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Nuclear Engineering and Technology

Volume 56, Issue 4, Pages 1125-1552 , April 2024
Nuclear I&C


Robust transformer-based anomaly detection for nuclear power data using maximum correntropy criterion

Shuang Yi, Sheng Zheng, Senquan Yang, Guangrong Zhou, Junjie He

A high-stability neutron generator for industrial online elemental analysis

Xiang-quan Chen, Lei Xiong, Hui Xie, Jing-fu Guo, Xue-ming Zhang, Yong-jun Dong
Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Radioactive Waste Management


Application of AC superimposed DC waveforms to bismuth electrorefining

Greg Chipman, Bryant Johnson, Devin Rappleye

Swelling and hydraulic characteristics of two grade bentonites under varying conditions for low-level radioactive waste repository design

Chih-Chung Chung, Guo-Liang Ren, I-Ting Chen, Che-Jui Cuo, Hao-Chun Chang
Nuclear Fuel and Reactor Materials


Radiation-induced thermal conductivity degradation modeling of zirconium

Sangil Choi, Hyunmyung Kim, Seunghwan Yu
Nuclear Policy, Economics, and Human Resource Development


Challenges in nuclear energy adoption: Why nuclear energy newcomer countries put nuclear power programs on hold?

Philseo Kim, Hanna Yasmine, Man-Sung Yim, Sunil S. Chirayath

Digitalization as an aggregate performance in the energy transition for nuclear industry

Florencia de los Angeles Renteria del Toro, Chen Hao, Akira Tokuhiro, Mario Gomez-Fernandez, Armando Gomez-Torres

Influence of burial conditions on the seepage characteristics of uranium bearing loose sandstone

Quan Jiang, Mingtao Jia, Yihan Yang, Qi Xu, Chuanfei Zhang, Xiangxue Zhang, Meifang Chen
Nuclear Physics, Fusion, and Laser Technology


Simulations for the cesium dynamics of the RF-driven prototype ion source for CRAFT N-NBI

Yalong Yang, Yong Wu, Lizhen Liang, Jianglong Wei, Rui Zhang, Yahong Xie, Wei Liu, Chundong Hu

Molecular dynamics simulation of primary irradiation damage in Ti-6Al-4V alloys

Tengwu He, Xipeng Li, Yuming Qi, Min Zhao, Miaolin Feng

TEM investigation of helium bubble evolution in tungsten and ZrC-strengthened tungsten at 800 and 1000°C under 40keV He+ irradiation

I. Ipatova, G. Greaves, D. Terentyev, M.R. Gilbert, Y.-L. Chiu

Tokamak plasma disruption precursor onset time study based on semi-supervised anomaly detection

X.K. Ai, W. Zheng, M. Zhang, D.L. Chen, C.S. Shen, B.H. Guo, B.J. Xiao, Y. Zhong, N.C. Wang, Z.J. Yang, Z.P. Chen, Z.Y. Chen, Y.H. Ding, Y. Pan
Nuclear Structural Analysis /Plant Management & Maintenance


Assessment of flow-accelerated corrosion-induced wall thinning in SA106 pipes with elbow sections

Seongin Moon, Jong Yeon Lee, Kyung-Mo Kim, Soon-Woo Han, Gyeong-Geun Lee, Wan-Young Maeng, Sebeom Oh, Dong-Jin Kim

Stress evaluation method of reinforced wall-thinned Class 2/3 nuclear pipes for structural integrity assessment

Jae-Yoon Kim, Je-Hoon Jang, Jin-Ha Hwang, Yun-Jae Kim

Non-equibiaxial residual stress evaluation methodology using simulated indentation behavior and machine learning

Seongin Moon, Minjae Choi, Seokmin Hong, Sung-Woo Kim, Minho Yoon

A coupled vibration model of double-rod in cross flow for grid-to-rod fretting wear analysis

H. Huang, T. Liu, P. Li, Y.R. Yang

Demonstration of an ultrasonic imaging system for molten lead

Jonathan Hawes, Jordan Knapp, Robert Burrows, Robert Montague, Paul Wilcox, Hual-Te Chien, Jeff Arndt, Steve Walters

Flexible operation and maintenance optimization of aging cyber-physical energy systems by deep reinforcement learning

Zhaojun Hao, Francesco Di Maio, Enrico Zio
Nuclear Safety


Design and dynamic simulation of a molten salt THS coupled to SFR

Areai Nuerlan, Jin Wang, Jun Yang, Zhongxiao Guo, Yizhe Liu

Development and validation of the lead-bismuth cooled reactor system code based on a fully implicit homogeneous flow model

