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Nuclear Engineering and Technology

Volume 55, Issue 11, Pages 3925-4306 , November 2023
Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Radioactive Waste Management


Simulation analysis and evaluation of decontamination effect of different abrasive jet process parameters on radioactively contaminated metal

Pages 3940-3955
Lin Zhong, Jian Deng, Zhe-wen Zuo, Can-yu Huang, Bo Chen, Lin Lei, Ze-yong Lei, Jie-heng Lei, Mu Zhao, Yun-fei Hua

Electrochemical corrosion behavior of atmospheric-plasma-sprayed copper as a coating material for deep geological disposal canisters

Pages 4032-4038
Sung-Wook Kim, Gha-Young Kim, Young-Ho Lee, Jun-Hyuk Jang, Chung-Won Lee, Jeong-Hyun Woo, Seok Yoon

A review of the features, events, and processes and scenario development for Korean risk assessment of a deep geological repository for high-level radioactive waste

Pages 4083-4095
Kibeom Son, Karyoung Choi, Jaehyeon Yang, Haeram Jeong, Hyungdae Kim, Kunok Chang, Gyunyoung Heo

The influence of air gaps on buffer temperature within an engineered barrier system

Pages 4120-4124
Seok Yoon, Gi-Jun Lee

Multi-body dynamics model for spent nuclear fuel transportation system under normal transport test conditions

Pages 4125-4133
Seongji Han, Gil-Eon Jeong, Hyeonbeen Lee, Woo-Seok Choi, Jin-Gyun Kim

Laser beam decontamination of metallic surfaces with a pulsed (150 W) Nd:YAG laser

Pages 4159-4166
Anne-Maria Reinecke, Margret Acker, Steffen Taut, Marion Herrmann, Wolfgang Lippmann, Antonio Hurtado

Concepts of heat dissipation of a disposal canister and its computational analysis

Pages 4173-4180
Minseop Kim, Minsoo Lee, Jinseop Kim, Seok Yoon
Nuclear Fuel and Reactor Materials


A reduced order model for fission gas diffusion in columnar grains

Pages 3983-3995
D. Pizzocri, M. Di Gennaro, T. Barani, F.A.B. Silva, G. Zullo, S. Lorenzi, A. Cammi
Nuclear Policy, Economics, and Human Resource Development


Artificial intelligence (AI) based analysis for global warming mitigations of non-carbon emitted nuclear energy productions

Pages 4282-4286
Tae Ho Woo
Nuclear Physics, Fusion, and Laser Technology


Three-dimensional thermal-hydraulics/neutronics coupling analysis on the full-scale module of helium-cooled tritium-breeding blanket

Pages 4274-4281
Qiang Lian, Simiao Tang, Longxiang Zhu, Luteng Zhang, Wan Sun, Shanshan Bu, Liangming Pan, Wenxi Tian, Suizheng Qiu, G.H. Su, Xinghua Wu, Xiaoyu Wang

Investigation of the hydrogen production of the PACER fusion blanket integrated with Fe–Cl thermochemical water splitting cycle

Pages 4287-4294
Medine Özkaya, Adem Acır, Şenay Yalçın
Nuclear Structural Analysis /Plant Management & Maintenance


Effect of slab stiffness on floor response spectrum and fragility of equipment in nuclear power plant building

Pages 3956-3972
Yousang Lee, Ju-Hyung Kim, Hong-Gun Park

Microstructure analysis of pressure resistance seal welding joint of zirconium alloy tube-plug structure

Pages 4066-4076
Gang Feng, Jian Lin, Shuai Yang, Boxuan Zhang, Jiangang Wang, Jia Yang, Zhongfeng Xu, Yongping Lei

The effect of mechanical inhomogeneity in microzones of welded joints on CTOD fracture toughness of nuclear thick-walled steel

Pages 4112-4119
Long Tan, Songyang Li, Liangyin Zhao, Lulu Wang, Xiuxiu Zhao

Failure simulation of nuclear pressure vessel under severe accident conditions: Part II – Failure modeling and comparison with OLHF experiment

Pages 4134-4145
Eui-Kyun Park, Jun-Won Park, Yun-Jae Kim, Yukio Takahashi, Kukhee Lim, Eung Soo Kim

Failure simulation of nuclear pressure vessel under severe accident conditions: Part I - Material constitutive modeling

Pages 4146-4158
Eui-Kyun Park, Ji-Su Kim, Jun-Won Park, Yun-Jae Kim, Yukio Takahashi, Kukhee Lim

Seismic behavior of simplified electrical cabinet model considering cast-in-place anchor in uncracked and cracked concretes

Pages 4252-4265
Bub-Gyu Jeon, Sung-Wan Kim, Sung-Jin Chang, Dong-Uk Park, Hong-Pyo Lee

Stability and nonlinear vibration of a fuel rod in axial flow with geometric nonlinearity and thermal expansion

Pages 4295-4306
Yu Zhang, Pengzhou Li, Hongwei Qiao
Radiation Application


Improved fast neutron detection using CNN-based pulse shape discrimination

Pages 3925-3934
Seonkwang Yoon, Chaehun Lee, Hee Seo, Ho-Dong Kim

Thermal-hydraulic safety analysis of radioisotope production in HANARO using MCNP6 and COMSOL multiphysics: A feasibility study

Pages 3996-4001
Taeyun Kim, Bo-Young Han, Seongwoo Yang, Jaegi Lee, Gwang-Min Sun, Byung-Gun Park, Sung-Joon Ye

Development of a DDA+PGA-combined non-destructive active interrogation system in “Active-N″

Pages 4002-4018
Kazuyoshi Furutaka, Akira Ohzu, Yosuke Toh

Airborne HPGe spectrometer for monitoring of air dose rates and surface activities

Pages 4039-4047
Marcel Ohera, Lubomír Gryc, Irena Češpírová, Jan Helebrant, Lukáš Skála

Labeling strategy to improve neutron/gamma discrimination with organic scintillator

Pages 4057-4065
Ali Hachem, Yoann Moline, Gwenolé Corre, Bassem Ouni, Mathieu Trocme, Aly Elayeb, Frédérick Carrel

Development of a real-time mobile gamma-ray measurement system for shipboard use

Pages 4077-4082
Chang-Jong Kim, Mee Jang, Hyuncheol Kim, Jong-Myoung Lim, Wanno Lee, Gyu-Seong Cho

Monte Carlo-based identification of electron and proton edges for calibration of miniaturized tissue equivalent proportional counter

Pages 4167-4172
Mingi Eom, Sukwon Youn, Sung-Joon Ye

The effect of ionizing radiation on robotic trajectory movement and electronic components

Pages 4191-4203
Sofía Coloma, Paul Espinosa Peralta, Violeta Redondo, Alejandro Moroño, Rafael Vila, Manuel Ferre

Development, validation and implementation of multiple radioactive particle tracking technique

Pages 4213-4227
Mehul S. Vesvikar, Thaar M. Aljuwaya, Mahmoud M. Taha, Muthanna H. Al-Dahhan

A novel radiation-dependence model of InP HBTs including gamma radiation effects

Pages 4238-4245
Jincan Zhang, Haiyi Cai, Na Li, Liwen Zhang, Min Liu, Shi Yang

Design and optimization of thermal neutron activation device based on 5 MeV electron linear accelerator

Pages 4246-4251
Mahnoush Masoumi, S. Farhad Masoudi, Faezeh Rahmani
Radiation protection


Study of atmosphere parameters of the IVV-2M reactor hall

Pages 3935-3939
M.E. Vasyanovich, M.V. Zhukovsky, E.I. Nazarov, I.M. Russkikh

Implementation of Visible monkey into general-purpose Monte Carlo codes: MCNP, PHITS, and Geant4

Pages 4019-4025
Soo Min Lee, Chansoo Choi, Bangho Shin, Yumi Lee, Ji Won Choi, Bo-Wi Cheon, Chul Hee Min, Beom Sun Chung, Hyun Joon Choi, Yeon Soo Yeom

The effect of geometrical parameters on the radon emanation coefficient and different radon parameters

Pages 4096-4101
Entesar H. El-Araby, A. Azazi

A Study on the Construction of Cutting Scenario for Kori Unit 1 Bio-shield considering ALARA

Pages 4181-4190
Hak-Yun Lee, Min-Ho Lee, Ki-Tae Yang, Jun-Yeol An, Jong-Soon Song

Gas ebullition associated with biological processes in radioactively contaminated reservoirs could lead to airborne radioactive contamination

Pages 4204-4212
E.A. Pryakhin, Yu.G. Mokrov, A.V. Trapeznikov, N.I. Atamanyuk, S.S. Andreyev, A.A. Peretykin, K. Yu. Mokrov, M.A. Semenov, A.V. Akleyev
Reactor Physics


A study on (n, α) reaction cross sections using a new empirical systematic

Pages 4026-4031
Sema Küçüksucu, Mustafa Yiğit

Coupled neutronics/thermal-hydraulic analysis of ANTS-100e using MCS/RAST-F two-step code system

Pages 4048-4056
Tung Dong Cao Nguyen, Tuan Quoc Tran, Deokjung Lee

Real variance estimation in iDTMC-based depletion analysis

Pages 4228-4237
Inyup Kim, Yonghee Kim
Thermal Hydraulics


Experimental research on flow regime and transitional criterion of slug to churn-turbulent and churn-turbulent to annular flow in rectangular channels

Pages 3973-3982
Qingche He, Liang-ming Pan, Luteng Zhang, Wangtao Xu, Meiyue Yan

Research on prediction and analysis of supercritical water heat transfer coefficient based on support vector machine

Pages 4102-4111
Ma Dongliang, Li Yi, Zhou Tao, Huang Yanping

Study of contact melting of plate bundles by molten material in severe reactor accidents

Pages 4266-4273
J.J. Ma, W.Z. Chen, H.G. Xiao
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