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Cover Image Nuclear Engineering and Technology

Nuclear Engineering and Technology

Volume 55, Issue 2, Pages 391-800 , February 2023
Review Articles

Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Radioactive Waste Management


Separation and purification of elements from alkaline and carbonate nuclear waste solutions

Pages 391-407
Alexander V. Boyarintsev, Sergei I. Stepanov, Galina V. Kostikova, Valeriy I. Zhilov, Alfiya M. Safiulina, Aslan Yu Tsivadze
Review Articles

Nuclear Fuel and Reactor Materials


Beryllium oxide utilized in nuclear reactors: Part II, A systematic review of the neutron irradiation effects

Pages 408-420
Ming-dong Hou, Xiang-wen Zhou, Bing Liu
Original Articles

Nuclear I&C


Retrieval methodology for similar NPP LCO cases based on domain specific NLP

Pages 421-431
No Kyu Seong, Jae Hee Lee, Jong Beom Lee, Poong Hyun Seong

Developing an interface strength technique using the laser shock method

Pages 432-442
James A. Smith, Bradley C. Benefiel, Clark L. Scott

TinyML Gamma Radiation Classifier

Pages 443-451
Moez Altayeb, Marco Zennaro, Ermanno Pietrosemoli

The optimization study of core power control based on meta-heuristic algorithm for China initiative accelerator driven subcritical system

Pages 452-459
Jin-Yang Li, Jun-Liang Du, Long Gu, You-Peng Zhang, Cong Lin, Yong-Quan Wang, Xing-Chen Zhou, Huan Lin

A three-region movable-boundary helical coil once-through steam generator model for dynamic simulation and controller design

Pages 460-474
Shifa Wu, Zehua Li, Pengfei Wang, G.H. Su, Jiashuang Wan

Development of deep autoencoder-based anomaly detection system for HANARO

Pages 475-483
Seunghyoung Ryu, Byoungil Jeon, Hogeon Seo, Minwoo Lee, Jin-Won Shin, Yonggyun Yu

Linearity improvement of UltraScale+ FPGA-based time-to-digital converter

Pages 484-492
Jaewon Kim, Jin Ho Jung, Yong Choi, Jiwoong Jung, Sangwon Lee

Deep-learning-based system-scale diagnosis of a nuclear power plant with multiple infrared cameras

Pages 493-505
Ik Jae Jin, Do Yeong Lim, In Cheol Bang

Proposal of a new method for learning of diesel generator sounds and detecting abnormal sounds using an unsupervised deep learning algorithm

Pages 506-515
Hweon-Ki Jo, Song-Hyun Kim, Chang-Lak Kim
Original Articles

Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Radioactive Waste Management


Effective removal of non-radioactive and radioactive cesium from wastewater generated by washing treatment of contaminated steel ash

Pages 516-522
P. Sopapan, U. Lamdab, T. Akharawutchayanon, S. Issarapanacheewin, K. Yubonmhat, W. Silpradit, W. Katekaew, N. Prasertchiewchan

Solidification of uranium tailings using alkali-activated slag mixed with natural zeolite

Pages 523-529
Fulin Wang, Min Zhou, Cheng Chen, Zhengping Yuan, Xinyang Geng, Shijiao Yang

A new proposal for controlled recycling of decommissioning concrete waste as part of engineered barriers of a radioactive waste repository and related comprehensive safety assessment

Pages 530-545
In Gyu Chang, Jae Hak Cheong
Original Articles

Nuclear Fuel and Reactor Materials


Fatigue life curves of alloy 617 in the temperature range of 800–950 °C

Pages 546-554
Injin Sah, Jaehwan Park, Eung-Seon Kim

Evaluation of radiation resistance of an austenitic stainless steel with nanosized carbide precipitates using heavy ion irradiation at 200 dpa

Pages 555-565
Ji Ho Shin, Byeong Seo Kong, Chaewon Jeong, Hyun Joon Eom, Changheui Jang, Lin Shao

Seepage characteristics of the leaching solution during in situ leaching of uranium

Pages 566-574
Sheng Zeng, Jiayin Song, Bing Sun, Fulin Wang, Wenhao Ye, Yuan Shen, Hao Li

Surface morphology and deuterium retention in W and W-HfC alloy exposed to high flux D plasma irradiation

Pages 575-579
Yongkui Wang, Xiaochen Huang, Jiafeng Zhou, Jun Fang, Yan Gao, Jinlong Ge, Shu Miao, Zhuoming Xie
Original Articles

Nuclear Policy, Economics, and Human Resource Development


Nuclear power utilization as a future alternative energy on icebreakers

Pages 580-586
M. Bayraktar, M. Pamik

Impact of nuclear and renewable energy sources on environment quality: Testing the EKC and LCC hypotheses for South Korea

Pages 587-594
Ugur Korkut Pata, Mustafa Tevfik Kartal
Original Articles

Nuclear Physics, Fusion, and Laser Technology


Active control of amplitude and phase of high-power RF systems in EAST ICRF heating experiments

