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Nuclear Engineering and Technology

Volume 56, Issue 5, Pages 1553-1942 , May 2024
Nuclear I&C


Portable multi-channel analyzer for embedded gamma radiation in an ARM Cortex-M7 MCU

Pages 1836-1844
Ángel García-Durán, Antonio Baltazar-Raigosa, Carina Oliva Torres-Cortes, Claudia Angelica Marquez-Mata

A study on the uncertainty of setpoint for reactor trip system of NPPs considering rectangular distributions

Pages 1845-1853
Youngho Jin, Jae-Yong Lee, Oon-Pyo Zhu

Prediction of Remaining Useful Life (RUL) of Electronic Components in the POSAFE-Q PLC Platform under NPP Dynamic Stress Conditions

Pages 1863-1873
Inseok Jang, Chang Hwoi Kim

Development of a dry mock-up system for verifying pyroprocess automation

Pages 1913-1924
Seungnam Yu, Dongseok Ryu, Byugsuk Park, Jonghui Han
Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Radioactive Waste Management


Image reconstruction algorithm for momentum dependent muon scattering tomography

Pages 1553-1561
JungHyun Bae, Rose Montgomery, Stylianos Chatzidakis

Europium-driven Alloy 709 corrosion in static FLiNaK molten salt at 700 °C

Pages 1738-1746
Taiqi Yin, Amanda Leong, Jinsuo Zhang

Development and validation of isotope prediction module for VVER spent nuclear fuel analysis

Pages 1762-1776
Jaerim Jang, Deokjung Lee

Changes in physicochemical characteristics of cation exchange resins by high dose gamma irradiation

Pages 1777-1780
Seung Joo Lim, Wang Kyu Choi, Mansoo Choi

Determine the hazards of radioactive elements and radon gas manufacturing processes in an Egyptian fertilizer factory

Pages 1781-1795
Soad Saad Fares

Strain-dependent-deformation property of Gyeongju compacted bentonite buffer material for engineered barrier system

Pages 1854-1862
Ivan Jeff Navea, Jebie Balagosa, Seok Yoon, Yun Wook Choo

Hyphae and organic acids of Aspergillus Niger promote uranium recovery by destroying the ore surface and increasing the porosity and permeability of ores

Pages 1880-1886
Yongdong Wang, Jinhua Wang, Dexin Ding, Guangyue Li, Jing Sun, Nan Hu, Feng Li, Jianhong Ma, Hui Zhang, Yang Ding, Zhongran Dai
Nuclear Policy, Economics, and Human Resource Development


Multi-objective optimization application for a coupled light water small modular reactor-combined heat and power cycle (cogeneration) systems

Pages 1654-1666
Seong Woo Kang, Man-Sung Yim
Nuclear Physics, Fusion, and Laser Technology


Quasi-optical design and analysis of a remote steering launcher for CFETR ECRH system

Pages 1619-1626
Zhang Chao, Xiaojie Wang, Dajun Wu, Yunying Tang, Hanlin Wang, Dingzhen Li, Fukun Liu, Muquan Wu, Peiguang Yan, Xiang Gao, Jiangang Li

Loading pattern optimization using simulated annealing and binary machine learning pre-screening

Pages 1672-1678
Ga-Hee Sim, Moon-Ghu Park, Gyu-ri Bae, Jung-Uk Sohn

Production cross sections of radionuclides in the proton induced reactions on natural iron with the proton energy of 57 MeV

Pages 1796-1802
Sung-Chul Yang, Sang Pil Yoon, Tae-Yung Song, Guinyun Kim
Nuclear Structural Analysis /Plant Management & Maintenance


Methodology for predicting optimal friction support location to attenuate vibrational energy in piping systems

Pages 1627-1637
Minseok Lee, Yong Hoon Jang, Seunghun Baek

Seismic performance evaluation of fiber-reinforced prestressed concrete containments subject to earthquake ground motions

Pages 1638-1653
Xiaolan Pan, Ye Sun, Zhi Zheng, Yuchen Zhai, Lianpeng Zhang

A novel monitoring system for fatigue crack length of compact tensile specimen in liquid lead-bismuth eutectic

Pages 1887-1894
Baoquan Xue, Jibo Tan, Xinqiang Wu, Ziyu Zhang, Xiang Wang
Nuclear Safety


Study on load tracking characteristics of closed Brayton conversion liquid metal cooled space nuclear power system

Pages 1584-1602
Li Ge, Huaqi Li, Jianqiang Shan

A flow-directed minimal path sets method for success path planning and performance analysis

Pages 1603-1618
Zhanyu He, Jun Yang, Yueming Hong

Relative humidity prediction of a leakage area for small RCS leakage quantification by applying the Bi-LSTM neural networks

Pages 1725-1732
Sang Hyun Lee, Hye Seon Jo, Man Gyun Na

Effect of inlet throttling on thermohydraulic instability in a large scale water-based RCCS: A system-level analysis with RELAP5-3D

Pages 1902-1912
Zhiee Jhia Ooi, Qiuping Lv, Rui Hu, Matthew Jasica, Darius Lisowski
Radiation Application


Neutron/gamma scintillation detector for status monitoring of accelerator-driven neutron source IREN

