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Cover Image Nuclear Engineering and Technology

Nuclear Engineering and Technology

Volume 55, Issue 3, Pages 801-1198 , March 2023
Review Article

Nuclear I&C


The evolution of the Human Systems and Simulation Laboratory in nuclear power research

Pages 801-813
Anna Hall, Jeffrey C. Joe, Tina M. Miyake, Ronald L. Boring
Original Articles

Nuclear I&C


RNN-based integrated system for real-time sensor fault detection and fault-informed accident diagnosis in nuclear power plant accidents

Pages 814-826
Jeonghun Choi, Seung Jun Lee

Research on diagnosis method of centrifugal pump rotor faults based on IPSO-VMD and RVM

Pages 827-838
Liang Dong, Zeyu Chen, Runan Hua, Siyuan Hu, Chuanhan Fan, xingxin Xiao

Strategy to coordinate actions through a plant parameter prediction model during startup operation of a nuclear power plant

Pages 839-849
Jae Min Kim, Junyong Bae, Seung Jun Lee

Energy-saving optimization on active disturbance rejection decoupling multivariable control

Pages 850-860
Da-Min Ding, Hai-Ma Yang, Jin Liu, Da-Wei Zhang, Xiao-Hui Jiang

Performance measurement of safety-critical systems based on ordinary differential equations and Petri nets: A case study of nuclear power plant

Pages 861-869
Nand Kumar Jyotish, Lalit Kumar Singh, Chiranjeev Kumar

Analysis of revised regulatory guidance on electromagnetic interference qualification for nuclear safety

Pages 870-875
In Beom Ahn, Jaeyul Choo, Jae Yoon Park, Hyunchul Ku, Kyeong-Sik Min
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Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Radioactive Waste Management


Statistical analysis of effects of test conditions on compressive strength of cement solidified radioactive waste

Pages 876-883
Hyeongjin Byeon, Jaeyeong Park
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Nuclear Fuel and Reactor Materials


Assessment of INSPYRE-extended fuel performance codes against the SUPERFACT-1 fast reactor irradiation experiment

Pages 884-894
L. Luzzi, T. Barani, B. Boer, A. Del Nevo, M. Lainet, S. Lemehov, A. Magni, V. Marelle, B. Michel, D. Pizzocri, A. Schubert, P. Van Uffelen, M. Bertolus

First-principles investigations on helium behaviors in oxide-dispersion- strengthened nickel alloys with Hf additions

Pages 895-901
Yiren Wang, Fan Jia, Yong Jiang

Raman spectroscopy of eutectic melting between boride granule and stainless steel for sodium-cooled fast reactors

Pages 902-907
Hirofumi Fukai, Masahiro Furuya, Hidemasa Yamano
Original Articles

Nuclear Policy, Economics, and Human Resource Development


A framework of examining the factors affecting public acceptance of nuclear power plant: Case study in Saudi Arabia

Pages 908-918
Salman M. Alzahrani, Anas M. Alwafi, Salman M. Alshehri
Original Articles

Nuclear Physics, Fusion, and Laser Technology


Degradation of thin carbon-backed lithium fluoride targets bombarded by 68 MeV 17O beams

Pages 919-926
Y.H. Kim, B. Davids, M. Williams, K.H. Hudson, S. Upadhyayula, M. Alcorta, P. Machule, N.E. Esker, C.J. Griffin, J. Williams, D. Yates, A. Lennarz, C. Angus, G. Hackman, D.G. Kim, J. Son, J. Park, K. Pak, Y.K. Kim

Electromagnetic-thermal two-way coupling analysis and application on helium-cooled solid blanket

Pages 927-938
Kefan Zhang, Shuai Wang, Hongli Chen

Suppression of stray electrons in the negative ion accelerator of CRAFT NNBI test facility

Pages 939-946
Yuwen Yang, Jianglong Wei, Junwei Xie, Yuming Gu, Yahong Xie, Chundong Hu
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Nuclear Structural Analysis /Plant Management & Maintenance


Experimental investigation of a method for diagnosing wall thinning in an artificially thinned carbon steel elbow based on changes in modal characteristics

Pages 947-957
Byunyoung Chung, Jonghwan Kim, Daesic Jang, Sunjin Kim, Youngchul Choi

Insights from an OKMC simulation of dose rate effects on the irradiated microstructure of RPV model alloys

Pages 958-967
Jianyang Li, Chonghong Zhang, Ignacio Martin-Bragado, Yitao Yang, Tieshan Wang

An improved time-domain approach for the spectra-compatible seismic motion generation considering intrinsic non-stationary features

Pages 968-980
Feng Cheng, Jianbo Li, Zhixin Ding, Gao Lin
Original Articles

Nuclear Safety


Sensitivity analysis of failure correlation between structures, systems, and components on system risk

Pages 981-988
Seunghyun Eem, Shinyoung Kwag, In-Kil Choi, Daegi Hahm

Investigation of aerosol resuspension model based on random contact with rough surface

Pages 989-998
Liwen He, Lili Tong, Xuewu Cao

Study on the influence of flow blockage in severe accident scenario of CAP1400 reactor

