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Cover Image Nuclear Engineering and Technology

Nuclear Engineering and Technology

Volume 55, Issue 6, Pages 1949-2348 , June 2023
Nuclear I&C


Development of the framework for quantitative cyber risk assessment in nuclear facilities

Pages 2034-2046
Kwang-Seop Son, Jae-Gu Song, Jung-Woon Lee

Imbalanced sample fault diagnosis method for rotating machinery in nuclear power plants based on deep convolutional conditional generative adversarial network

Pages 2096-2106
Zhichao Wang, Hong Xia, Jiyu Zhang, Bo Yang, Wenzhe Yin

Channel Gap Measurements of Irradiated Plate Fuel and Comparison with Post-Irradiation Plate Thickness

Pages 2195-2205
James A. Smith, Casey J. Jesse, William A. Hanson, Clark L. Scott, David L. Cottle
Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Radioactive Waste Management


Fixed neutron absorbers for improved nuclear safety and better economics in nuclear fuel storage, transport and disposal

Pages 2288-2297
M. Lovecký, J. Závorka, J. Jiřičková, Z. Ondráček, R. Škoda
Nuclear Fuel and Reactor Materials


Ammonium uranate hydrate wet reconversion process for the production of nuclear-grade UO2 powder from uranyl nitrate hexahydrate solution

Pages 2206-2214
Byungkuk Lee, Seungchul Yang, Dongyong Kwak, Hyunkwang Jo, Youngwoo Lee, Youngmoon Bae, Jayhyung Lee

High-temperature electrochemical corrosion behavior of SA106 Grade B carbon steel with corrosion inhibitors in HyBRID solution

Pages 2256-2262
Sung-Wook Kim, Sang-Yoon Park, Chang-Hyun Roh, Sun-Byeong Kim

Atomistic simulations of defect accumulation and evolution in heavily irradiated titanium for nuclear-powered spacecraft

Pages 2298-2304
Hai Huang, Xiaoting Yuan, Longjingrui Ma, Jiwei Lin, Guopeng Zhang, Bin Cai
Nuclear Policy, Economics, and Human Resource Development


2009–2022 Thailand public perception analysis of nuclear energy on social media using deep transfer learning technique

Pages 2026-2033
Wasin Vechgama, Watcha Sasawattakul, Kampanart Silva
Nuclear Structural Analysis /Plant Management & Maintenance


Investigation on damage assessment of fiber-reinforced prestressed concrete containment under temperature and subsequent internal pressure

Pages 2053-2068
Zhi Zheng, Yong Wang, Shuai Huang, Xiaolan Pan, Chunyang Su, Ye Sun

Pretest analysis of a prestressed concrete containment 1:3.2 scale model under thermal-pressure coupling conditions

Pages 2069-2087
Qingyu Yang, Jiachuan Yan, Feng Fan

Effects of neutron irradiation on densities and elastic properties of aggregate-forming minerals in concrete

Pages 2147-2157
Weiping Zhang, Hui Liu, Yong Zhou, Kaixing Liao, Ying Huang

Study on transient performance of tilting-pad thrust bearings in nuclear pump considering fluid-structure interaction

Pages 2325-2334
Qiang Li, Bin Li, Xiuwei Li, Quntao Xie, Qinglei Liu, Weiwei Xu
Nuclear Physics, Fusion, and Laser Technology


Effect of silica fume content in concrete blocks on laser-induced explosive spalling behavior

Pages 1988-1993
Seong Y. Oh, Gwon Lim, Sungmo Nam, Byung-Seon Choi, Taek Soo Kim, Hyunmin Park

Manufacturing and testing of flat-type divertor mockup with advanced materials

Pages 2139-2146
Nanyu Mou, Xiyang Zhang, Qianqian Lin, Xianke Yang, Le Han, Lei Cao, Damao Yao
Nuclear Safety


Risk-informed design optimization method and application in a lead-based research reactor

Pages 2047-2052
Jiaqun Wang, Qianglong Wang, Jinrong Qiu, Jin Wang, Fang Wang, Yazhou Li

Experimental and theoretical justification of passive heat removal system for irradiated fuel assemblies of the nuclear research reactor in a spent fuel pool

Pages 2088-2095
Ta Van Thuong, O.L. Tashlykov, S.M. Glukhov, D.E. Shumkov, Yu.V. Volchikhina

Development of human-in-the-loop experiment system to extract evacuation behavioral features: A case of evacuees in nuclear emergencies

Pages 2246-2255
Younghee Park, Soohyung Park, Jeongsik Kim, Byoung-jik Kim, Namhun Kim

Practical modeling and quantification of a single-top fire events probabilistic safety assessment model

Pages 2263-2275
Dae Il Kang, Yong Hun Jung
Radiation Application


Evaluation by thickness of a linear accelerator target at 6-20 MeV electron beam in MCNP6

Pages 1994-1998
Dong-Hee Han, Kyung-Hwan Jung, Jang-Oh Kim, Da-Eun Kwon, Ki-Yoon Lee, Chang-Ho Lee

Experiment of proof-of-principle on prompt gamma-positron emission tomography (PG-PET) system for in-vivo dose distribution verification in proton therapy

Pages 2018-2025
Bo-Wi Cheon, Hyun Cheol Lee, Sei Hwan You, Hee Seo, Chul Hee Min, Hyun Joon Choi

Organic and inorganic carbon-14 in discharges of JSC Institute of Nuclear Materials

Pages 2107-2111
E.I. Nazarov, A.A. Ekidin, A.V. Kruzhalov, M.E. Vasyanovich, A.I. Lysikov, P.N. Kalinkin, I.M. Russkikh

Real-time wireless marine radioactivity monitoring system using a SiPM-based mobile gamma spectroscopy mounted on an unmanned marine vehicle

Pages 2158-2165
Min Sun Lee, Soo Mee Kim, Mee Jang, Hyemi Cha, Jung-Min Seo, Seungjae Baek, Jong-Myoung Lim

Neutron spectrum unfolding using two architectures of convolutional neural networks

Pages 2276-2282
Maha Bouhadida, Asmae Mazzi, Mariya Brovchenko, Thibaut Vinchon, Mokhtar Z. Alaya, Wilfried Monange, François Trompier
Radiation Protection


New skeletal dose coefficients of the ICRP-110 reference phantoms for idealized external fields to photons and neutrons using dose response functions (DRFs)

Pages 1949-1958
Bangho Shin, Yumi Lee, Ji Won Choi, Soo Min Lee, Hyun Joon Choi, Yeon Soo Yeom

Method for clearance of contaminated buildings in Korea research reactor 1 and 2

Pages 1959-1965
Geun-Ho Kim, Dooseong Hwang, Jung Ho Song, Junhyuck Im, Junhee Lee, Minyoung Kang, Kwang Pyo Kim

A GPU-based point kernel gamma dose rate computing code for virtual simulation in radiation-controlled area

Pages 1966-1973
Zhihui Xu, Mengkun Li, Bowen Zou, Ming Yang

Experimental assessment for the photon shielding features of silicone rubber reinforced by tellurium borate oxides

Pages 2166-2171
M. Elsafi, Heba jamal ALasali, Aljawhara H. Almuqrin, K.G. Mahmoud, M.I. Sayyed

Radiation shielding optimization design research based on bare-bones particle swarm optimization algorithm

Pages 2215-2221
Jichong Lei, Chao Yang, Huajian Zhang, Chengwei Liu, Dapeng Yan, Guanfei Xiao, Zhen He, Zhenping Chen, Tao Yu

Fuzzy optimization of radon reduction by ventilation system in uranium mine

Pages 2222-2229
Meirong Zhang, Jianyong Dai

A formalism for the absorbed dose evaluation of the glass dosimeter

Pages 2283-2287
Ka-Young Park, Hyun-Chul Kim, Byoung-Chul Kim

Solving partial differential equation for atmospheric dispersion of radioactive material using physics-informed neural network

Pages 2305-2314
Gibeom Kim, Gyunyoung Heo

Heavy concrete shielding properties for carbon therapy

Pages 2335-2347
Jin-Long Wang, Jiade J Lu, Da-Jun Ding, Wen-Hua Jiang, Ya-Dong Li, Rui Qiu, Hui Zhang, Xiao-Zhong Wang, Huo-Sheng Ruan, Yan-Bing Teng, Xiao-Guang Wu, Yun Zheng, Zi-Hao Zhao, Kai-Zhong Liao, Huan-Cheng Mai, Xiao-Dong Wang, Ke Peng, Wei Wang, Zhan Tang, Zhao-Yan Yu
Reactor Physics


Development and verification of a Monte Carlo two-step method for lead-based fast reactor neutronics analysis

Pages 2112-2124
Yiwei Wu, Qufei Song, Ruixiang Wang, Yao Xiao, Hanyang Gu, Hui Guo

A variational nodal formulation for multi-dimensional unstructured neutron diffusion problems

Pages 2172-2194
Qizheng Sun, Wei Xiao, Xiangyue Li, Han Yin, Tengfei Zhang, Xiaojing Liu

Development and validation of multiphysics PWR core simulator KANT

Pages 2230-2245
Taesuk Oh, Yunseok Jeong, Husam Khalefih, Yonghee Kim

Conceptual design of a dual drum-controlled space molten salt reactor (D2-SMSR): Neutron physics and thermal hydraulics

Pages 2315-2324
Yongnian Song, Nailiang Zhuang, Hangbin Zhao, Chen Ji, Haoyue Deng, Xiaobin Tang
Thermal Hydraulics


Boundary condition coupling methods and its application to BOP-integrated transient simulation of SMART

Pages 1974-1987
Jongin Yang, Hong Hyun Son, Yong Jae Lee, Doyoung Shin, Taejin Kim, Seong Soo Choi

Experimental investigation on flow field around a flapping plate with single degree of freedom

Pages 1999-2010
Hanyu Wang, Chuan Lu, Wenhai Qu, Jinbiao Xiong

Air horizontal jets into quiescent water

Pages 2011-2017
Weichao Li, Zhaoming Meng, Jianchuang Sun, Weihua Cai, Yandong Hou

Multi-objective optimization of printed circuit heat exchanger with airfoil fins based on the improved PSO-BP neural network and the NSGA-II algorithm

Pages 2125-2138
Jiabing Wang, Linlang Zeng, Kun Yang
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