry Mamonov, Sergey Klimentov, Maxim Savinov, Maxim Chichkov
Nuclear Fuel and Reactor Materials


Enhancement of FeCrAl-ODS steels through optimised SPS parameters and addition of novel nano-oxide formers

A. Meza, E. Macía, M. Serrano, C. Merten, U. Gaitzsch, T. Weißgärber, M. Campos

Neutronic optimization of thorium-based fuel configurations for minimizing slightly used nuclear fuel and radiotoxicity in small modular reactors

Nur Anis Zulaikha Kamarudin, Aznan Fazli Ismail, Mohamad Hairie Rabir, Khoo Kok Siong
Nuclear Policy, Economics, and Human Resource Development


Nuclear energy, economic growth and CO2 emissions in Pakistan: Evidence from extended STRIPAT model

Muhammad Yousaf Raza, Songlin Tang

Estimating North Korea's nuclear capabilities: Insights from a study on tritium production in a 5MWe graphite-moderated reactor

Sungmin Yang, Manseok Lee, Danwoo Ko, Gyunyoung Heo, Changwoo Kang, Seung Min Woo

Does the nuclear engineering field perform worse in utilizing women? Evidence from South Korea

Jihye Kam, Sungyeol Choi, Soohyung Lee

Balancing the nuclear equation: Climate policy uncertainty and budgetary dynamics

Chang Li, Sajid Ali, Raima Nazar, Muhammad Saeed Meo

The volcanic aspect on determining Site of nuclear power plant in Indonesia: Gap analysis between standard and regulations

Widjanarko, Budi Santoso, Rismiyanto, Kurnia Anzhar, Joko Waluyo, Gustini H. Sayid, Khusnul Khotimah, Nicholas Bertony Saputra, Agus Teguh Pranoto, Hadi Suntoko, Siti Alimah, Sriyana, Roni Cahya Ciputra, Alfitri Meliana
Nuclear Physics, Fusion, and Laser Technology


Monte Carlo simulation of spatial resolution of lens-coupled LYSO scintillator for intense pulsed gamma-ray imaging system with large field of view

Guoguang Li, Liang Sheng, Baojun Duan, Yang Li, Dongwei Hei, Qingzi Xing
Nuclear Structural Analysis /Plant Management & Maintenance


Experimental study on vibration projection of seawater circulation pumps in nuclear power plant

Lin Bin, Huang Qian, Zhang Rongyong, Zhu Rongsheng, Fu Qiang, Wang Xiuli

Investigations on seismic performance of nuclear power plants equipped with an optimal BIS-TMDI considering FSI effects

Shuaijun Zhang, Gangling Hou, Chengyu Yang, Zhihua Yue, Yuzhu Wang, Min He, Lele Sun, Xuesong Cai

Failure simulation of nuclear pressure vessel under LBLOCA scenarios

Eui-Kyun Park, Jun-Won Park, Yun-Jae Kim, Kukhee Lim, Eung-Soo Kim
Nuclear Safety


Development of GPU-Paralleled multi-resolution techniques for Lagrangian-based CFD code in nuclear thermal-hydraulics and safety

Do Hyun Kim, Yelyn Ahn, Eung Soo Kim

Development of an on-demand flooding safety system achieving long-term inexhaustible cooling of small modular reactors employing metal containment vessel

Jae Hyung Park, Jihun Im, Hyo Jun An, Yonghee Kim, Jeong Ik Lee, Sung Joong Kim

Waste to shield: Tailoring cordierite/mullite/zircon composites for radiation protection through controlled sintering and Y2O3 addition

Celal Avcıoğlu, Recep Artır
Radiation Application


Geant 4 Monte Carlo simulation for I-125 brachytherapy

Jie Liu, M.E. Medhat, A.M.M. Elsayed

Design of an integrated multiple-single-channel analyzer

Jie Yang, Xiaofei Gu, Shuxiang Lu, Guoheng Zheng

Effects of reflector, surface treatment, and length of scintillation crystal on the performance of TOF-DOI PET detector with dual-ended readout

Jin Ho Jung, Yong Choi, Johyeon Yun, Jiwoong Jung, Sangwon Lee

Design of proton-beam degrader for high-purity 89Zr production

Hyunjin Lee, Sangbong Lee, Daeseong Choi, Gyoseong Jeong, Hee Seo

A counting-time optimization method for artificial neural network (ANN) based gamma-ray spectroscopy

Moonhyung Cho, Jisung Hwang, Sangho Lee, Kilyoung Ko, Wonku Kim, Gyuseong Cho

Generation of LiF(Mg,Cu,Na,Si) thermoluminescent crystal and evaluation of dose response and sensitivity

Abdollah Khorshidi

Development of a dual-mode energy-resolved neutron imaging detector: High spatial resolution and large field of view

Wenqin Yang, Jianrong Zhou, Jianqing Yang, Xingfen Jiang, Jinhao Tan, Lin Zhu, Xiaojuan Zhou, Yuanguang Xia, Li Yu, Xiuku Wang, Haiyun Teng, Jiajie Li, Yongxiang Qiu, Peixun Shen, Songlin Wang, Yadong Wei, Yushou Song, Jian Zhuang, Yubin Zhao, Junrong Zhang

Online analysis of iron ore slurry using PGNAA technology with artificial neural network

