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New Issue: Nuclear Engineering and Technology

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Cover Image Nuclear Engineering and Technology

Nuclear Engineering and Technology

Volume 55, Issue 8, Pages 2723-3120 , August 2023
Nuclear I&C


Study on the digitalization of trip equations including dynamic compensators for the Reactor Protection System in NPPs by using the FPGA

Pages 2952-2965
Kwang-Seop Son, Jung-Woon Lee, Seung-Hwan Seong
Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Radioactive Waste Management


Electrochemical and surface investigations of copper corrosion in dilute oxychloride solution

Pages 2742-2746
Gha-Young Kim, Junhyuk Jang, Jeong-Hyun Woo, Seok Yoon, Jin-Seop Kim

Leachability of lead, cadmium, and antimony in cement solidified waste in a silo-type radioactive waste disposal facility environment

Pages 2889-2896
Yulim Lee, Hyeongjin Byeon, Jaeyeong Park
Nuclear Fuel and Reactor Materials


Reformability evaluation of blasting-enhanced permeability in in situ leaching mining of low-permeability sandstone-type uranium deposits

Pages 2773-2784
Wei Wang, Xuanyu Liang, Qinghe Niu, Qizhi Wang, Jinyi Zhuo, Xuebin Su, Genmao Zhou, Lixin Zhao, Wei Yuan, Jiangfang Chang, Yongxiang Zheng, Jienan Pan, Zhenzhi Wang, Zhongmin Ji

Multiscale simulations for estimating mechanical properties of ion irradiated 308 based on microstructural features

Pages 2823-2834
Dong-Hyeon Kwak, Jae Min Sim, Yoon-Suk Chang, Byeong Seo Kong, Changheui Jang

Determining the adjusting bias in reactor pressure vessel embrittlement trend curve using Bayesian multilevel modelling

Pages 2844-2853
Gyeong-Geun Lee, Bong-Sang Lee, Min-Chul Kim, Jong-Min Kim

Theoretical studies on the stabilization and diffusion behaviors of helium impurities in 6H-SiC by DFT calculations

Pages 2879-2888
Obaid Obaidullah, RuiXuan Zhao, XiangCao Li, ChuBin Wan, TingTing Sui, Xin Ju

Li4SiO4 slurry conditions and sintering temperature for fabricating Li4SiO4 pebbles as tritium breeders for nuclear-fusion reactors

Pages 2966-2976
Young Ah Park, Ji Won Yoo, Yi-Hyun Park, Young Soo Yoon

Determination of escape rate coefficients of fission products from the defective fuel rod with large defects in PWR

Pages 2977-2983
Pengtao Fu

A surrogate model for the helium production rate in fast reactor MOX fuels

Pages 3071-3079
D. Pizzocri, M.G. Katsampiris, L. Luzzi, A. Magni, G. Zullo
Nuclear Policy, Economics, and Human Resource Development


The acceptance of nuclear energy as an alternative source of energy among Generation Z in the Philippines: An extended theory of planned behavior approach

Pages 3054-3070
Zachariah John A. Belmonte, Yogi Tri Prasetyo, Omar Paolo Benito, Jui-Hao Liao, Krisna Chandra Susanto, Michael Nayat Young, Satria Fadil Persada, Reny Nadlifatin
Nuclear Physics, Fusion, and Laser Technology


Evaluation of ECCD power requirement for neoclassical tearing modes suppression in the CFETR hybrid scenario

Pages 2941-2951
L.H. He, P.W. Zheng, T. Yu
Nuclear Structural Analysis /Plant Management & Maintenance


Performance-based drift prediction of reinforced concrete shear wall using bagging ensemble method

Pages 2747-2756
Bu-Seog Ju, Shinyoung Kwag, Sangwoo Lee

Transient analysis of lubrication with a squeeze film effect due to the loading rate at the interface of a motor operated valve assembly in nuclear power plants

Pages 2905-2918
Jaehyung Kim, Sang Hyuk Lee, Sang Kyo Kim

The structural and non–linear dynamic analysis for radioactive waste container

Pages 3010-3016
Yu-Yu Shen, Kuei-Jen Cheng, Hsoung-Wei Chou
Nuclear Safety


Handling dependencies among performance shaping factors in SPAR-H through DEMATEL method

Pages 2897-2904
Zhihui Xu, Shuwen Shang, Xiaoyan Su, Hong Qian, Xiaolei Pan

Transient heat transfer and crust evolution during debris bed melting process in the hypothetical severe accident of HPR1000

Pages 3017-3029
Chao Lv, Gen Li, Jinchen Gao, Jinshi Wang, Junjie Yan

Multi-fidelity modeling and analysis of a pressurized vessel-pipe-safety valve system based on MOC and surrogate modeling methods

Pages 3088-3101
Xueguan Song, Qingye Li, Fuwen Liu, Weihao Zhou, Chaoyong Zong

Analysis of loss of cooling accident in VVER-1000/V446 spent fuel pool using RELAP5 and MELCOR codes

Pages 3102-3113
Seyed Khalil Mousavian, Amir Saeed Shirani, Francesco D'Auria
Radiation Application


Determination of dosimetric dependence for effective atomic number of LDR brachytherapy seed capsule by Monte Carlo simulation

