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Nuclear Engineering and Technology

Volume 55, Issue 5, Pages 1519-1948 , May 2023
Nuclear I&C


Multi-objective path planning for mobile robot in nuclear accident environment based on improved ant colony optimization with modified A

Pages 1838-1854
De Zhang, Run Luo, Ye-bo Yin, Shu-liang Zou

Reliability analysis of nuclear safety-class DCS based on T-S fuzzy fault tree and Bayesian network

Pages 1901-1910
Xu Zhang, Zhiguang Deng, Yifan Jian, Qichang Huang, Hao Peng, Quan Ma
Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Radioactive Waste Management


Dissolution of synthetic U-DBP and corrosion of stainless steel by dissolution schemes

Pages 1644-1650
Guanghui Wang, Yaorui Li, Mingjian He, Meng Zhang, Yang Gao, Hui He, Caishan Jiao

Evaluation of dissolution characteristics of magnetite in an inorganic acidic solution for the PHWR system decontamination

Pages 1892-1900
Ayantika Banerjee, Wangkyu Choi, Byung-Seon Choi, Sangyoon Park, Seon-Byeong Kim
Nuclear Fuel and Reactor Materials


Interaction study of molten uranium with multilayer SiC/Y2O3 and Mo/Y2O3 coated graphite

Pages 1855-1862
S.K. Sharma, M.T. Saify, Sanjib Majumdar, Palash K. Mollick

Statistical analysis of SN type environmental fatigue data of Ni-base alloy welds using weibull distribution

Pages 1924-1934
Jae Phil Park, Junhyuk Ham, Subhasish Mohanty, Dayu Fajrul Falaakh, Ji Hyun Kim, Chi Bum Bahn
Nuclear Policy, Economics, and Human Resource Development


Asymmetric linkages between nuclear energy and environmental quality: Evidence from Top-10 nuclear energy consumer countries

Pages 1878-1884
Jinglei Zhang, Sajid Ali, Lei Ping
Nuclear Structural Analysis /Plant Management & Maintenance


Seismic performance evaluation of reactor containment building considering effects of concrete material models and prestressing forces

Pages 1567-1576
Bidhek Thusa, Duy-Duan Nguyen, Md Samdani Azad, Tae-Hyung Lee

Seismic analysis of a steam generator for Gyeongju and Pohang earthquakes

Pages 1577-1586
Myung Jo Jhung, Youngin Choi, Changsik Oh, Gangsig Shin, Chan Il Park

Experimental validation of ASME strain-based seismic assessment methods using piping elbow test data

Pages 1616-1629
Jong-Min Lee, Jae-Yoon Kim, Hyun-Seok Song, Yun-Jae Kim, Jin-Weon Kim
Nuclear Safety


Plant-scale experiments of an air inflow accident under sub-atmospheric pressure by pipe break in an open-pool type research reactor

Pages 1604-1615
Donkoan Hwang, Nakjun Choi, WooHyun Jung, Taeil Kim, Yohan Lee, HangJin Jo

Long-term prediction of safety parameters with uncertainty estimation in emergency situations at nuclear power plants

Pages 1630-1643
Hyojin Kim, Jonghyun Kim

Analysis of LBLOCA of APR1400 with 3D RPV model using TRACE

Pages 1651-1664
Yunseok Lee, Youngjae Lee, Ae Ju Chung, Taewan Kim

An integrated risk-informed safety classification for unique research reactors

Pages 1814-1820
Jacek Kałowski, Karol Kowal
Radiation Application


Experimental study of noise level optimization in brain single-photon emission computed tomography images using non-local means approach with various reconstruction methods

Pages 1527-1532
Seong-Hyeon Kang, Seungwan Lee, Youngjin Lee

A 30 MeV-cyclotron-based quasi-monoenergetic neutron source

Pages 1559-1566
Kuo-Yuan Chu, Weng-Sheng Kuo, How-Ming Lee, Yiin-Kuen Fuh

Optimization of image reconstruction method for dual-particle time-encode imager through adaptive response correction

Pages 1587-1592
Dong Zhao, Wenbao Jia, Daqian Hei, Can Cheng, Wei Cheng, Xuwen Liang, Ji Li

Simulating the impact of iodine as a contrast substance to enhance radiation to the tumor in a brain x-rayphototherapy

Pages 1671-1676
M. Orabi

Comparative study of the pulse shape discrimination (PSD) performance of pixelated stilbene and plastic scintillator (EJ-276) arrays for a coded-aperture-based hand-held dual-particle imager

Pages 1677-1686
Jihwan Boo, Manhee Jeong

Identification of Pb–Zn ore under the condition of low count rate detection of slim hole based on PGNAA technology

Pages 1708-1717
Haolong Huang, Pingkun Cai, Wenbao Jia, Yan Zhang

Positional correction of a 3D position-sensitive virtual Frisch-grid CZT detector for gamma spectroscopy and imaging based on a theoretical assumption

Pages 1718-1733
Younghak Kim, Kichang Shin, Aleksey Bolotnikov, Wonho Lee

Conceptual design of hybrid target for molybdenum-99 production based on heavywater

Pages 1863-1870
Ali Torkamani, Ali Taghibi Khotbehsara, Faezeh Rahmani, Alexander Khelvas, Alexander Bugaev, Farshad Ghasemi

Nano Yttrium-90 and Rhenium-188 production through medium medical cyclotron and research reactor for therapeutic usages: A Simulation study

Pages 1871-1877
Abdollah Khorshidi
Graphical abstract
Radiation Protection


X-ray/gamma radiation shielding properties of Aluminium-BariumZinc Oxide nanoparticles synthesized via low temperature solution combustion method

Pages 1519-1526
K.V. Sathish, K.N. Sridhar, L. Seenappa, H.C. Manjunatha, Y.S. Vidya, B. Chinnappa Reddy, S. Manjunatha, A.N. Santhosh, R. Munirathnam, Alfred Cecil Raj, P.S. Damodara Gupta, B.M. Sankarshan

Gd effect on microstructure and properties of the Modified-690 alloy for function structure integrated thermal neutron shielding

Pages 1541-1558
Cheng Zhang, Jie Pan, Zixie Wang, Zhaoyu Wu, Qiliang Mei, Qianxue Ding, Jing Gao, Xueshan Xiao
Graphical abstract

A closer look at the structure and gamma-ray shielding properties of newly designed boro -tellurite glasses reinforced by bismuth (III) oxide

Pages 1734-1741
Hammam Abdurabu Thabit, Abd Khamim Ismail, N.N. Yusof, M.I. Sayyed, K.G. Mahmoud, I. Abdullahi, S. Hashim

Assessment of occupational radiation exposure of NORM scales residues from oil and gas production

Pages 1757-1762
EL Hadji Mamadou Fall, Abderrazak Nechaf, Modou Niang, Nadia Rabia, Fatou Ndoye, Ndeye Arame Boye Faye

Micro gadolinium oxide dispersed flexible composites developed for the shielding of thermal neutron/gamma rays

Pages 1763-1774
Boyu Wang, Xiaolin Guo, Lin Yuan, Qinglong Fang, Xiaojuan Wang, Tianyi Qiu, Caifeng Lai, Qi Wang, Yang Liu

Synthesis, physical, optical and radiation shielding properties of Barium-Bismuth Oxide Borate-A novel nanomaterial

Pages 1783-1790
B.M. Chandrika, Holaly Chandrashekara Shastry Manjunatha, K.N. Sridhar, M.R. Ambika, L. Seenappa, S. Manjunatha, R. Munirathnam, A.J. Clement Lourduraj

Performance assessment of HEPA filter to reduce internal dose against radioactive aerosol in nuclear decommissioning

Pages 1830-1837
Hee Kwon Ku, Min-Ho Lee, Hyunjin Boo, Geun-Dong Song, Deokhee Lee, Kaphyun Yoo, Byung Gi Park

Impacts of the calcination temperature on the structural and radiation shielding properties of the NASICON compound synthesized from zircon minerals

Pages 1885-1891
Islam G. Alhindawy, Hany Gamal, Aljawhara.H. Almuqrin, M.I. Sayyed, K.A. Mahmoud

Radiological safety analysis of a newly designed spent resin mixture treatment facility during normal and abnormal operational scenarios for the safety of radiation workers

Pages 1935-1945
Jaehoon Byun, Seungbin Yoon, Hee Reyoung Kim
Reactor Physics


Sorted compressive sensing for reconstruction of failed in-core detector signals

Pages 1533-1540
Gyu-ri Bae, Moon-Ghu Park, Youngchul Cho, Jung-Uk Sohn

Development of transient Monte Carlo in a fissile system with β-delayed emission from individual precursors using modified open source code OpenMC(TD)

Pages 1593-1603
J. Romero-Barrientos, F. Molina, J.I. Márquez Damián, M. Zambra, P. Aguilera, F. López-Usquiano, S. Parra

On the cyclic change in the dynamics of the IBR-2M pulsed reactor

Pages 1665-1670
Yu.N. Pepelyshev, Sumkhuu Davaasuren

Sensitivity study of parameters important to Molten Salt Reactor Safety

Pages 1687-1707
Sarah Elizabeth Creasman, Visura Pathirana, Ondrej Chvala

Evaluation of neutronics parameters during RSG-GAS commissioning by using Monte Carlo code

Pages 1775-1782
Surian Pinem, Wahid Luthfi, Peng Hong Liem, Donny Hartanto
Thermal Hydraulics


Large-eddy simulation on gas mixing induced by the high-buoyancy flow in the CIGMAfacility

Pages 1742-1756
Satoshi Abe, Yasuteru Sibamoto

Platform development for multi-physics coupling and uncertainty analysis based on a unified framework

Pages 1791-1801
Guan-Hua Qian, Ren Li, Tao Yang, Xu Wang, Peng-Cheng Zhao, Ya-Nan Zhao, Tao Yu

Numerical study on conjugate heat transfer in a liquid-metal-cooled pipe based on a four-equation turbulent heat transfer model

Pages 1802-1813
Xian-Wen Li, Xing-Kang Su, Long Gu, Xiang-Yang Wang, Da-Jun Fan

Effects of decay heat and cooling condition on the reactor pool natural circulation under RVACS operation in a water 2-D slab model

Pages 1821-1829
Min Ho Lee, Dong Wook Jerng, In Cheol Bang

Thermal-hydraulic 0D/3D coupling in OpenFOAM: Validation and application in nuclear installations

Pages 1911-1923
Santiago F. Corzo, Dario M. Godino, Alirio J. Sarache Piña, Norberto M. Nigro, Damian E. Ramajo
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