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Cover Image Nuclear Engineering and Technology

Nuclear Engineering and Technology

Volume 55, Issue 1, Pages 1-390 , January 2023
Review Articles

Nuclear Policy, Economics, and Human Resource Development


The regulatory system for imported-cargo radiation monitoring in Korea and a proposal for its improvement

Pages 1-11
Wo Suk Choi, Tae Young Kong, Hee Geun Kim, Eun Ji Lee, Seong Jun Kim, Jin Ho Son, Chang Ju Song, Hwa Pyoung Kim, Cheol Ki Jeong
Review Articles

Nuclear Physics, Fusion, and Laser Technology


Laser decontamination for radioactive contaminated metal surface: A review

Pages 12-24
Qian Wang, Feisen Wang, Chuang Cai, Hui Chen, Fei Ji, Chen Yong, Dasong Liao
Original Articles

Nuclear I&C


Modeling cryptographic algorithms validation and developing block ciphers with electronic code book for a control system at nuclear power plants

Pages 25-36
JunYoung Son, Taewoo Tak, Hahm Inhye

Measurement of missing video frames in NPP control room monitoring system using Kalman filter

Pages 37-44
Mrityunjay Chaubey, Lalit Kumar Singh, Manjari Gupta
Original Articles

Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Radioactive Waste Management


Analysis of dismantling process and disposal cost of waste RVCH

Pages 45-51
Younkyu Kim, Sunkyu Park, TaeWon Seo

A multi-criteria decision-making process for selecting decontamination methods for radioactively contaminated metal components

Pages 52-62
Inhye Hahm, Daehyun Kim, Ho jin Ryu, Sungyeol Choi

Ultrasonic-assisted dissolution of U3O8 in carbonate medium

Pages 63-70
Chenxi Hou, Mingjian He, Haofan Fang, Meng Zhang, Yang Gao, Caishan Jiao, Hui He
Original Articles

Nuclear Fuel and Reactor Materials


Study of oxidation behavior and tensile properties of candidate superalloys in the air ingress simulation scenario

Pages 71-79
Bin Du, Haoxiang Li, Wei Zheng, Xuedong He, Tao Ma, Huaqiang Yin

Investigation on effect of neutron irradiation on welding residual stresses in core shroud of pressurized water reactor

Pages 80-99
Jong-Sung Kim, Young-Chan Kim, Wan Yoo
Original Articles

Nuclear Physics, Fusion, and Laser Technology


Development of machine learning model for automatic ELM-burst detection without hyperparameter adjustment in KSTAR tokamak

Pages 100-108
Jiheon Song, Semin Joung, Young-Chul Ghim, Sang-hee Hahn, Juhyeok Jang, Jungpyo Lee
Original Articles

Nuclear Structural Analysis /Plant Management & Maintenance


Experimental study and analysis of design parameters for analysis of fluidelastic instability for steam generator tubing

Pages 109-118
Xiong Guangming, Zhu Yong, Long Teng, Tan Wei
Original Articles

Nuclear Safety


Direct fault-tree modeling of human failure event dependency in probabilistic safety assessment

Pages 119-130
Ji Suk Kim, Sang Hoon Han, Man Cheol Kim

Application of data driven modeling and sensitivity analysis of constitutive equations for improving nuclear power plant safety analysis code

Pages 131-143
ChoHwan Oh, Doh Hyeon Kim, Jeong Ik Lee

Assessment of the core-catcher in the VVER-1000 reactor containment under various severe accidents

Pages 144-155
Farhad Salari, Ataollah Rabiee, Farshad Faghihi

Effectiveness of Ni-based and Fe-based cladding alloys in delaying hydrogen generation for small modular reactors with increased accident tolerance

Pages 156-168
Alan Matias Avelar, Fábio de Camargo, Vanessa Sanches Pereira da Silva, Claudia Giovedi, Alfredo Abe, Marcelo Breda Mourão

Study of hydrodynamics and iodine removal by self-priming venturi scrubber

Pages 169-179
Jawaria Ahad, Talha Rizwan, Amjad Farooq, Khalid Waheed, Masroor Ahmad, Kamran Rasheed Qureshi, Waseem Siddique, Naseem Irfan

Influence of an in-vessel debris bed on the heat load to a reactor vessel under an IVR condition

Pages 180-189
Joon-Soo Park, Hae-Kyun Park, Bum-Jin Chung
Original Articles

Radiation Application


Database of virtual spectrum of artificial radionuclides for education and training in in-situ gamma spectrometry

Pages 190-200
Yoomi Choi, Young-Yong Ji, Sungyeop Joung

Electrical characteristics and deep-level transient spectroscopy of a fast-neutron-irradiated 4H–SiC Schottky barrier diode

Pages 201-208
Junesic Park, Byung-Gun Park, Hani Baek, Gwang-Min Sun

Thermal-annealing behavior of in-core neutron-irradiated epitaxial 4HSiC

Pages 209-214
Junesic Park, Byung-Gun Park, Gwang-Min Sun

Investigating the effects of a range shifter on skin dose in proton therapy

Pages 215-221
Ming Wang, Lei Zhang, Jinxing Zheng, Guodong Li, Wei Dai, Lang Dong

Feasibility study of improved median filtering in PET/MR fusion images with parallel imaging using generalized autocalibrating partially parallel acquisition

Pages 222-228
Chanrok Park, Jae-Young Kim, Chang-Hyeon An, Youngjin Lee

Validation of electromagnetic physics models and electron range in Geant4 Brachytherapy application

Pages 229-237
A. Albqoor, E. Ababneh, S. Okoor, I. Zahran
Original Articles

Radiation protection


Planning and decommissioning of a disused Theratron- 780 teletherapy machine and the dose assessment methodology for normal and radiological emergency conditions

Pages 238-247
Mohamed M.Elsayed Breky, Muhammad S. Mansy, A.A. El-Sadek, Yousif M. Mousa, Yasser T. Mohamed

Simulation and assessment of 99mTc absorbed dose into internal organs from cardiac perfusion scan

Pages 248-253
Saghar Salari, Abdollah Khorshidi, Jamshid Soltani-Nabipour

177Lu-EDTMP radiation absorbed dose evaluation in man based on biodistribution data in Wistar rats

Pages 254-260
Reza Bagheri

Applying a big data analysis to evaluate the suitability of shelter locations for the evacuation of residents in case of radiological emergencies

Pages 261-269
Jin Sik Choi, Jae Wook Kim, Han Young Joo, Joo Hyun Moon

Fingernail electron paramagnetic resonance dosimetry protocol for localized hand exposure accident

Pages 270-277
Jae Seok Kim, Byeong Ryong Park, Minsu Cho, Won Il Jang, Yong Kyun Kim

Physical characterization and radiation shielding features of B2O3As2O3 glass ceramic

Pages 278-284
Mohamed Y. Hanfi, Ahmed K. Sakr, A.M. Ismail, Bahig M. Atia, Mohammed S. Alqahtani, K.A. Mahmoud

An autonomous radiation source detection policy based on deep reinforcement learning with generalized ability in unknown environments

Pages 285-294
Hao Hu, Jiayue Wang, Ai Chen, Yang Liu

Determination of counting efficiency considering the biodistribution of 131I activity in the whole-body counting measurement

Pages 295-303
MinSeok Park, Jaeryong Yoo, Minho Kim, Won Il Jang, Sunhoo Park

Study on (n,p) reactions of 58Ni, 99Tc, 99Ru, 131Xe, 133Cs and 186Os radioisotopes used in medicine

Pages 304-309
Hallo M. Abdullah, Ali H. Ahmed
Original Articles

Reactor Physics


A modified JFNK with line search method for solving k-eigenvalue neutronics problems with thermal-hydraulics feedback

Pages 310-323
Lixun Liu, Han Zhang, Yingjie Wu, Baokun Liu, Jiong Guo, Fu Li

Using the Monte Carlo method to solve the half-space and slab albedo problems with Inönü and Anlı-Güngör strongly anisotropic scattering functions

Pages 324-329
Bahram R. Maleki
Original Articles

Thermal Hydraulics


Possible power increase in a natural circulation Soluble-Boron-Free Small Modular Reactor using the Truly Optimized PWR lattice

Pages 330-338
Steven Wijaya, Xuan Ha Nguyen, Yonghee Kim

Prediction of the remaining time and time interval of pebbles in pebble bed HTGRs aided by CNN via DEM datasets

Pages 339-352
Mengqi Wu, Xu Liu, Nan Gui, Xingtuan Yang, Jiyuan Tu, Shengyao Jiang, Qian Zhao

Similarity evaluation of the pump simulation loop in STELLA-2 for conservation of mechanical sodium pump characteristics

Pages 353-363
Jung Yoon, Jewhan Lee, Jaehyuk Eoh, Hyungmo Kim, Dong Eok Kim

Study on heat transfer characteristics and structural parameter effects of heat pipe with fins based on MOOSE platform

Pages 364-372
Xiaoquan Chen, Peng Du, Rui Tian, Zhuoyao Li, Hongkun Lian, Kun Zhuang, Sipeng Wang
Technical Note

Radiation protection


Development of an open-source GUI computer program for modelling irradiation of multi-segmented phantoms using grid-based system for PHITS

Pages 373-377
Hiroshi Watabe, Kwan Ngok Yu, Nursel Safakatti, Mehrdad Shahmohammadi Beni
Technical Note

Nuclear Structural Analysis /Plant Management & Maintenance


Remote handling systems for the Selective Production of Exotic Species (SPES) facility

Pages 378-390
Giordano Lilli, Lisa Centofante, Mattia Manzolaro, Alberto Monetti, Roberto Oboe, Alberto Andrighetto