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Cover Image Nuclear Engineering and Technology

Nuclear Engineering and Technology

Volume 55, Issue 7, Pages 2349-2722 , July 2023
Nuclear I&C


Feasibility study of a resistive-type sodium aerosol detector with ZnO nanowires for sodium-cooled fast reactors

Pages 2373-2379
Jewhan Lee, Da-Young Gam, Ki Ean Nam, Seong J. Cho, Hyungmo Kim

Uncertainty quantification of once-through steam generator for nuclear steam supply system using latin hypercube sampling method

Pages 2395-2406
Lekang Chen, Chuqi Chen, Linna Wang, Wenjie Zeng, Zhifeng Li

Module level EMC verification method for replacement items in nuclear power plant

Pages 2407-2418
Hee-Taek Lim, Moon-Gi Min, Hyun-Ki Kim, Gwang-Hyun Lee, Chae-Hyun Yang
Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Radioactive Waste Management


Applicability of abrasive waterjet cutting to irradiated graphite decommissioning

Pages 2356-2365
Francesco Perotti, Eros Mossini, Elena Macerata, Massimiliano Annoni, Michele Monno

A study on the effect of material impurity concentration on radioactive waste levels for plans for decommissioning of nuclear power plant

Pages 2489-2497
Gilyong Cha, Minhye Lee, Soonyoung Kim, Minchul Kim, Hyunmin Kim

Development of hybrid resin to reduce silica in borated water

Pages 2547-2555
Ramzan Akhtar, Shahid Latif, Syed Aizaz Ali Shah, Shaukat Saeed, Abdul Aziz

Modelling of the fire impact on CONSTOR RBMK-1500 cask thermal behavior in the open interim storage site

Pages 2604-2612
Robertas Poškas, Kęstutis Račkaitis, Povilas Poškas, Hussam Jouhara
Nuclear Fuel and Reactor Materials


Effects of fission product doping on the structure, electronic structure, mechanical and thermodynamic properties of uranium monocarbide: A first-principles study

Pages 2556-2566
Ru-Ting Liang, Tao Bo, Wan-Qiu Yin, Chang-Ming Nie, Lei Zhang, Zhi-Fang Chai, Wei-Qun Shi

Modeling of deposition and erosion of CRUD on fuel surfaces under sub-cooled nucleate boiling in PWR

Pages 2591-2603
Seungjin Seo, Nakkyu Chae, Samuel Park, Richard I. Foster, Sungyeol Choi
Nuclear Policy, Economics, and Human Resource Development


The development of training platform for CiADS using cave automatic virtual environment

Pages 2656-2661
Jin-Yang Li, Jun-Liang Du, Long Gu, You-Peng Zhang, Xin Sheng, Cong Lin, Yongquan Wang
Nuclear Physics, Fusion, and Laser Technology


Estimation of fuel operating ranges of fusion power plants

Pages 2687-2696
Slavomir Entler, Jan Horacek, Ondrej Ficker, Karel Kovarik, Michal Kolovratnik, Vaclav Dostal
Nuclear Structural Analysis /Plant Management & Maintenance


A real-time unmeasured dynamic response prediction for nuclear facility pressure pipeline system

Pages 2642-2649
Seungin Oh, Hyunwoo Baek, Kang-Heon Lee, Dae-Sic Jang, Jihyun Jun, Jin-Gyun Kim
Nuclear Safety


Differential die-away technology applied to detect special nuclear materials

Pages 2483-2488
Lianjun Zhang, Mengjiao Tang, Chen Zhang, Yulai Zheng, Yong Li, Chao Liu, Qiang Wang, Guobao Wang

Impact of PSI-KIT Nitriding model on hypothetical Spent Fuel Pool accident simulation

Pages 2504-2515
Mateusz Malicki, Terttaliisa Lind

Improvement and validation of aerosol models for natural deposition mechanism in reactor containment

Pages 2628-2641
Jishen Li, Bin Zhang, Pengcheng Gao, Fan Miao, Jianqiang Shan
Radiation Application


Measurement of the applicability of various experimental materials in a medically relevant reactor neutron source part two: Study of H3BO3 and B-DTPA under neutron irradiation

Pages 2419-2431
Ezddin Hutli, Peter Zagyvai

Feasibility study on a stabilization method based on full spectrum reallocation for spectra having non-identical momentum features

Pages 2432-2437
Kilyoung Ko, Wonku Kim, Hyunwoong Choi, Gyuseong Cho

Low beta superconducting cavity system design for HIAF iLinac

Pages 2466-2473
Mengxin Xu, Yuan He, Shengxue Zhang, Lubei Liu, Tiancai Jiang, Zehua Liang, Tong Liu, Yue Tao, Chunlong Li, Qitong Huang, Fengfeng Wang, Hao Guo, Feng Bai, Xianbo Xu, Shichun Huang, Xiaoli Li, Zhijun Wang, Shenghu Zhang, Jiancheng Yang, Evgeny Zaplatin

Spatial resolution and natural image quality assessment evaluation of gamma camera image using pinhole collimator in lutetium-yttrium oxyorthosilicate scintillation detector

Pages 2567-2571
Kyuseok Kim, Youngjin Lee

A field determination method of D-T neutron source yields based on oxygen prompt gamma rays

Pages 2572-2577
Xiongjie Zhang, Bin Tang, Geng Nian, Haitao Wang, Lijiao Zhang, Yan Zhang, Rui Chen, Zhifeng Liu, Jinhui Qu

Assaying of SNM using Simultaneous Detection of Fission Neutrons and Gammas by Employing a Novel Phoswich Detector

