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Cover Image Nuclear Engineering and Technology

Nuclear Engineering and Technology

Volume 54, Issue 10, Pages 3587-3974 , October 2022
Original Articles

Nuclear I&C


Development of a distributed high-speed data acquisition and monitoring system based on a special data packet format for HUST RF negative ion source

Pages 3587-3594
Dong Li, Ling Yin, Sai Wang, Chen Zuo, Dezhi Chen

Optimization of preventive maintenance of nuclear safety-class DCS based on reliability modeling

Pages 3595-3603
Hao Peng, Yuanbing Wang, Xu Zhang, Qingren Hu, Biao Xu

The development of EASI-based multi-path analysis code for nuclear security system with variability extension

Pages 3604-3613
Dinan Andiwijayakusuma, Topan Setiadipura, Acep Purqon, Zaki Su'ud

Measurement of the ICRH antenna phasing using antenna strap probe based diagnostic system in EAST tokamak

Pages 3614-3619
L.N. Liu, Q.C. Liang, H. Yang, X.J. Zhang, S. Yuan, Y.Z. Mao, W. Zhang, G.H. Zhu, L. Wang, C.M. Qin, Y.P. Zhao, Y. Cheng, K. Zhang

Consistency check algorithm for validation and re-diagnosis to improve the accuracy of abnormality diagnosis in nuclear power plants

Pages 3620-3630
Geunhee Kim, Jae Min Kim, Ji Hyeon Shin, Seung Jun Lee
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Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Radioactive Waste Management


Solidification of uranium mill tailings by MBS-MICP and environmental implications

Pages 3631-3640
Qianjin Niu, Chunguang Li, Zhenzhong Liu, Yongmei Li, Shuo Meng, Xinqi He, Xinfeng Liu, Wenji Wang, Meijiao He, Xiaolei Yang, Qi Liu, Longcheng Liu

One-pot synthesis of silica-gel-based adsorbent with Schiff base group for the recovery of palladium ions from simulated high-level liquid waste

Pages 3641-3649
Hao Wu, Seong-Yun Kim, Tatsuya Ito, Misako Miwa, Shigeo Matsuyama

A method for purifying reprocessed uranium from even isotopes under conditions of multiple recycle

Pages 3650-3659
A. Yu. Smirnov, V.A. Palkin, A.V. Chistov, G.A. Sulaberidze

Derivation of a new dose constraint applicable to radioactive discharges from Korean nuclear power plants through retrospective dose assessment

Pages 3660-3671
Soyun Kim, Jae Hak Cheong
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Nuclear Policy, Economics, and Human Resource Development


Environmental footprint impacts of nuclear energy consumption: The role of environmental technology and globalization in ten largest ecological footprint countries

Pages 3672-3681
Muhammad Sadiq, Fenghua Wen, Abd Alwahed Dagestani

Revolution of nuclear energy efficiency, economic complexity, air transportation and industrial improvement on environmental footprint cost: A novel dynamic simulation approach

Pages 3682-3694
Shahid Ali, Junfeng Jiang, Syed Tauseef Hassan, Ashfaq Ahmad Shah

Nuclear power in jeopardy: The negative relationships between greenhouse gas/fine dust concerns and nuclear power acceptance in South Korea

Pages 3695-3702
Jin Won Lee, Seungkook Roh
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Nuclear Physics, Fusion, and Laser Technology


Target alignment method of inertial confinement fusion facility based on position estimation

Pages 3703-3716
Weiheng Lin, Jianqiang Zhu, Zhigang Liu, Xiangyang Pang, Yang Zhou, Wenhui Cui, Ziming Dong

Two-dimensional measurements of the ELM filament using a multi-channel electrical probe array with high time resolution at the far SOL region in the KSTAR

Pages 3717-3723
Young-Hun Hong, Kwan-Yong Kim, Ju-Ho Kim, Soo-Hyun Son, Hyung-Ho Lee, Hyun-Dong Eo, Min-Seok Kim, Suk-Ho Hong, Chin-Wook Chung

Development of two dimensional full wave spectral code for the ICRF heating and current drive research including scrape-off layer in tokamaks

Pages 3724-3731
S.H. Kim, J.G. Kwak
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Nuclear Structural Analysis /Plant Management & Maintenance


