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Nuclear Engineering and Technology

Volume 54, Issue 11, Pages 3975-4392 , November 2022
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Nuclear I&C


Approach towards qualification of TCP/IP network components of PFBR

Pages 3975-3984
Aditya Gour, Tom Mathews, R.P. Behera

Using machine learning for anomaly detection on a system-on-chip under gamma radiation

Pages 3985-3995
Eduardo Weber Wächter, Server Kasap, Şefki Kolozali, Xiaojun Zhai, Shoaib Ehsan, Klaus D. McDonald-Maier

ADA: Advanced data analytics methods for abnormal frequent episodes in the baseline data of ISD

Pages 3996-4004
Biswajit Biswal, Andrew Duncan, Zaijing Sun
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Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Radioactive Waste Management


Evaluation on the buffer temperature by thermal conductivity of gap-filling material in a high-level radioactive waste repository

Pages 4005-4012
Seok Yoon, Min-Jun Kim, Seeun Chang, Gi-Jun Lee

Synthesis and application of zirconium phosphate mesoporous coordination polymer for effective removal of Co(II) from aqueous solutions

Pages 4013-4021
Yang Zeng, Guoyuan Yuan, Tu Lan, Feize Li, Jijun Yang, Jiali Liao, Yuanyou Yang, Ning Liu

Adsorption of hydrogen isotopes on graphene

Pages 4022-4029
Erica Wu, Christian Schneider, Robert Walz, Jungkyu Park

Preliminary data analysis of surrogate fuel-loaded road transportation tests under normal conditions of transport

Pages 4030-4048
JaeHoon Lim, Woo-seok Choi
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Nuclear Fuel and Reactor Materials


Development and validation of FRAT code for coated particle fuel failure analysis

Pages 4049-4061
Jian Li, Ding She, Lei Shi, Jun Sun

Corrosion behavior of aluminum alloy in simulated nuclear accident environments regarding the chemical effects in GSI-191

Pages 4062-4071
Da Wang, Amanda Leong, Qiufeng Yang, Jinsuo Zhang

Influence of ultrasonic impact treatment on microstructure and mechanical properties of nickel-based alloy overlayer on austenitic stainless steel pipe butt girth joint

Pages 4072-4083
Xilong Zhao, Kangming Ren, Xinhong Lu, Feng He, Yuekai Jiang

FAST irradiations and initial post irradiation examinations – Part I

Pages 4084-4094
G. Beausoleil, L. Capriotti, B. Curnutt, R. Fielding, S. Hayes, D. Wachs
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Nuclear Policy, Economics, and Human Resource Development


Analysis of climate change mitigations by nuclear energy using nonlinear fuzzy set theory

Pages 4095-4101
Tae Ho Woo, Kyung Bae Jang, Chang Hyun Baek, Jong Du Choi
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Nuclear Physics, Fusion, and Laser Technology


Improvement of lower hybrid current drive systems for high-power and long-pulse operation on EAST

Pages 4102-4110
M. Wang, L. Liu, L.M. Zhao, M.H. Li, W.D. Ma, H.C. Hu, Z.G. Wu, J.Q. Feng, Y. Yang, L. Zhu, M. Chen, T.A. Zhou, H. Jia, J. Zhang, L. Cao, L. Zhang, R.R. Liang, B.J. Ding, X.J. Zhang, J.F. Shan
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Nuclear Structural Analysis /Plant Management & Maintenance


Research on aging-related degradation of control rod drive system based on dynamic object-oriented Bayesian network and hidden Markov model

Pages 4111-4124
Kang Zhu, Xinwen Zhao, Liming Zhang, Hang Yu

Conceptual designs and characteristic of the fuel handling and transfer system for 150 MWe PGSFR and 1400 MWe SFR burner reactor

Pages 4125-4133
Kang-Soo Kim, Jong-Bum Kim, Chang-Gyu Park

Thermodynamic simulation and structural optimization of the collimator in the drift duct of EAST-NBI

Pages 4134-4145
Ning Tang, Chun-dong Hu, Yuan-lai Xie, Jiang-long Wei, Zhi-Wei Cui, Jun-Wei Xie, Zhuo Pan, Yao Jiang

Feasibility of UHPC shields in spent fuel vertical concrete cask to resist accidental drop impact

Pages 4146-4158
P.C. Jia, H. Wu, L.L. Ma, Q. Peng
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Nuclear Safety


Application of CFD model for passive autocatalytic recombiners to formulate an empirical correlation for integral containment analysis

Pages 4159-4169
Vikram Shukla, Bhuvaneshwar Gera, Sunil Ganju, Salil Varma, N.K. Maheshwari, P.K. Guchhait, S. Sengupta

Determining the complexity level of proceduralized tasks in a digitalized main control room using the TACOM measure

Pages 4170-4180
Inseok Jang, Jinkyun Park

Design optimization of a nuclear main steam safety valve based on an E-AHF ensemble surrogate model