Pages 2734-2741
Berkay Camgöz, Dilara Tarım

Feasibility study of CdZnTe and CdZnTeSe based high energy X-ray detector using linear accelerator

Pages 2797-2801
Beomjun Park, Juyoung Ko, Jangwon Byun, Byungdo Park, Man-Jong Lee, Jeongho Kim

Hybrid model-based and deep learning-based metal artifact reduction method in dental cone-beam computed tomography

Pages 2854-2863
Jin Hur, Yeong-Gil Shin, Ho Lee

Development and evaluation of a compact gamma camera for radiation monitoring

Pages 2873-2878
Dong-Hee Han, Seung-Jae Lee, Hak-Jae Lee, Jang-Oh Kim, Kyung-Hwan Jung, Da-Eun Kwon, Cheol-Ha Baek

Application of advanced spectral-ratio radon background correction in the UAV-borne gamma-ray spectrometry

Pages 2927-2934
Jigen Xia, Baolin Song, Yi Gu, Zhiqiang Li, Jie Xu, Liangquan Ge, Qingxian Zhang, Guoqiang Zeng, Qiushi Liu, Xiaofeng Yang

Development of a polystyrene phantom for quality assurance of a Gamma Knife®

Pages 2935-2940
Yona Choi, Kook Jin Chun, Jungbae Bahng, Sang Hyoun Choi, Gyu Seok Cho, Tae Hoon Kim, Hye Jeong Yang, Yeong Chan Seo, Hyun-Tai Chung

Health monitoring of carbon fiber-reinforced polymer composites in γ-radiation environment using embedded fiber Bragg grating sensors

Pages 3039-3045
Jing Zhong, Feida Chen, Yuehao Rui, Yong Li, Xiaobin Tang

Neutron-irradiated effect on the thermoelectric properties of Bi2Te3-based thermoelectric leg

Pages 3080-3087
Huanyu Zhao, Kai Liu, Zhiheng Xu, Yunpeng Liu, Xiaobin Tang

Development of magnetic field measurement system for AMS cyclotron

Pages 3114-3120
Ho Namgoong, Hyojeong Choi, Mitra Ghergherehchi, Donghyup Ha, Mustafa Mumyapan, Jong-Seo Chai, Jongchul Lee, Hoseung Song
Radiation protection


Assessment of radionuclides from coal-fired brick kilns on the outskirts of Dhaka city and the consequent hazards on human health and the environment

Pages 2802-2811
M.M. Mahfuz Siraz, M.D.A. Rakib, M.S. Alam, Jubair Al Mahmud, Md Bazlar Rashid, Mayeen Uddin Khandaker, Md. Shafiqul Islam, S. Yeasmin

Monte Carlo simulation and study of REE/PET composites with wide γ-ray protection

Pages 2919-2926
Tongyan Cui, Ruixin Chen, Shumin Bi, Rui Wang, Zhongjian Ma, Qingxiu Jia

Measurement of the applicability of various experimental materials in a medically relevant reactor neutron source Part One: Material characteristics acting as a carrier for boron compounds during neutron irradiation

Pages 2984-2996
Ezddin Hutli, Peter Zagyvai

ACA: Automatic search strategy for radioactive source

Pages 3030-3038
Jianwen Huo, Xulin Hu, Junling Wang, Li Hu

The presence of carcinogenic radon in the Padma River water, adjacent to the Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant

Pages 3046-3053
M.M. Mahfuz Siraz, M.S. Alam, Jubair A.M., S.C. Das, J. Ferdous, Z. Hossain, S. Das, Mayeen Uddin Khandaker, D.A. Bradley, Shinji Tokonami, S. Yeasmin
Reactor Physics


An optimization design study of producing transuranic nuclides in high flux reactor

Pages 2723-2733
Wei Xu, Jian Li, Jing Zhao, Ding She, Zhihong Liu, Heng Xie, Lei Shi

MGGC2.0: A preprocessing code for the multi-group cross section of the fast reactor with ultrafine group library

Pages 2785-2796
Kui Hu, Xubo Ma, Teng Zhang, Xuan Ma, Zifeng Huang, Yixue Chen

The critical slab problem with the Anlı-Güngör scattering function

Pages 2864-2872
R.G. Türeci
Thermal Hydraulics


Investigation of the concentration characteristic of RCS during the boration process using a coupled model

Pages 2757-2772
Xiangyu Chi, Shengjie Li, Mingzhou Gu, Yaru Li, Xixi Zhu, Naihua Wang

Effects of inlet working condition and heat load on supercritical CO2 compressor performance

Pages 2812-2822
Jinze Pei, Yuanyang Zhao, Mingran Zhao, Guangbin Liu, Qichao Yang, Liansheng Li

Development of reduced-order thermal stratification model for upper plenum of a lead–bismuth fast reactor based on CFD

Pages 2835-2843
Tao Yang, Pengcheng Zhao, Yanan Zhao, Tao Yu

Numerical simulation of natural convection around the dome in the passive containment air-cooling system

Pages 2997-3009
Chunhui Dong, Shikang Chen, Ronghua Chen, Wenxi Tian, Suizheng Qiu, G.H. Su
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