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Cover Image Nuclear Engineering and Technology

Nuclear Engineering and Technology

Volume 55, Issue 4, Pages 1199-1590 , April 2023
Nuclear I&C

Dynamic data validation and reconciliation for improving the detection of sodium leakage in a sodium-cooled fast reactor

Pages 1528-1539
Sangjun Park, Jongin Yang, Jewhan Lee, Gyunyoung Heo

Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Radioactive Waste Management


Investigation of 180W separation by transient single withdrawal cascade using Salp Swarm optimization algorithm

Pages 1225-1232
Morteza Imani, Mahdi Aghaie

Molecular dynamics study of ionic diffusion and the FLiNaK salt melt structure

Pages 1324-1331
A.Y. Galashev

Geochemical and S isotopic studies of pollutant evolution in groundwater after acid in situ leaching in a uranium mine area in Xinjiang

Pages 1476-1484
Zhenzhong Liu, Kaixuan Tan, Chunguang Li, Yongmei Li, Chong Zhang, Jing Song, Longcheng Liu

A comprehensive review on clay swelling and illitization of smectite in natural subsurface formations and engineered barrier systems

Pages 1495-1506
Lotanna Ohazuruike, Kyung Jae Lee

High-efficiency deep geological repository system for spent nuclear fuel in Korea with optimized decay heat in a disposal canister and increased thermal limit of bentonite

Pages 1540-1554
Jongyoul Lee, Kwangil Kim, Inyoung Kim, Heejae Ju, Jongtae Jeong, Changsoo Lee, Jung-Woo Kim, Dongkeun Cho

Nuclear Fuel and Reactor Materials


Phase analysis of simulated nuclear fuel debris synthesized using UO2, Zr, and stainless steel and leaching behavior of the fission products and matrix elements

Pages 1300-1309
Ryutaro Tonna, Takayuki Sasaki, Yuji Kodama, Taishi Kobayashi, Daisuke Akiyama, Akira Kirishima, Nobuaki Sato, Yuta Kumagai, Ryoji Kusaka, Masayuki Watanabe

Impedance investigation of the surface film formed on aluminum alloy exposed to nuclear reactor emergency core coolant

Pages 1518-1527
Junlin Huang, Derek Lister, Xiaoliang Zhu, Shunsuke Uchida, Qinglan Xu

Nuclear Policy, Economics, and Human Resource Development


Techno-economic assessment of a very small modular reactor (vSMR): A case study for the LINE city in Saudi Arabia

Pages 1244-1249
Salah Ud-Din Khan, Rawaiz Khan

Assessment of public knowledge, perception, and acceptance of nuclear power in Bangladesh

Pages 1410-1419
Md Iqbal Hosan, Md Jafor Dewan, Md Hossain Sahadath, Debasish Roy, Drupada Roy

Nuclear Physics, Fusion, and Laser Technology


Beam position measurement system at HIRFL-CSRm

Pages 1332-1341
Min Li, Guoqing Xiao, Ruishi Mao, Tiecheng Zhao, Youjin Yuan, Weilong Li, Kai Zhou, Xincai Kang, Peng Li, Juan Li

Nuclear Structural Analysis /Plant Management & Maintenance


Monitoring in a reinforced concrete structure for storing low and intermediate level radioactive waste. Lessons learnt after 25 years

Pages 1199-1209
Nuria Rebolledo, Julio Torres, Servando Chinchón-Payá, Javier Sánchez, Sylvia de Gregorio, Manuel Ordóñez, Inmaculada López

Approximate residual stress and plastic strain profiles for laser-peened alloy 600 surfaces

Pages 1250-1264
Eui-Kyun Park, Hyun-Jae Lee, Ju-Hee Kim, Yun-Jae Kim

Experimental and numerical investigation on the pressure pulsation in reactor coolant pumps under different inflow conditions

Pages 1310-1323
Song Huang, Yu Song, Junlian Yin, Rui Xu, Dezhong Wang

Structural integrity assessment procedure of PCSG unit block using homogenization method

Pages 1365-1381
Gyogeun Youn, Wanjae Jang, Youngjae Jeon, Kang-Heon Lee, Gyu Mahn Lee, Jae-Seon Lee, Seongmin Chang

Performance evaluation of plasma nitrided 316L stainless steel during long term high temperature sodium exposure

Pages 1468-1475
Akash Singh, R. Thirumurugesan, S. Krishnakumar, Revati Rani, S. Chandramouli, P. Parameswaran, R. Mythili

Cavitation state identification of centrifugal pump based on CEEMD-DRSN

Pages 1507-1517
Cui Dai, Siyuan Hu, Yuhang Zhang, Zeyu Chen, Liang Dong

Nuclear Safety


Sealing design optimization of nuclear pressure relief valves based on the polynomial chaos expansion surrogate model

Pages 1382-1399
Chaoyong Zong, Maolin Shi, Qingye Li, Tianhang Xue, Xueguan Song, Xiaofeng Li, Dianjing Chen