Pages 999-1008
Pengcheng Gao, Bin Zhang, Jishen Li, Fan Miao, Shaowei Tang, Sheng Cao, Hao Yang, Jianqiang Shan
Original Articles

Radiation Application


Development of a muon detector based on a plastic scintillator and WLS fibers to be used for muon tomography system

Pages 1009-1014
Chanwoo Park, Kyu Bom Kim, Min Kyu Baek, In-soo Kang, Seongyeon Lee, Yoon Soo Chung, Heejun Chung, Yong Hyun Chung

System-on-chip single event effect hardening design and validation using proton irradiation

Pages 1015-1020
Weitao Yang, Yang Li, Gang Guo, Chaohui He, Longsheng Wu

Measuring and unfolding fast neutron spectra using solution-grown trans-stilbene scintillation detector

Pages 1021-1030
Nguyen Duy Quang, HongJoo Kim, Phan Quoc Vuong, Nguyen Duc Ton, Uk-Won Nam, Won-Kee Park, JongDae Sohn, Young-Jun Choi, SungHwan Kim, SukWon Youn, Sung-Joon Ye

Monte-Carlo simulation for detecting neutron and gamma-ray simultaneously with CdZnTe half-covered by gadolinium film

Pages 1031-1035
J. Byun, J. Seo, Y. Kim, J. Park, K. Shin, W. Lee, K. Lee, K. Kim, B. Park

Assessment of neutron-induced activation of irradiated samples in a research reactor

Pages 1036-1044
Ildikó Harsányi, András Horváth, Zoltán Kis, Katalin Gméling, Daria Jozwiak-Niedzwiedzka, Michal A. Glinicki, László Szentmiklósi

Flexible liquid light-guide-based radiation sensor with LaBr3:Ce scintillator for remote gamma-ray spectroscopy

Pages 1045-1051
Jae Hyung Park, Siwon Song, Seunghyeon Kim, Taeseob Lim, Jinhong Kim, Bongsoo Lee
Original Articles

Radiation Protection


Full spectrum estimation of helicopter background and cosmic gamma-ray contribution for airborne measurements

Pages 1052-1060
Lukáš Kotík, Marcel Ohera

Lead-free inorganic metal perovskites beyond photovoltaics: Photon, charged particles and neutron shielding applications

Pages 1061-1070
Srilakshmi Prabhu, Dhanya Y. Bharadwaj, S.G. Bubbly, S.B. Gudennavar
Original Articles

Reactor Physics


On-the-fly energy release per fission model in STREAM with explicit neutron and photon heating

Pages 1071-1083
Nhan Nguyen Trong Mai, Woonghee Lee, Kyeongwon Kim, Bamidele Ebiwonjumi, Wonkyeong Kim, Deokjung Lee

Analyses of on-the-fly generation of spectral superhomogenization factors for multigroup whole core calculation employing pin-wise slowing-down solutions

Pages 1084-1096
Seungug Jae, Han Gyu Joo

Criticality analysis of pyrochemical reprocessing apparatuses for mixed uranium-plutonium nitride spent nuclear fuel using the MCU-FR and MCNP program codes

Pages 1097-1104
P.A. Kizub, A.I. Blokhin, P.A. Blokhin, E.F. Mitenkova, N.A. Mosunova, V.A. Kovrov, A.V. Shishkin, Yu.P. Zaikov, O.R. Rakhmanova
Original Articles

Thermal Hydraulics


Experimental study on single- and two-phase flow behaviors within porous particle beds

Pages 1105-1117
Jong Seok Oh, Sang Mo An, Hwan Yeol Kim, Dong Eok Kim

Fluidelastic instability of a curved tube array in single phase cross flow

Pages 1118-1124
Kang-Hee Lee, Heung-Seok Kang, Du-Ho Hong, Jong-In Kim

Investigation of condensation with non-condensable gas in natural circulation loop for passive safety system

Pages 1125-1139
Jin-Hwa Yang, Tae-Hwan Ahn, Hwang Bae, Hyun-Sik Park

Multi-scale heat conduction models with improved equivalent thermal conductivity of TRISO fuel particles for FCM fuel

Pages 1140-1151
Mouhao Wang, Shanshan Bu, Bing Zhou, Zhenzhong Li, Deqi Chen

Two-fluid modelling for poly-disperse bubbly flows in vertical pipes: Analysis of the impact of geometrical parameters and heat transfer

Pages 1152-1166
Andrea Allio, Antonio Buffo, Daniele Marchisio, Laura Savoldi
Technical Note Reactor Physics


Loading pattern design and economic evaluation for 24-month cycle operation of OPR-1000 in Korea

Pages 1167-1180
Jeongmin Lee, Hyun Chul Lee
Thermal Hydraulics


Hydraulic performance and flow resistance tests of various hydraulic parts for optimal design of a reactor coolant pump for a small modular reactor

Pages 1181-1190
Byeonggeon Bae, Jaeho Jung, Je Yong Yu
Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Radioactive Waste Management


Investigation of the various properties of several candidate additives as buffer materials

Pages 1191-1198
Gi-Jun Lee, Seok Yoon, Taehyun Kim, Seeun Chang