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Nuclear Engineering and Technology

Volume 55, Issue 10, Pages 3515-3924 , October 2023
Nuclear I&C


Reinforcement learning-based control with application to the once-through steam generator system

Pages 3515-3524
Cheng Li, Ren Yu, Wenmin Yu, Tianshu Wang

Three dimensional reconstruction and measurement of underwater spent fuel assemblies

Pages 3709-3715
Jianping Zhao, Shengbo He, Li Yang, Chang Feng, Guoqiang Wu, Gen Cai

Discrimination model using denoising autoencoder-based majority vote classification for reducing false alarm rate

Pages 3716-3724
Heonyong Lee, Kyungtak Yu, Shiu Kim
Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Radioactive Waste Management


Investigations on the Pu-to-244Cm ratio method for Pu accountancy in pyroprocessing

Pages 3525-3534
Sunil S. Chirayath, Heukjin Boo, Seung Min Woo

Estimation of radionuclides leaching characteristics in different sized geopolymer waste forms with simulated spent ion-exchange resin

Pages 3617-3627
Younglim Shin, Byoungkwan Kim, Jaehyuk Kang, Hyun-min Ma, Wooyong Um

Electrochemical behavior of dissolved hydrogen at Pt electrode surface in a high temperature LiOH–H3BO3 solution: Effect of chloride ion on the transient current of the dissolved hydrogen

Pages 3659-3664
Myung-Hee Yun, Jei-Won Yeon

Exothermic processes in nitric acid solutions imitating highly active raffinate

Pages 3808-3814
E.V. Belova, V.V. Kalistratova, A.S. Obedkov

Influence of Ca–Na–Cl physicochemical solution properties on the adsorption of Se(-II) onto granite and MX-80 bentonite

Pages 3831-3843
Joshua Racette, Andrew Walker, Shinya Nagasaki, Tianxiao Tammy Yang, Takumi Saito, Peter Vilks

The information system concept for thermal monitoring of a spent nuclear fuel storage container

Pages 3898-3906
Svitlana Alyokhina
Nuclear Fuel and Reactor Materials


Characterization of eutectic reaction of Cr and Cr/CrN coated zircaloy accident tolerant fuel cladding

Pages 3535-3542
Dongju Kim, Martin Ševeček, Youho Lee

Enhanced thermal conductivity of spark plasma-sintered thorium dioxide-silicon carbide composite fuel pellets

Pages 3725-3731
Linu Malakkal, Anil Prasad, Jayangani Ranasinghe, Ericmoore Jossou, Lukas Bichler, Jerzy Szpunar

Insights into fuel behaviour during relatively fast thermal transients based on calculations for two tests of the Halden IFA-507 experiment

Pages 3801-3807
Grigori Khvostov

Development of thermal conductivity model with use of a thermal resistance circuit for metallic UO2 microcell nuclear fuel pellets

Pages 3860-3865
Heung Soo Lee, Dong Seok Kim, Dong-Joo Kim, Jae Ho Yang, Ji-Hae Yoon, Ji Hwan Lee
Nuclear Physics, Fusion, and Laser Technology


Design and fabrication of beam dumps at the μSR facility of RAON for high-energy proton absorption

Pages 3692-3699
Jae Chang Kim, Jae Young Jeong, Kihong Pak, Yong Hyun Kim, Junesic Park, Ju Hahn Lee, Yong Kyun Kim

RF heating experiment to verify the design process of graphite target at the RAON μSR facility

Pages 3768-3774
Jae Young Jeong, Jae Chang Kim, Kihong Pak, Yong Hyun Kim, Yong Kyun Kim, Wonjun Lee, Ju Hahn Lee, Taek Jin Jang
Nuclear Structural Analysis /Plant Management & Maintenance


Utilization of EPRI ChemWorks tools for PWR shutdown chemistry evolution modeling

Pages 3543-3548
Jinsoo Choi, Cho-Rong Kim, Yong-Sang Cho, Hyuk-chul Kwon, Kyu-Min Song

Validation of applicability of induction bending process to P91 piping of prototype Gen-IV sodium-cooled fast reactor (PGSFR)

Pages 3571-3580
Tae-Won Na, Nak-Hyun Kim, Chang-Gyu Park, Jong-Bum Kim, Il-Kwon Oh

Design of type 316L stainless steel 700 °C high-temperature piping

Pages 3581-3590
Hyeong-Yeon Lee, Hyeonil Kim, Jaehyuk Eoh

Iron hydrolysis and lithium uptake on mixed-bed ion exchange resin at alkaline pH

Pages 3665-3676
Olga Y. Palazhchenko, Jane P. Ferguson, William G. Cook

A numerical approach for assessing internal pressure capacity at liner failure in the expanded free-field of the prestressed concrete containment vessel

Pages 3677-3691
Woo-Min Cho, Seong-Kug Ha, SaeHanSol Kang, Yoon-Suk Chang
Nuclear Safety


The effect of sensitive and non-sensitive parameters on DCGL in probability analysis for decommissioning of nuclear facilities