The effect of the number of subintervals upon the quantification of the seismic probabilistic safety assessment of a nuclear power plant

Pages 1420-1427
Ji Suk Kim, Man Cheol Kim

Measurement of nuclear fuel assembly’s bow from visual inspection’s video record

Pages 1485-1494
Dušan Plašienka, Jaroslav Knotek, Marcin Kopeć, Martina Malá, Jan Blažek

Numerical study to reproduce a real cable tray fire event in a nuclear power plant

Pages 1571-1584
Jaiho Lee, Byeongjun Kim, Yong Hun Jung, Sangkyu Lee, Weon Gyu Shin

Radiation Application


Radiation dosimetry of 89Zr labeled antibody estimated using the MIRD method and MCNP code

Pages 1265-1268
Saeideh Izadi Yazdi, Mahdi Sadeghi, Elham Saeedzadeh, Mostafa Jalilifar

New Monte-Carlo based simulation program suitable for low-energy ions irradiation in pure materials

Pages 1287-1299
Ghadeer H. Al-Malkawi, Al-Montaser Bellah A. Al-Ajlony, Khaled F. Al-Shboul, Ahmed Hassanein

Feasibility study of using triple-energy CT images for improving stopping power estimation

Pages 1342-1349
Yejin Kim, Jin Sung Kim, Seungryong Cho

Radiation Protection


Shielding analyses supporting the Lithium loop design and safety assessments in IFMIF-DONES

Pages 1210-1217
Gediminas Stankunas, Yuefeng Qiu, Francesco Saverio Nitti, Juan Carlos Marugán

Correlation between the concentration of TeO2 and the radiation shielding properties in the TeO2–MoO3–V2O5 glass system

Pages 1218-1224
Y. Al-Hadeethi, M.I. Sayyed

Acute oral toxicity and bioavailability of uranium and thorium in contaminated soil

Pages 1460-1467
Nur Shahidah Abdul Rashid, Wooyong Um, Ibrahim Ijang, Kok Siong Khoo, Bhupendra Kumar Singh, Nurul Syiffa Mahzan, Syazwani Mohd Fadzil, Nur Syamimi Diyana Rodzi, Aina Shafinas Mohamad Nasir

Impacts of halloysite clay nanoparticles on the structural and γ-ray shielding properties of the epoxy resin

Pages 1585-1590
K.G. Mahmoud, M.I. Sayyed, S. Hashim, Aljawhara H. Almuqrin, Abu El-Soad A.M

Reactor Physics


Calculation of thermal neutron scattering data of MgF2 and its effect on beam shaping assembly for BNCT

Pages 1280-1286
Jiaqi Hu, Zhaopeng Qiao, Lunhe Fan, Yongqiang Tang, Liangzhi Cao, Tiejun Zu, Qingming He, Zhifeng Li, Sheng Wang

Convergence study of traditional 2D/1D coupling method for k-eigenvalue neutron transport problems with Fourier analysis

Pages 1350-1364
Boran Kong, Kaijie Zhu, Han Zhang, Chen Hao, Jiong Guo, Fu Li

A hybrid neutronics method with novel fission diffusion synthetic acceleration for criticality calculations

Pages 1428-1438
Jiahao Chen, Jason Hou, Kostadin Ivanov

Study on an open fuel cycle of IVG.1M research reactor operating with LEU-fuel

Pages 1439-1447
Ruslan А. Irkimbekov, Artur S. Surayev, Galina А. Vityuk, Olzhas M. Zhanbolatov, Zamanbek B. Kozhabaev, Sergey V. Bedenko, Nima Ghal-Eh, Alexander D. Vurim

Establishment of DeCART/MIG stochastic sampling code system and Application to UAM and BEAVRS benchmarks

Pages 1563-1570
Ho Jin Park, Jin Young Cho

Thermal Hydraulics


Study on three-dimensional numerical simulation of shell and tube heat exchanger of the surface ship under marine conditions

Pages 1233-1243
Yi Liao, Qi Cai, Shaopeng He, Mingjun Wang, Hongguang Xiao, Zili Gong, Cong Wang, Zhen Jia, Tangtao Feng, Suizheng Qiu

Experimental consideration for contact angle and force acting on bubble under nucleate pool boiling

Pages 1269-1279
Ji-Hwan Park, Il Seouk Park, Daeseong Jo

Assessment of CUPID code used for condensation heat transfer analysis under steam-air mixture conditions

Pages 1400-1409
Ji-Hwan Hwang, Jungjin Bang, Dong-Wook Jerng

BEPU analysis of a CANDU LBLOCA RD-14M experiment using RELAP/SCDAPSIM

Pages 1448-1459
A.K. Trivedi, D.R. Novog

Comparative study of CFD and 3D thermal-hydraulic system codes in predicting natural convection and thermal stratification phenomena in an experimental facility

Pages 1555-1562
Audrius Graževičius, Anis Bousbia-Salah