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New Issue: Nuclear Engineering and Technology

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Cover Image Nuclear Engineering and Technology

Nuclear Engineering and Technology

Volume 56, Issue 2, Pages 359-770 , February 2024
Nuclear I&C


Approach to diagnosing multiple abnormal events with single-event training data

Pages 558-567
Ji Hyeon Shin, Seung Gyu Cho, Seo Ryong Koo, Seung Jun Lee

Simulation-based analysis of total ionizing dose effects on low noise amplifier for wireless communications

Pages 568-574
Gandha Satria Adi, Dong-Seok Kim, Inyong Kwon

Analysis of fluctuations in ex-core neutron detector signal in Krško NPP during an earthquake

Pages 575-600
Tanja Goričanec, Andrej Kavčič, Marjan Kromar, Luka Snoj
Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Radioactive Waste Management


Data analysis of simulated fuel-loaded sea transportation tests under normal conditions of transport

Pages 375-388
JaeHoon Lim, Woo-seok Choi

The exploration of U(VI) concentration improvement in carbonate medium for alkaline reprocessing process

Pages 419-425
Chenxi Hou, Mingjian He, Meng Zhang, Haofan Fang, Hui He, Caishan Jiao

Mechanical and elastic properties of vitrified radioactive wastes using ultrasonic technique

Pages 472-476
Sema Akyil Erenturk, Filiz Gur, Mahmoud A.A. Aslani

An extensive characterization of xenon isotopic activity ratios from nuclear explosion and nuclear reactors in neighboring countries of South Korea

Pages 601-610
Ser Gi Hong, Geon Hee Park, Sang Woo Kim, Yu Yeon Cho
Nuclear Fuel and Reactor Materials


A model for calculating the irradiation swelling of AgInCd absorber in nuclear control rods

Pages 552-557
Hongsheng Chen, Hongxing Xiao, Chongsheng Long, Xuesong Leng

Irradiation damage and recovery in gold-coated fiber optics

Pages 685-687
Jacy K. Conrad, Michael E. Woods

Development and testing of the hydrogen behavior tool for Falcon – HYPE

Pages 728-744
Piotr Konarski, Cedric Cozzo, Grigori Khvostov, Hakim Ferroukhi
Nuclear Policy, Economics, and Human Resource Development


A study on security oversight framework for Korean Nuclear Facility regulations

Pages 426-436
So Eun Shin, Heung Gyu Park, Ha Neul Na, Young Suk Bang, Yong Suk Lee
Nuclear Physics, Fusion, and Laser Technology


Determination of the number of 235U target nuclei in the irregular target using a fission time projection chamber

Pages 444-450
Jiajun Zhang, Jun Xiao, Junjie Sun, Mingzhi Zhang, Taiping Peng, Pu Zheng

Conceptual design and analysis of remote steering system for CFETR ECRH system

Pages 451-462
Chao Zhang, Xiaojie Wang, Dajun Wu, Yunying Tang, Hanlin Wang, Dingzhen Li, Fukun Liu, Muquan Wu, Peiguang Yan, Xiang Gao, Jiangang Li

Experimental and simulation study on the backstreaming positive ions on the quarter-size negative ion source for CRAFT NNBI test facility

Pages 546-551
Yongjian Xu, Yuwen Yang, Jianglong Wei, Ling Yu, Wen Deng, Rixin Wang, Yuming Gu, Chundong Hu, Yahong Xie
Nuclear Structural Analysis /Plant Management & Maintenance


High-fidelity numerical investigation on structural integrity of SFR fuel cladding during design basis events

Pages 359-374
Seo-Yoon Choi, Hyung-Kyu Kim, Min-Seop Song, Jae-Ho Jeong

A review on the risk, prevention and control of cooling water intake blockage in coastal nuclear power plants

Pages 389-401
Heshan Lin, Shuyi Zhang, Ranran Cao, Shihao Yu, Wei Bai, Rongyong Zhang, Jia Yang, Li Dai, Jianxin Chen, Yu Zhang, Hongni Xu, Kun Liu, Xinke Zhang

Achieving wetting in molten lead for ultrasonic applications

Pages 437-443
Jonathan Hawes, Jordan Knapp, Robert Burrows, Robert Montague, Jeff Arndt, Steve Walters

Experimental investigation and design method of the general anchorage zone in the ring beam of prestressed concrete containment vessels

Pages 485-497
Chang Wu, Tao Chen, Yanli Su, Tianyun Lan, Shaoping Meng

Research on the cable-driven endoscopic manipulator for fusion reactors

Pages 498-505
Guodong Qin, Yong Cheng, Aihong Ji, Hongtao Pan, Yang Yang, Zhixin Yao, Yuntao Song

Residual stress distribution analysis in a J-groove dissimilar metal welded component of a reactor vessel bottom head using simulation and experiment

Pages 506-519
Dong-Hyun Ahn, Jong Yeon Lee, Min-Jae Choi, Jong Min Kim, Sung-Woo Kim, Wanchuck Woo