Pages 3559-3570
Hyung-Woo Seo, Hyein Kim

SEM-based study on the impact of safety culture on unsafe behaviors in Chinese nuclear power plants

Pages 3628-3638
Licao Dai, Li Ma, Meihui Zhang, Ziyi Liang

Analysis of Control Element Assembly Withdrawal at Full Power Accident Scenario Using a Hybrid Conservative and BEPU Approach

Pages 3787-3800
Kajetan Andrzej Rey, Jan Hruškovič, Aya Diab
Radiation Application


Measurement of undesirable neutron spectrum in a 120 MeV linac

Pages 3591-3598
Yihong Yan, Xinjian Tan, Xiufeng Weng, Xiaodong Zhang, Zhikai Zhang, Weiqiang Sun, Guang Hu, Huasi Hu

Strategies to improve the range verification of stochastic origin ensembles for low-count prompt gamma imaging

Pages 3700-3708
Hsuan-Ming Huang

Radioactivity of biological samples of patients treated with 90Y-DOTATOC

Pages 3815-3821
Marija Z. Jeremic, Milovan D. Matovic, Nenad R. Mijatovic, Suzana B. Pantovic, Dragana Z. Krstic, Tatjana B. Miladinovic, Dragoslav R. Nikezic

Development of simultaneous multi-channel data acquisition system for large-area Compton camera (LACC)

Pages 3822-3830
Junyoung Lee, Youngmo Ku, Sehoon Choi, Goeun Lee, Taehyeon Eom, Hyun Su Lee, Jae Hyeon Kim, Chan Hyeong Kim

Development of a multi-modal imaging system for single-gamma and fluorescence fusion images

Pages 3844-3853
Young Been Han, Seong Jong Hong, Ho-Young Lee, Seong Hyun Song

Concurrent operation of round beam and flat beam in a low-emittance storage ring

Pages 3866-3873
J. Lee, S. Ahn, J. Ko, B. Oh, G. Jang, Y.D. Yoon, S. Shin, J.-H. Kim, M. Chung

Radionuclide identification based on energy-weighted algorithm and machine learning applied to a multi-array plastic scintillator

Pages 3907-3912
Hyun Cheol Lee, Bon Tack Koo, Ju Young Jeon, Bo-Wi Cheon, Do Hyeon Yoo, Heejun Chung, Chul Hee Min

Application of peak based-Bayesian statistical method for isotope identification and categorization of depleted, natural and low enriched uranium measured by LaBr3:Ce scintillation detector

Pages 3913-3923
Haluk Yücel, Selin Saatcı Tüzüner, Charles Massey
Radiation protection


Analysis of wind field data surrounding nuclear power plants to improve the effectiveness of public protective measures

Pages 3599-3616
Jin Sik Choi, Jae Wook Kim, Han Young Joo, Jeong Yeon Lee, Chae Hyun Lee, Joo Hyun Moon

Preliminary study for the development of radiation safety evaluation methodology for industrial kV-rated radiation generator facilities

Pages 3854-3859
Hye Sung Park, Na Hye Kwon, Sang Rok Kim, Hwidong Yoo, Jin Sung Kim, Sang Hyoun Choi, Dong Wook Kim
Reactor Physics


Definition of the neutronics benchmark of the NuScale-like core

Pages 3639-3647
Emil Fridman, Yurii Bilodid, Ville Valtavirta

Numerical simulation of localization of a sub-assembly with failed fuel pins in the prototype fast breeder reactor

Pages 3648-3658
Abhitab Bachchan, Puspendu Hazra, Nimala Sundaram, Subhadip Kirtan, Nakul Chaudhary, A. Riyas, K. Devan

Verification of a novel fuel burnup algorithm in the RAPID code system based on Serpent-2 simulation of the TRIGA Mark II research reactor

Pages 3732-3753
Anže Pungerčič, Valerio Mascolino, Alireza Haghighat, Luka Snoj
Thermal Hydraulics


Experimental investigation of jet pump performance used for high flow amplification in nuclear applications

Pages 3549-3558
Vimal Kotak, Anil Pathrose, Samiran Sengupta, Sugilal Gopalkrishnan, Sujay Bhattacharya

Numerical simulation of air discharged in subcooled water pool

Pages 3754-3767
Y. Córdova, D. Blanco, Y. Rivera, C. Berna, J.L. Muñoz-Cobo, A. Escrivá

Study on the mixing performance of mixing vane grids and mixing coefficient by CFD and subchannel analysis code in a 5×5 rod bundle

Pages 3775-3786
Bin Han, Xiaoliang Zhu, Bao-Wen Yang, Aiguo Liu, Yanyan Xi, Lei Liu, Shenghui Liu, Junlin Huang

Investigation of thermal hydraulic behavior of the High Temperature Test Facility's lower plenum via large eddy simulation

Pages 3874-3897
Hyeongi Moon, Sujong Yoon, Mauricio Tano-Retamale, Aaron Epiney, Minseop Song, Jae-Ho Jeong
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