Pages 1667-1671
S. Nuruyev, D. Berikov, R. Akbarov, G. Ahmadov, F. Ahmadov, A. Sadigov, M. Holik, J. Naghiyev, A. Madadzada, K. Udovichenko

A study on the positioning of fine scintillation pixels in a positron emission tomography detector through deep learning of simulation data

Pages 1733-1737
Byungdu Jo, Seung-Jae Lee

A comparison study between the realistic random modeling and simplified porous medium for gamma-gamma well-logging

Pages 1747-1753
Fatemeh S. Rasouli

Secondary fragments of proton and helium ion beams in High-Density Polyethylene phantom: A Monte Carlo simulation study

Pages 1754-1761
M. Arif Efendi, Chee Keat Ying

Effect of gamma irradiation on the size of cellulose nanocrystals with polyethylene glycol and sodium hydroxide/Gd2O3 nanocomposite as contrast agent in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

Pages 1803-1812
Fathyah Whba, Faizal Mohamed, Mohd Idzat Idris, Rawdah Whba, Noramaliza Mohd Noor

Conceptional design of an adjustable moderator for BNCT based on a neutron source of 2.8 MeV proton bombarding with Li target

Pages 1813-1821
Yinan Zhu, Zuokang Lin, Haiyan Yu, Xiaohan Yu, Zhimin Dai

High-radiation-exposure work in Korean pressurized water reactors

Pages 1874-1879
Changju Song, Tae Young Kong, Seongjun Kim, Jinho Son, Hwapyoung Kim, Jiung Kim, Jaeok Park, Hee Geun Kim, Yongkwon Kim

Assessment of natural radioactivity in soil and olive mill pomace utilizing nal (TI) gamma-ray spectrometry and low background alpha/beta counting system

Pages 1925-1931
Amani Kraishan, Mohammad Abu Shayeb, Hafedh Belmabrouk, Ahmad Ali Husein Qwasmeh, Muzahir Ali Baloch
Radiation protection


Energy build-up factors estimation for BaZr0.10Ti0.90O3, Ba0.90La0.10TiO3 and Ba0.90La0.10Zr0.10Ti0.90O3 ceramics in shielding applications

Pages 1822-1829
Sarabjeet Kaur, Vidushi Karol, Pankaj Kumar, Gurpreet Kaur, Prianka Sharma, Amandeep Saroa, Amrit Singh

A comprehensive evaluation of Mg-Ni based alloys radiation shielding features for nuclear protection applications

Pages 1830-1835
M.I. Sayyed, K.A. Mahmoud, Faras Q. Mohammed, Kawa M. Kaky

Physical and γ-ray shielding properties of Vietnam's natural stones: An extensive experimental and theoretical study

Pages 1932-1940
Ta Van Thuong, O.L. Tashlykov, A.M. Shironina, I.P. Voronin, E.V. Kuvshinova, D.O. Pyltsova, E.I. Nazarov, K.A. Mahmoud
Reactor Physics


Uncertainty analysis of UAM TMI-1 benchmark by STREAM/RAST-K

Pages 1562-1573
Jaerim Jang, Yunki Jo, Deokjung Lee

Calculation of the fission products for neutron-induced fission of 235U

Pages 1895-1901
Changqi Liu, Kai Tao, Liming Huang, Dejun E, Xiaohou Bai, Zhanwen Ma
Thermal Hydraulics


Thermal-hydraulic modeling of CAREM-25 advanced small modular reactor using the porous media approach and COBRA-EN modified code

Pages 1574-1583
Saeed Zare Ganjaroodi, Maryam Fani, Ehsan Zarifi, Salaheddine Bentridi

Experimental measurement of stiffness coefficient of high-temperature graphite pebble fuel elements in helium at high temperatures

Pages 1679-1686
Minghao Si, Nan Gui, Yanfei Sun, Xingtuan Yang, Jiyuan Tu, Shengyao Jiang

Development of supporting platform for the fine flow characteristics of reactor core

Pages 1687-1697
Hao Qian, Guangliang Chen, Lei Li, Lixuan Zhang, Xinli Yin, Hanqi Zhang, Shaomin Su

Thermal-hydraulic and load following performance analysis of a heat pipe cooled reactor

Pages 1698-1711
Guanghui Jiao, Genglei Xia, Jianjun Wang, Minjun Peng

Numerical analysis on two-phase flow-induced vibrations at different flow regimes in a spiral tube

Pages 1712-1724
Guangchao Yang, Xiaofei Yu, Yixiong Zhang, Guo Chen, Shanshan Bu, Ke Zhang, Deqi Chen


Corrigendum to “Li4SiO4 slurry conditions and sintering temperature for fabricating Li4SiO4 pebbles as tritium breeder for nuclear-fusion reactors” [Nucl. Eng. Technol. 55 (2023) 2966]

Page 1941
Young ah Park, Ji Won Yoo, Yi-Hyun Park, Young soo Yoon

Corrigendum to “Experiment of proof-of-principle on prompt gamma-positron emission tomography (PG-PET) system for in-vivo dose distribution verification in proton therapy” [Nucl. Eng. Technol. 55 (2023) 2018–2025]

Page 1942
Bo-Wi Cheon, Hyun Cheol Lee, Sei Hwan You, Hee Seo, Chul Hee Min, Hyun Joon Choi
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