A review of chloride induced stress corrosion cracking characterization in austenitic stainless steels using acoustic emission technique

Pages 688-706
Suresh Nuthalapati, K.E. Kee, Srinivasa Rao Pedapati, Khairulazhar Jumbri
Nuclear Safety


Effect of test-caused degradation on the unavailability of standby safety components

Pages 526-535
S. Parsaei, A. Pirouzmand, M.R. Nematollahi, A. Ahmadi, K. Hadad

An analytical model to decompose mass transfer and chemical process contributions to molecular iodine release from aqueous phase under severe accident conditions

Pages 536-545
Giedre Zablackaite, Hiroyuki Shiotsu, Kentaro Kido, Tomoyuki Sugiyama

Study on dryout heat flux of axial stratified debris bed under top-flooding

Pages 636-643
Wenbin Zou, Lili Tong, Xuewu Cao

Multihazard capacity optimization of an NPP using a multi-objective genetic algorithm and sampling-based PSA

Pages 644-654
Eujeong Choi, Shinyoung Kwag, Daegi Hahm
Radiation Application


Neutron irradiation impact on structural and electrical properties of polycrystalline Al2O3

Pages 402-409
Sunil Kumar, Sejal Shah, S. Vala, M. Abhangi, A. Chakraborty

A high-density gamma white spots-Gaussian mixture noise removal method for neutron images denoising based on Swin Transformer UNet and Monte Carlo calculation

Pages 715-727
Di Zhang, Guomin Sun, Zihui Yang, Jie Yu

Gamma/neutron classification with SiPM CLYC detectors using frequency-domain analysis for embedded real-time applications

Pages 745-752
Iván René Morales, Maria Liz Crespo, Mladen Bogovac, Andres Cicuttin, Kalliopi Kanaki, Sergio Carrato

Neutron dosimetry with a pair of TLDs for the Elekta Precise medical linac and the evaluation of optimum moderator thickness for the conversion of fast to thermal neutrons

Pages 753-761
Marziyeh Behmadi, Sara Mohammadi, Mohammad Ehsan Ravari, Aghil Mohammadi, Mahdy Ebrahimi Loushab, Mohammad Taghi Bahreyni Toossi, Mitra Ghergherehchi
Radiation protection


Characterization and experimental investigation for gamma–ray shielding competence of basalt-doped polyethylene nanocomposites

Pages 477-484
I.A. El-Mesady, F.I. El-Agawany, H. El-Samman, Y.S. Rammah, A. Hussein, R.A. Elsad

Study on multi-objective optimization method for radiation shield design of nuclear reactors

Pages 520-525
Yao Wu, Bin Liu, Xiaowei Su, Songqian Tang, Mingfei Yan, Liangming Pan

Novel bricks based lightweight Vietnam's white clay minerals for gamma ray shielding purposes: An extensive experimental study

Pages 666-672
Ta Van Thuong, O.L. Tashlykov, K.A. Mahmoud

Assessment of radioactivity levels and radiation hazards in building materials in Egypt

Pages 707-714
Ahmed E. Abdel Gawad, Mohamed Y. Hanfi, Mostafa N. Tawfik, Mohammed S. Alqahtani, Hamed I. Mira
Reactor Physics


Modelling atomic relaxation and bremsstrahlung in the deterministic code STREAM

Pages 673-684
Nhan Nguyen Trong Mai, Kyeongwon Kim, Deokjung Lee
Thermal Hydraulics


Numerical simulation and experimental study of quasi-periodic large-scale vortex structures in rod bundle lattices

Pages 410-418
Yi Liao, Songyang Ma, Hongguang Xiao, Wenzhen Chen, Kehan Ouyang, Zehua Guo, Lele Song

Experimental investigation on heat transfer of nitrogen flowing in a circular tube

Pages 463-471
Chenglong Wang, Yuliang Fang, Wenxi Tian, Guanghui Su, Suizheng Qiu

Analyses of International Standard Problem ISP-47 TOSQAN experiment with containmentFOAM

Pages 611-623
Myeong-Seon Chae, Stephan Kelm, Domenico Paladino

Parametric study of population balance model on the DEBORA flow boiling experiment

Pages 624-635
Aljoša Gajšek, Matej Tekavčič, Boštjan Končar

Effect of inlet throttling on thermohydraulic instability in a large scale water-based RCCS: An experimental study

Pages 655-665
Qiuping Lv, Matthew Jasica, Darius Lisowski, Zhiee Jhia Ooi, Rui Hu, Mitch Farmer

Uncertainty analysis of heat transfer of TMSR-SF0 simulator

Pages 762-769
Jiajun Wang, Ye Dai, Yang Zou, Hongjie Xu


Corrigendum to “Statistical analysis of effects of test conditions on compressive strength of cement solidified radioactive waste” [Nucl. Eng. Technol. 55 (2023) 882]

Page 770
Hyeongjin Byeon, Jaeyeong Park
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