Haolong Huang, Pingkun Cai, Xuwen Liang, Wenbao Jia
Radiation protection


Experimental study of the radiation shielding characteristics of new PbO– Na2O–B2O3–BaO glasses

M.I. Sayyed, U. Rilwan, K.A. Mahmoud, Mohamed Elsafi

Advanced radiation shielding materials: PbO2-doped zirconia ceramics synthesized through innovative sol-gel method

Islam G. Alhindawy, Mohammad. W. Marashdeh, Mamduh. J. Aljaafreh, Mohannad Al-Hmoud, Sitah Alanazi, K. Mahmoud

Assessment of soil density and distribution coefficient of Cs-137 for deriving DCGLs in korea research reactor unit 1 and 2

Geun-Ho Kim, Ilgook Kim, Kwang Pyo Kim

Impacts of sintering temperature on the mechanical properties and gamma ray protection capacity of clay bricks

Aljawhara H. Almuqrin, K.A. Mahmoud, M.I. Sayyed, H. Al-Ghamdi

Development of a flexible composite based on vulcanized silicon casting with bismuth oxide and characterization of its radiation shielding effectiveness in diagnostic X-ray energy range and medium gamma-ray energies

İbrahim Demirel, Haluk Yücel

Improvement of doses rate prediction using the Kalman Filter-based algorithm and effective decay constant correction

Cheol-Woo Lee, Hyo Jun Jeong, Sol Jeong, Moon Hee Han

Comparison of the standards for absorbed dose to water of the IAEA and the KRISS, Korea in accelerator photon beams

L. Czap, I.J. Kim, J.I. Park, C.-Y. Yi, Y. Kim, Z. Msimang

Influence of various metal oxides (PbO, Fe2O3, MgO, and Al2O3) on the mechanical properties and γ-ray attenuation performance of zinc barium borate glasses

Aljawhara H. Almuqrin, K.A. Mahmoud, U. Rilwan, M.I. Sayyed

Radioiodine internal dose coefficients specific for Koreans

Tae-Eun Kwon, Yoonsun Chung, Choonsik Lee

The influence of Ni ion addition on the microstructure and gamma ray shielding ability of ferromagnetic CuFe2O4 ceramic material

Mohammad W. Marashdeh, Fawzy H. Sallam, Ahmed M. Abd El-Aziz, Mohamed I. Elkhatib, Sitah f. Alanazi, Mamduh J. Aljaafreh, Mohannad Al-Hmoud, K.A. Mahmoud

Development and evaluation of modified lead gloves to reduce hand radiation dose during interventional radiological procedures

Hyun-Jun Park, Byungdu Jo, Seung-Jae Lee

A comparative study of different radial basis function interpolation algorithms in the reconstruction and path planning of γ radiation fields

Yulong Zhang, Jinjia Cao, Biao Zhang, Xiaochang Zheng, Wei Chen

New polyester composites synthesized with additions of different sized ZnO to study their shielding efficiency

M. Elsafi, M.I. Sayyed, Aljawhara H. Almuqrin

Recycling and characterization of bone incorporated with concrete for gamma-radiation shielding applications

U. Rilwan, G.M. Aliyu, S.F. Olukotun, M.M. Idris, A.A. Mundi, S. Bello, I. Umar, A. El-Taher, K.A. Mahmoud, M.I. sayyed

Characterization of glasses composed of PbO, ZnO, MgO, and B2O3 in terms of their structural, optical, and gamma ray shielding properties

Aljawhara H. Almuqrin, M.I. Sayyed, Ashok Kumar, U. Rilwan
Reactor Physics


Vibrational enhancement of evolutionary monochromatic neutron transport

Nassar H.S. Haidar

Neutronic examination of the U–Mo accident tolerant fuel for VVER-1200 reactors

Semra Daydas, Ali Tiftikci

The methods of CADIS-NEE and CADIS-DXTRAN in NECP-MCX and their applications

Qingming He, Zhanpeng Huang, Liangzhi Cao, Hongchun Wu

Performance of different absorber materials and move-in/out strategies for the control rod in small rod-controlled pressurized water reactor: A study based on KLT-40 model

Zhiqiang Wu, Jinsen Xie, Pengyu Chen, Yingjie Xiao, Zining Ni, Tao Liu, Nianbiao Deng, Aikou Sun, Tao Yu
Thermal Hydraulics


Experimental study of turbulent flow in a scaled RPV model by PIV technology

Luguo Liu, Wenhai Qu, Yu Liu, Jinbiao Xiong, Songwei Li, Guangming Jiang

Enhancement of critical heat flux with additive-manufactured heat-transfer surface

Tatsuya Kano, Rintaro Ono, Masahiro Furuya

Boundary layer measurements for validating CFD condensation model and analysis based on heat and mass transfer analogy in laminar flow condition

Shu Soma, Masahiro Ishigaki, Satoshi Abe, Yasuteru Sibamoto

The effect of the nozzle exit geometry on the flow characteristics of the free condensing jet

Jaewon Myeong, Seungwan Kim, Dehee Kim, Jongtae Kim, Weon Gyu Shin

Operating condition optimization of liquid metal heat pipe using deep learning based genetic algorithm: Heat transfer performance

Ik Jae Jin, Dong Hun Lee, In Cheol Bang

Modeling and simulation of air-water upward annular flow characteristics in a vertical tube using CFD

Anadi Mondal, Subash L Sharma
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