Analysis of the fluid-solid-thermal coupling of a pressurizer surge line under ocean conditions

Pages 3732-3744
Hang Yu, Xinwen Zhao, Shengwei Fu, Kang Zhu

Impact-resistant design of RC slabs in nuclear power plant buildings

Pages 3745-3765
Z.C. Li, P.C. Jia, J.Y. Jia, H. Wu, L.L. Ma

Sensitivity of SNF transport cask response to uncertainty in properties of wood inside the impact limiter under drop accident conditions

Pages 3766-3777
Eun-ho Lee, ChiWoong Ra, Hyungyu Roh, Sang-Jeong Lee, No-Choel Park
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Nuclear Safety


Stress-assisted oxidation behaviour of inconel 52M/316 austenitic stainless-steel dissimilar weld joints in a simulated pressurised water reactor

Pages 3778-3787
Youwei Xu, Binhui Yang, Yu Shi

Soil sampling plan design of key facilities for denuclearization based on data quality objective process

Pages 3788-3794
Yeoryeong Jeon, Yongmin Kim
Original Articles

Radiation Application


Analytical-numerical formula for estimating the characteristics of a cylindrical NaI(Tl) gamma-ray detector with a side-through hole

Pages 3795-3802
Abouzeid A. Thabet, Mohamed S. Badawi

Implementation and benchmarking of the local weight window generation function for OpenMC

Pages 3803-3810
Yuan Hu, Sha Yan, Yuefeng Qiu

Measurement of low energy beta radiation from Ni-63 by using peeled-off Gafchromic EBT3 film

Pages 3811-3815
Wanook Ji, Jong-Bum Kim, Jin-Joo Kim

Comparison of plan dosimetry on multi-targeted lung radiotherapy: A phantom-based computational study using IMRT and VMAT

Pages 3816-3823
Muhammad Isa Khan, Jalil ur Rehman, Muhammad Afzal, James C.L. Chow

Calculation and measurement of Al prompt capture gammas above water in a pool-type reactor

Pages 3824-3832
Tomáš Czakoj, Michal Košťál, Evžen Losa, Zdeněk Matěj, Jan Šimon, Filip Mravec, František Cvachovec

Development of an energy and efficiency calibration method for stilbene scintillators

Pages 3833-3840
Chanho Kim, Jaehyo Kim, Wooseong Hong, Jung-Yeol Yeom, Geehyun Kim
Original Articles

Radiation protection


Role of modifiers on the structural, mechanical, optical and radiation protection attributes of Eu3+ incorporated multi constituent glasses

Pages 3841-3848
M.K. Komal Poojha, K. Marimuthu, P. Evangelin Teresa, Nouf Almousa, M.I. Sayyed

The role of natural rock filler in optimizing the radiation protection capacity of the intermediate-level radioactive waste containers

Pages 3849-3854
O.L. Tashlykov, M.S. Alqahtani, K.A. Mahmoud

Particle loading as a design parameter for composite radiation shielding

Pages 3855-3863
N. Baumann, K. Marquez Diaz, K. Simmons-Potter, B.G. Potter, J. Bucay
Original Articles

Reactor Physics


PESA: Prioritized experience replay for parallel hybrid evolutionary and swarm algorithms - Application to nuclear fuel

Pages 3864-3877
Majdi I. Radaideh, Koroush Shirvan

Analysis on short-term decay heat after shutdown during load-follow operation with seasonal and daily scenarios

Pages 3878-3887
Dae Hee Hwang, Yonghee Kim

Influence of nuclear data library on neutronics benchmark of China experimental fast reactor start-up tests

Pages 3888-3896
Hui Guo, Xin Jin, Xingkai Huo, Hanyang Gu, Haicheng Wu

Verification of OpenMC for fast reactor physics analysis with China experimental fast reactor start-up tests

Pages 3897-3908
Hui Guo, Xingkai Huo, Kuaiyuan Feng, Hanyang Gu
Original Articles

Thermal Hydraulics


SEINA: A two-dimensional steam explosion integrated analysis code

Pages 3909-3918
Liangpeng Wu, Ruiyu Sun, Ronghua Chen, Wenxi Tian, Suizheng Qiu, G.H. