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Nuclear Engineering and Technology

Volume 56, Issue 3, Pages 771-1124 , March 2024

Special Issue on the International Congress on Advances in Nuclear Power Plants (ICAPP2023)

Page 771
Jaejoo Ha

Nodal method for handling irregularly deformed geometries in hexagonal lattice cores

Pages 772-784
Seongchan Kim, Han Gyu Joo, Hyun Chul Lee

The development of a fuel lifecycle reactivity control strategy for a generic micro high temperature reactor

Pages 785-792
Seddon Atkinson, Takeshi Aoki

Thermal study of the emergency draining tank of molten salt reactor

Pages 793-802
C. Péniguel

PASTELS project - overall progress of the project on experimental and numerical activities on passive safety systems

Pages 803-811
Michaël Montout, Christophe Herer, Joonas Telkkä

Adsorption behavior of platinum-group metals and Co-existing metal ions from simulated high-level liquid waste using HONTA and Crea impregnated adsorbent

Pages 812-818
Naoki Osawa, Seong-Yun Kim, Masahiko Kubota, Hao Wu, Sou Watanabe, Tatsuya Ito, Ryuji Nagaishi

SSC risk significance in risk-informed, performance-based licensing of non-LWRs

Pages 819-823
James C. Lin

The SPIZWURZ project – Experimental investigations and modeling of the behavior of hydrogen in zirconium alloys under long-term dry storage conditions

Pages 824-831
Mirco Grosse, Felix Boldt, Michel Herm, Conrado Roessger, Juri Stuckert, Sarah Weick, Daniel Nahm

Comparison on Safety Features among HTGR’s Reactor Cavity Cooling Systems (RCCSs)

Pages 832-845
Kuniyoshi Takamatsu, Shumpei Funatani

Development of FEMAXI-ATF for analyzing PCMI behavior of SiC cladded fuel under power ramp conditions

Pages 846-854
Yoshihiro Kubo, Akifumi Yamaji

A central facility concept for nuclear microreactor maintenance and fuel cycle management

Pages 855-865
Faris Fakhry, Jacopo Buongiorno, Steve Rhyne, Benjamin Cross, Paul Roege, Bruce Landrey

Assessment of CATHARE code against DEC-A upper head SBLOCA experiments

Pages 866-872
Anis Bousbia Salah

SIMMER-IV application to safety assessment of severe accident in a small SFR

Pages 873-879
H. Tagami, Y. Tobita

SiRENE: A new generation of engineering simulator for real-time simulators at EDF

Pages 880-885
David Pialla, Stéphanie Sala, Yann Morvan, Lucie Dreano, Denis Berne, Eléonore Bavoil

Evaluation of temperatures and flow areas of the Phebus Test FPT0

Pages 886-892
Koji Nishida, Naoki Sano, Seitaro Sakurai, Michio Murase

Fundamental evaluation of hydrogen behavior in sodium for sodium-water reaction detection of sodium-cooled fast reactor

Pages 893-899
Tomohiko Yamamoto, Atsushi Kato, Masato Hayakawa, Kazuhito Shimoyama, Kuniaki Ara, Nozomu Hatakeyama, Kanau Yamauchi, Yuhei Eda, Masahiro Yui

Burnable Absorber Design Study for a Passively-Cooled Molten Salt Fast Reactor

Pages 900-906
Nariratri Nur Aufanni, Eunhyug Lee, Taesuk Oh, Yonghee Kim

Multi-batch core design study for innovative small modular reactor based on centrally-shielded burnable absorber

Pages 907-915
Steven Wijaya, Xuan Ha Nguyen, Yunseok Jeong, Yonghee Kim

Sensitivity of a control rod worth estimate to neutron detector position by time-dependent Monte Carlo simulations of the rod drop experiment

Pages 916-921
Jong Min Park, Cheol Ho Pyeon, Hyung Jin Shim

Core design study of the Wielenga Innovation Static Salt Reactor (WISSR)

Pages 922-932
T. Wielenga, W.S. Yang, I. Khaleb

Cross section generation for a conceptual horizontal, compact high temperature gas reactor

Pages 933-940
Junsu Kang, Volkan Seker, Andrew Ward, Daniel Jabaay, Brendan Kochunas, Thomas Downar

Radiation effect on the corrosion of disposal canister materials

Pages 941-948
Minsoo Lee, Junhyuk Jang, Jin Seop Kim

Strategic analysis on sizing of flooding valve for successful accident management of small modular reactor

Pages 949-958
Hyo Jun An, Jae Hyung Park, Chang Hyun Song, Jeong Ik Lee, Yonghee Kim, Sung Joong Kim

Analysis of forced convection in the HTTU experiment using numerical codes

Pages 959-965
M.C. Potgieter, C.G. du Toit

Idaho national laboratory to demonstrate collaboration first versus competition to accelerate achieving a secure clean energy future by 2031

Pages 966-972
Jhansi Kandasamy, Elizabeth Brunner

Analysis of the thermal-mechanical behavior of SFR fuel pins during fast unprotected transient overpower accidents using the GERMINAL fuel performance code

Pages 973-979
Vincent Dupont, Victor Blanc, Thierry Beck, Marc Lainet, Pierre Sciora

Transient full core analysis of PWR with multi-scale and multi-physics approach

Pages 980-992
Jae Ryong Lee, Han Young Yoon, Ju Yeop Park

The TANDEM Euratom project: Context, objectives and workplan

Pages 993-1001
C. Vaglio-Gaudard, M.T. Dominguez Bautista, M. Frignani, M. Fütterer, A. Goicea, E. Hanus, T. Hollands, C. Lombardo, S. Lorenzi, J. Miss, G. Pavel, A. Pucciarelli, M. Ricotti, A. Ruby, C. Schneidesch, S. Sholomitsky, G. Simonini, V. Tulkki, K. Värri, L. Zezula

Experimental and numerical assessment of helium bubble lift during natural circulation for passive molten salt fast reactor

Pages 1002-1012
Won Jun Choi, Jae Hyung Park, Juhyeong Lee, Jihun Im, Yunsik Cho, Yonghee Kim, Sung Joong Kim

Rare earth removal from pyroprocessing fuel product for preparing MSR fuel

Pages 1013-1021
Dalsung Yoon, Seungwoo Paek, Chang Hwa Lee

Supercritical CO2-cooled fast reactor and cold shutdown system for ship propulsion

Pages 1022-1028
Kwangho Ju, Jaehyun Ryu, Yonghee Kim

NUWARD SMR safety approach and licensing objectives for international deployment

Pages 1029-1036
D. Francis, S. Beils

Design and construction of fluid-to-fluid scaled-down small modular reactor platform: As a testbed for the nuclear-based hydrogen production

Pages 1037-1051
Ji Yong Kim, Seung Chang Yoo, Joo Hyung Seo, Ji Hyun Kim, In Cheol Bang

Development of scaling approach based on experimental and CFD data for thermal stratification and mixing induced by steam injection through spargers

Pages 1052-1065
Xicheng Wang, Dmitry Grishchenko, Pavel Kudinov

Overview of separate effect and integral system tests on the passive containment cooling system of SMART100

Pages 1066-1080
Jin-Hwa Yang, Tae-Hwan Ahn, Hong Hyun Son, Jin Su Kwon, Hwang Bae, Hyun-Sik Park, Kyoung-Ho Kang

Numerical analysis of the venturi flowmeter in the liquid lead-bismuth eutectic circuit after long-term operation

Pages 1081-1090
Zhichao Zhang, Rafael Macian-Juan, Xiang Wang

Thermal dehydration tests of FLiNaK salt for thermal-hydraulic experiments

Pages 1091-1099
Shuai Che, Sheng Zhang, Adam Burak, Xiaodong Sun

Nuclear waste attributes of near-term deployable small modular reactors

Pages 1100-1107
Taek K. Kim, L. Boing, B. Dixon

Consequence-based security for microreactors

Pages 1108-1115
Emile Gateau, Neil Todreas, Jacopo Buongiorno

Conceptual design of a MW heat pipe reactor

Pages 1116-1123
Yunqin Wu, Youqi Zheng, Qichang Chen, Jinming Li, Xianan Du, Yongping Wang, Yushan Tao
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