Pages 4181-4194
Chaoyong Zong, Maolin Shi, Qingye Li, Fuwen Liu, Weihao Zhou, Xueguan Song

Habitability evaluation considering various input parameters for main control benchboard fire in the main control room

Pages 4195-4208
Byeongjun Kim, Jaiho Lee, Seyoung Kim, Weon Gyu Shin
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Radiation Application


Developing an approach for fast estimation of range of ion in interaction with material using the Geant4 toolkit in combination with the neural network

Pages 4209-4214
Khalil Moshkbar-Bakhshayesh, Soroush Mohtashami

Growth and characterization of detector-grade CdMnTeSe

Pages 4215-4219
J. Byun, J. Seo, J. Seo, B. Park

The effect of front edge on efficiency for point and volume source geometries in p-type HPGe detectors

Pages 4220-4225
Esra Uyar, Mustafa Hicabi Bölükdemir

Characterization of neutron spectra for NAA irradiation holes in H-LPRR through Monte Carlo simulation

Pages 4226-4230
Kyung-O Kim, Gyuhong Roh, Byungchul Lee

Measurement of deuterium concentration in heavy water utilizing prompt gamma neutron activation analysis (PGNAA) in comparison with MCNPX simulation results

Pages 4231-4235
Saeed Salahi, Mahdieh Mokhtari Dorostkar, Akbar Abdi Saray

Assessment of sediment profiles applying nuclear techniques: use of a nucleonic gauge in Panama Canal watershed

Pages 4236-4243
Xavier Sánchez, Henry Hoo, Patrick Brisset, Reinhardt Pinzón

Development and verification of a novel system for computed tomography scanner model construction in Monte Carlo simulations

Pages 4244-4252
Ying Liu, Ting Meng, Haowei Zhang, Qi Su, Hao Yan, Heqing Lu
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Radiation protection


Establishing a pre-mining baseline of natural radionuclides distribution and radiation hazard for the Bled El-Hadba sedimentary phosphate deposits (North-Eastern Algeria)

Pages 4253-4264
S. Benarous, A. Azbouche, B. Boumehdi, S. Chegrouche, N. Atamna, R. Khelifi
Graphical abstract

137Cs, 40K and 210Po in abiotic components of aquatic ecosystems two rivers in the Can Gio biosphere reserve, Vietnam

Pages 4265-4271
Ilya G. Sidorov, Nataliya N. Tereshchenko, Andrey A. Korotkov, Olga D. Chuzhikova-Proskurnina, Nguyen Trong Hiep, Aleksandr V. Trapeznikov
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Reactor Physics


McCARD/MIG stochastic sampling calculations for nuclear cross section sensitivity and uncertainty analysis

Pages 4272-4279
Ho Jin Park

STRAUM-MATXST: A code system for multi-group neutron-gamma coupled transport calculation with unstructured tetrahedral meshes

Pages 4280-4295
MyeongHyeon Woo, Ser Gi Hong
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Thermal Hydraulics


Mesh and turbulence model sensitivity analyses of computational fluid dynamic simulations of a 37M CANDU fuel bundle

Pages 4296-4309
Z. Lu, M.H.A. Piro, M.A. Christon

Thermal study of a scanning beam in granular flow target

Pages 4310-4321
Ping Lin, Yuanshuai Qin, Changwei Hao, Yuan Tian, Jiangfeng Wan, Huan Jia, Lei Yang, Wenshan Duan, Han-Jie Cai, Sheng Zhang

Remedy for ill-posedness and mass conservation error of 1D incompressible two-fluid model with artificial viscosities

Pages 4322-4328
Byoung Jae Kim, Seung Wook Lee, Kyung Doo Kim

Water film covering characteristic on horizontal fuel rod under impinging cooling condition

Pages 4329-4337
Penghui Zhang, Bowei Wang, Ronghua Chen, G.H. Su, Wenxi Tian, Suizheng Qiu

Benchmarking of the CUPID code to the ASSERT code in a CANDU channel

Pages 4338-4347
Eun Hyun Ryu, Joo Hwan Park, Yun Je Cho, Dong Hun Lee, Jong Yeob Jung

Experimental assessment of thermal radiation effects on containment atmospheres with varying steam content

Pages 4348-4358
R. Kapulla, S. Paranjape, U. Doll, E. Kirkby, D. Paladino

Assessment of turbulent heat flux models for URANS simulations of turbulent buoyant flows in ROCOM tests

Pages 4359-4372
Zonglan Wei, Bojan Ničeno, Riccardo Puragliesi, Ezequiel Fogliatto

Moving reactor model for the MULTID components of the system thermal-hydraulic analysis code MARS-KS

Pages 4373-4391
Hyungjoo Seo, Moon Hee Choi, Sang Wook Park, Geon Woo Kim, Hyoung Kyu Cho, Bub Dong Chung
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