Pages 595-602
Guanghui Zhu, Lunan Liu, Yuzhou Mao, Xinjun Zhang, Yaoyao Guo, Lin Ai, Runhao Jiang, Chengming Qin, Wei Zhang, Hua Yang, Shuai Yuan, Lei Wang, Songqing Ju, Yongsheng Wang, Xuan Sun, Zhida Yang, Jinxin Wang, Yan Cheng, Hang Li, Jingting Luo
Original Articles

Nuclear Structural Analysis /Plant Management & Maintenance


Using artificial intelligence to detect human errors in nuclear power plants: A case in operation and maintenance

Pages 603-622
Ezgi Gursel, Bhavya Reddy, Anahita Khojandi, Mahboubeh Madadi, Jamie Baalis Coble, Vivek Agarwal, Vaibhav Yadav, Ronald L. Boring
Original Articles

Nuclear Safety


Analysis of MBLOCA and LBLOCA success criteria in VVER-1000/V320 reactors: New proposals for PSA Level 1

Pages 623-639
Elena Redondo-Valero, César Queral, Kevin Fernandez-Cosials, Víctor Hugo Sanchez-Espinoza

Dependence of Na+ leakage on intrinsic properties of cation exchange resin in simulated secondary environment for nuclear power plants

Pages 640-647
Hyun Kyoung Ahn, Chi Hyun An, Byung Gi Park, In Hyoung Rhee
Original Articles

Radiation Application


Pulse shape discrimination using a stilbene scintillator array coupled to a large-area SiPM array for hand-held dual particle imager applications

Pages 648-654
Jihwan Boo, Mark D. Hammig, Manhee Jeong

A grid-line suppression technique based on the nonsubsampled contourlet transform in digital radiography

Pages 655-668
Namwoo Kim, Taeyoung Um, Hyun Tae Leem, Bon Tack Koo, Kyuseok Kim, Kyu Bom Kim

Prediction of radiation dose to adult human from radiopharmaceutical manufactured by third generation bisphosphonate labeled with Rhenium

Pages 669-673
Zahra Pourhabib, Hassan Ranjbar

‘Brine Management through brine mining of trace metals’ for developing Secondary sources of nuclear fuel

Pages 674-680
T.L. Prasad

A cosmic ray muons tomography system with triangular bar plastic scintillator detectors and improved 3D image reconstruction algorithm: A simulation study

Pages 681-689
Yanwei Zhao, Xujia Luo, Kemian Qin, Guorui Liu, Daiyuan Chen, R.S. Augusto, Weixiong Zhang, Xiaogang Luo, Chunxian Liu, Juntao Liu, Zhiyi Liu
Original Articles

Radiation protection


Optimization of radiation shields made of Fe and Pb for the spent nuclear fuel transport casks

Pages 690-695
V.G. Rudychev, N.A. Azarenkov, I.O. Girka, Y.V. Rudychev

Prediction of radioactivity releases for a Long-Term Station Blackout event in the VVER-1200 nuclear reactor of Bangladesh

Pages 696-706
Shafiqul Islam Faisal, Md Shafiqul Islam, Md Abdul Malek Soner

Influence of operation of thermal and fast reactors of the Beloyarsk NPP on the radioecological situation in the cooling pond: Part II, Macrophytes and fish

Pages 707-716
Aleksei Panov, Alexander Trapeznikov, Vera Trapeznikova, Alexander Korzhavin

Dose metrology: TLD/OSL dose accuracy and energy response performance

Pages 717-724
Omaima Essaad Belhaj, Hamid Boukhal, El Mahjoub Chakir, Meryeme Bellahsaouia, Siham Belhaj, Younes Sadeq, Mohammed Tazi, Tahar El Khoukhi, Maryam Hadouachi, Khaoula Laazouzi

Organ dose reconstruction for the radiation epidemiological study of Korean radiation workers: The first dose evaluation for the Korean Radiation Worker Study (KRWS)

Pages 725-733
Tae-Eun Kwon, Areum Jeong, Wi-Ho Ha, Dalnim Lee, Songwon Seo, Junik Cho, Euidam Kim, Yoonsun Chung, Sunhoo Park
Original Articles

Reactor Physics


Comprehensive investigation of the Ronen method in slab geometry

Pages 734-748
Roy Gross, Johan Cufe, Daniele Tomatis, Erez Gilad

Treatment of non-resonant spatial self-shielding effect of double heterogeneous region

Pages 749-755
Tae Young Han, Hyun Chul Lee

Verification of multilevel octree grid algorithm of SN transport calculation with the Balakovo-3 VVER-1000 neutron dosimetry benchmark

Pages 756-768
Cong Liu, Bin Zhang, Junxia Wei, Shuang Tan

An hp-angular adaptivity with the discrete ordinates method for Boltzmann transport equation

Pages 769-779
Ni Dai, Bin Zhang, Xinyu Wang, Daogang Lu, Yixue Chen
Original Articles

Thermal Hydraulics


Condensation oscillation characteristic of steam with non-condensable gas through multi-hole sparger at low mass flux

Pages 780-791
Dandi Zhang, Lili Tong, Xuewu Cao
Technical Note

Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Radioactive Waste Management


Development of classification criteria for non-reactor nuclear facilities in Korea

Pages 792-799
Dong-Jin Kim, Byung-Sik Lee
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