Ge Li, Wang Jingxin, Fan Kun, Zhang Jie, Shan Jianqiang

A new method to calculate a standard set of finite cloud dose correction factors for the level 3 probabilistic safety assessment of nuclear power plants

Gee Man Lee, Woo Sik Jung

Feasibility and performance limitations of Supercritical carbon dioxide direct-cycle micro modular reactors in primary frequency control scenarios

Seongmin Son, Jeong Ik Lee

Stability analysis in BWRs with double subdiffusion effects: Reduced order fractional model (DS-F-ROM)

Gilberto Espinosa-Paredes, Ricardo I. Cázares-Ramírez, Vishwesh A. Vyawahare, Érick-G. Espinosa-Martínez

Performance evaluation of an improved pool scrubbing system for thermally-induced steam generator tube rupture accident in OPR1000

Juhyeong Lee, Byeonghee Lee, Sung Joong Kim
Radiation Application


Feasibility study of a novel hash algorithm-based neutron activation analysis system for arms control treaty verification

Xiao-Suo He, Yao-Dong Dai, Xiao-Tao He, Qing-Hua He

Fabrication of a superheated emulsion based on Freon-12 and LiCl suitable for thermal neutrons detection

Sara Sadat Madani Kouchak, Dariush Rezaei Ochbelagh, Peiman Rezaeian, Majid Abdouss

Development of a device to improve the precision of water surface identification for MeV electron beam dosimetry

F. Okky Agassy, Jong In Park, In Jung Kim

Operation of dry distillation process on the production of radionuclide 131I at Puspiptek area Serpong Indonesia, 2021 to 2022

Chaidir Pratama, Daya Agung Sarwono, Ahid Nurmanjaya, Abidin Abidin, Triyatna Fani, Moch Subechi, Endang Sarmini, Enny Lestari, Yanto Yanto, Kukuh Eka Prasetya, Maskur Maskur, Fernanto Rindiyantono, Indra Saptiama, Anung Pujiyanto, Herlan Setiawan, Tita Puspitasari, Marlina Marlina, Hasnel Sofyan, Budi Setiawan, Miftakul Munir

Low-noise fast-response readout circuit to improve coincidence time resolution

Jiwoong Jung, Yong Choi, Seunghun Back, Jin Ho Jung, Sangwon Lee, Yeonkyeong Kim
Radiation protection


Autonomous exploration for radioactive sources localization based on radiation field reconstruction

Xulin Hu, Junling Wang, Jianwen Huo, Ying Zhou, Yunlei Guo, Li Hu

Long term activity measurement of the primary circuit water on the LVR-15 research reactor

Ladislav Viererbl, Vít Klupák, Hana Assmann Vratislavská

Measurement of the radon and thoron exhalation rates from the water surface of Yixin lake

Jiulin Wu, Shuaibin Liu, Tao Hu, Fen Lin, Ruomei Xie, Shuai Yuan, Haibo Yi, Yixiang Mo, Jiale Sun, Linquan Cheng, Huiying Li, Zhipeng Liu, Zhongkai Fan, Yanliang Tan

A unique Vietnam's red clay-based brick reinforced with metallic wastes for γ-ray shielding purposes: Fabrication, characterization, and γ-ray attenuation properties

Ta Van Thuong, O.L. Tashlykov, K.A. Mahmoud
Reactor Physics


Evaluation of reactor pulse experiments

I. Švajger, D. Čalič, A. Pungerčič, A. Trkov, L. Snoj

The multigroup library processing method for coupled neutron and photon heating calculation of fast reactor

Teng Zhang, Xubo Ma, Kui Hu, GuanQun Jia

Classification of nuclear activity types for neighboring countries of South Korea using machine learning techniques with xenon isotopic activity ratios

Sang-Kyung Lee, Ser Gi Hong

A practical subcritical rod worth measurement technique based on the improved neutron source multiplication method

Jiahe Bai, Chenghui Wan, Ser Gi Hong, Hongchun Wu
Thermal Hydraulics


A validation study of the SLTHEN code for hexagonal assemblies of wire-wrapped pins using liquid metal heating experiments

Sun Rock Choi, Junkyu Han, Huee-Youl Ye, Jonggan Hong, Won Sik Yang

Numerical study of the flow and heat transfer characteristics in a scale model of the vessel cooling system for the HTTR

Tomasz Kwiatkowski, Michał Jędrzejczyk, Afaque Shams

Influence of fluidelastic vibration frequency on predicting damping controlled instability using a quasi-steady model in a normal triangular tube array

Petr Eret
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