Pages 2662-2669
Sonu, Mohit Tyagi, A. Kelkar, A. Sahu, M. Sonawane, P.S. Sarkar, A. Pandey, D.B. Sathe, G.D. Patra, T. Vincent, S.G. Singh, R.B. Bhatt
Radiation protection


Design, setup and routine operation of a water treatment system for the monitoring of low activities of tritium in water

Pages 2349-2355
C.D.R. Azevedo, A. Baeza, E. Chauveau, J.A. Corbacho, J. Díaz, J. Domange, C. Marquet, M. Martínez-Roig, F. Piquemal, C. Roldán, J. Vasco, J.F.C.A. Veloso, N. Yahlali

Analysis for the secondary gamma-ray emission for glasses irradiated with various doses of fast neutron: Case study borate and silicate glasses

Pages 2366-2372
O.L. Tashlykov, V. Yu. Litovchenko, N.M. Aristov, K.A. Mahmoud

The radiation shielding competence and imaging spectroscopic based studies of Iron ore region of Kozhikode district, Kerala

Pages 2380-2387
S. Arivazhagan, K.A. Naseer, K.A. Mahmoud, S.A. Bassam, P.N. Naseef Mohammed, N.K. Libeesh, A.S. Sachana, M.I. Sayyed, Mohammed S. Alqahtani, E. El Shiekh, Mayeen Uddin Khandaker

Activity concentrations and radiological hazard assessments of 226Ra, 232Th, 40K, and 137Cs in soil samples obtained from the Dongnam Institute of Radiological & Medical Science, Korea

Pages 2388-2394
Jieun Lee, HyoJin Kim, Yong Uk Kye, Dong Yeon Lee, Wol Soon Jo, Chang Geun Lee, Jeung Kee Kim, Jeong-Hwa Baek, Yeong-Rok Kang

Radiometric examination of fertilizers and assessment of their health hazards, commonly used in Pakistan

Pages 2447-2453
Hannan Younis, Sumbilah Shafique, Zahida Ehsan, Aleena Ishfaq, Khurram Mehboob, Muhammad Ajaz, Abdullah Hidayat, Wazir Muhammad

Gamma ray attenuation behaviors and mechanism of boron rich slag/ epoxy resin shielding composites

Pages 2613-2620
Mengge Dong, Suying Zhou, He Yang, Xiangxin Xue

Accumulation and distribution of nutrients, radionuclides and metals by roots, stems and leaves of plants

Pages 2650-2655
Huynh Truc Phuong, Vu Ngoc Ba, Bui Ngoc Thien, Loan Truong Thi Hong
Reactor Physics


Multigroup cross-sections generated using Monte-Carlo method with flux-moment homogenization technique for fast reactor analysis

Pages 2474-2482
Yiwei Wu, Qufei Song, Kuaiyuan Feng, Jean-François Vidal, Hanyang Gu, Hui Guo

Practical methods for GPU-based whole-core Monte Carlo depletion calculation

Pages 2516-2533
Kyung Min Kim, Namjae Choi, Han Gyu Lee, Han Gyu Joo

LEU+ loaded APR1400 using accident tolerant fuel cladding for 24-month two-batch fuel management scheme

Pages 2578-2590
Husam Khalefih, Taesuk Oh, Yunseok Jeong, Yonghee Kim

Neutronic and thermohydraulic blanket analysis for hybrid fusion–fission reactor during operation

Pages 2678-2686
Sergey V. Bedenko, Igor O. Lutsik, Vadim V. Prikhodko, Anton A. Matyushin, Sergey D. Polozkov, Vladimir M. Shmakov, Dmitry G. Modestov, Hector Rene Vega–Carrillo

Advances for the time-dependent Monte Carlo neutron transport analysis in McCARD

Pages 2712-2722
Sang Hoon Jang, Hyung Jin Shim
Thermal Hydraulics


Integral effect tests for intermediate and small break loss-of-coolant accidents with passive emergency core cooling system

Pages 2438-2446
Byoung-Uhn Bae, Seok Cho, Jae Bong Lee, Yu-Sun Park, Jongrok Kim, Kyoung-Ho Kang

Numerical investigation on ballooning and rupture of a Zircaloy tube subjected to high internal pressure and film boiling conditions

Pages 2454-2465
Van Toan Nguyen, Hyochan Kim, Byoung Jae Kim

Evaluation of jet breakup length with a CFD code under steam generation condition in a pre-flooded cavity

Pages 2498-2503
Jeong-Hyeon Eom, Gi-Young Tak, In-Sik Ra, Huu Tiep Nguyen, Hae-Yong Jeong

Thermal-hydraulic analysis of He–Xe gas mixture in 2×2 rod bundle wrapped with helical wires

Pages 2534-2546
Chenglong Wang, Siyuan Chen, Wenxi Tian, G.H. Su, Suizheng Qiu

Thermal analysis and optimization of the new ICRH antenna Faraday Screen in EAST

Pages 2621-2627
Q.C. Liang, L.N. Liu, W. Zhang, X.J. Zhang, S. Yuan, Y.Z. Mao, C.M. Qin, Y.S. Wang, H. Yang

Uncertainties impact on the major FOMs for severe accidents in CANDU 6 nuclear power plant

Pages 2670-2677
R.M. Nistor-Vlad, D. Dupleac, G.L. Pavel

Off-design performance evaluation of multistage axial gas turbines for a closed Brayton cycle of sodium-cooled fast reactor

Pages 2697-2711
Jae Hyun Choi, Jung Yoon, Sungkun Chung, Namhyeong Kim, HangJin Jo
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