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Nuclear Engineering and Technology

Volume 55, Issue 12, Pages 4307-4716 , December 2023
Nuclear I&C


MFM-based alarm root-cause analysis and ranking for nuclear power plants

Pages 4408-4425
Mengchu Song, Christopher Reinartz, Xinxin Zhang, Harald P.-J. Thunem, Robert McDonald

Analysis of signal cable noise currents in nuclear reactors under high neutron flux irradiation

Pages 4628-4636
Xiong Wu, Li Cai, Xiangju Zhang, Tingyu Wu, Jieqiong Jiang

PBIS: A Pre-Batched Inspection Strategy for spent nuclear fuel inspection robot

Pages 4695-4702
Bongsub Song, Jongwon Park, Dongwon Yun
Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Radioactive Waste Management


Experimental study on solidification of uranium tailings by microbial grouting combined with electroosmosis

Pages 4527-4542
Jinxiang Deng, Mengjie Li, Yakun Tian, Lingling Wu, Lin Hu, Zhijun Zhang, Huaimiao Zheng

Long-distance cutting of 10–30 mm thick stainless-steel with a 6-kW fiber laser for applications in nuclear decommissioning

Pages 4637-4641
Jae Sung Shin, Gwon Lim
Nuclear Policy, Economics, and Human Resource Development


Online training and education from the VR-1 reactor—Lessons learned

Pages 4465-4471
Ondrej Novak, Tomas Bily, Ondrej Huml, Lubomir Sklenka, Filip Fejt, Jan Rataj
Nuclear Physics, Fusion, and Laser Technology


Non-iterative pulse tail extrapolation algorithms for correcting nuclear pulse pile-up

Pages 4350-4356
Mohammad-Reza Mohammadian-Behbahani
Nuclear Structural Analysis /Plant Management & Maintenance


Definition and calculation method of modal effective mass of asymmetric fluid-structure interaction system for seismic analysis

Pages 4307-4316
Yong-Hwa Heo, Jong-Oh Sun, Gyeong Ho Kim, Yeonseok Choo

Remote-controlled micro locking mechanism for plate-type nuclear fuel used in upflow research reactors

Pages 4477-4490
Jin Haeng Lee, Yeong-Garp Cho, Hyokwang Lee, Chang-Gyu Park, Jong-Myeong Oh, Yeon-Sik Yoo, Min-Gu Won, Hyung Huh

Failure analysis of prestressed concrete containment vessels under internal pressure considering thermomechanical coupling

Pages 4504-4517
Yu-Xiao Wu, Zi-Jian Fei, De-Cheng Feng, Meng-Yan Song

Degradation analysis of horizontal steam generator tube bundles through crack growth due to two-phase flow induced vibration

Pages 4561-4569
Amir Hossein Kamalinia, Ataollah Rabiee

Fracture mechanics analysis of multipurpose canister for spent nuclear fuels under horizontal/oblique drop accidents

Pages 4647-4658
Jae-Yoon Jeong, Cheol-Ho Kim, Hune-Tae Kim, Ji-Hye Kim, Yun-Jae Kim
Nuclear Safety


International case study comparing PSA modeling approaches for nuclear digital I&C – OECD/NEA task DIGMAP

Pages 4367-4381
Markus Porthin, Sung-Min Shin, Richard Quatrain, Tero Tyrväinen, Jiri Sedlak, Hans Brinkman, Christian Müller, Paolo Picca, Milan Jaros, Venkat Natarajan, Ewgenij Piljugin, Jeanne Demgné
Graphical abstract

Evaluation of hydrogen recombination characteristics of a PAR using SPARC PAR experimental results

Pages 4382-4394
Jongtae Kim, Jaehoon Jung

Using a Lagrangian-Lagrangian approach for studying flow behavior inside a bubble column

Pages 4395-4407
YoungWoo Son, Cheol-O Ahn, SangHwan Lee

Effect of two way thermal hydraulic-fuel performance coupling on multicycle depletion

Pages 4431-4446
Awais Zahur, Muhammad Rizwan Ali, Deokjung Lee

Limiting conditions prediction using machine learning for loss of condenser vacuum event

Pages 4607-4616
Dong-Hun Shin, Moon-Ghu Park, Hae-Yong Jeong, Jae-Yong Lee, Jung-Uk Sohn, Do-Yeon Kim
Radiation Application


Design, construction, and characterization of a Prompt Gamma Neutron Activation Analysis (PGNAA) system at Isfahan MNSR

Pages 4329-4334
M.H. Choopan Dastjerdi, J. Mokhtari, M. Toghyani

Determination of buildup factors for some human tissues using both MCNP5 and Phy-X / PSD

Pages 4426-4430
Mohammad M. Alda'ajeh, J.M. Sharaf, H.H. Saleh, Mefleh S. Hamideen

Dose analysis of nearby residents and workers due to the emission accident of gaseous radioactive material at the spent resin mixture treatment facility

Pages 4543-4553
Jaehoon Byun, Seungbin Yoon, Hee Reyoung Kim

Study on the characteristics of airborne gross alpha and gross beta activities in the vicinity of nuclear facilities

Pages 4554-4560
Da-Young Gam, Chae-yeon Lee, Ji-Young Park, Hyuncheol Kim, Jong-Myoung Lim

Korean-specific iodine S values for use in internal dosimetry

Pages 4659-4663
Tae-Eun Kwon, Yoonsun Chung, Choonsik Lee

Production and investigation of 3D printer ABS filaments filled with some rare-earth elements for gamma-ray shielding

Pages 4664-4670
Batuhan Gultekin, Fatih Bulut, Hatice Yildiz, Hakan Us, Hasan Ogul
Radiation protection


True coincidence summing correction factor for point source geometry with PHITS

Pages 4472-4476
Esra Uyar

Real-time 14N NQR-based sodium nitrite analysis in a noisy field

Pages 4570-4575
Mohammad Saleh Sharifi, Ho Seung Song, Hossein Afarideh, Mitra Ghergherehchi, Mehdi Simiari

Second intercomparison on electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) retrospective dosimetry in Korea using hydroxyapatite

Pages 4576-4582
HyoJin Kim, Jae Seok Kim, Byeong Ryong Park, Seongjae Jang, Han-Ki Jang, Ki-Taek Han, Hoon Choi, Jeongin Kim, In Jung Kim, Yunho Kim, Wi-Ho Ha, Jungil Lee, Yeong-Rok Kang

Newly-designed adaptive non-blind deconvolution with structural similarity index in single-photon emission computed tomography

Pages 4591-4596
Kyuseok Kim, Youngjin Lee

An empirical study of the risk-benefit perceptions between the nuclear and non-nuclear groups towards the nuclear power plant in Bangladesh

Pages 4617-4627
Md Shafiqul Islam, Swapnil Roy, Sadia Lena Alfee, Animesh Pal

The luminescence properties of Eu3+ or Tb 3+ doped Lu2Gd1Ga2Al3O12 phosphors for X-ray imaging

Pages 4642-4646
M.J. Oh, Sudipta Saha, H.J. Kim

Green synthesis of Lead–Nickel–Copper nanocomposite for radiation shielding

Pages 4671-4677
B.M. Chandrika, Holaly Chandrashekara Shastry Manjunatha, R. Munirathnam, K.N. Sridhar, L. Seenappa, S. Manjunatha, A.J. Clement Lourduraj

Characterization of the 2.5 MeV ELV electron accelerator electron source angular distribution using 3-D dose measurement and Monte Carlo simulations

Pages 4678-4684
Chang M. Kang, Seung-Tae Jung, Seong-Hwan Pyo, Youjung Seo, Won-Gu Kang, Jin-Kyu Kim, Young-Chang Nho, Jong-Seok Park, Jae-Hak Choi
Reactor Physics


Evaluation of the CNESTEN's TRIGA Mark II research reactor physical parameters with TRIPOLI-4® and MCNP

Pages 4447-4464
H. Ghninou, A. Gruel, A. Lyoussi, C. Reynard-Carette, C. El Younoussi, B. El Bakkari, Y. Boulaich

CEFR control rod drop transient simulation using RAST-F code system

Pages 4491-4503
Tuan Quoc Tran, Xingkai Huo, Emil Fridman, Deokjung Lee

The applicability study and validation of TULIP code for full energy range spectrum

Pages 4518-4526
Wenjie Chen, Xianan Du, Rong Wang, Youqi Zheng, Yongping Wang, Hongchun Wu

Modeling and characterization of beryllium reflector elements under irradiation conditions

Pages 4583-4590
Ahmed H. Elhefnawy, Mohamed A. Gaheen, Hanaa H. Abou Gabal, Mohamed E. Nagy

Research on the calculation method of sensitivity coefficients of reactor power to material density based on Monte Carlo perturbation theory

Pages 4685-4694
Wu Wang, Kaiwen Li, Yuchuan Guo, Conglong Jia, Zeguang Li, Kan Wang
Thermal Hydraulics


Experimental verification and improvement of heat transfer tube local wall temperature measurement method

Pages 4317-4328
Jiabao Liu, Xiaxin Cao, Peixun Yang

Design and transient analysis of a compact and long-term-operable passive residual heat removal system

Pages 4335-4349
Wooseong Park, Yong Hwan Yoo, Kyung Jun Kang, Yong Hoon Jeong

Improvement of crossflow model of MULTID component in MARS-KS with inter-channel mixing model for enhancing analysis performance in rod bundle

Pages 4357-4366
Yunseok Lee, Taewan Kim

Realistic thermal analysis of the CANDU spent fuel dry storage canister

Pages 4597-4606
Tae Gang Lee, Taehyeon Kim, Taehyung Na, Byongjo Yun, Jae Jun Jeong

Technical reviewers for Nuclear Engineering and Technology, 2023

Pages 4703-4716
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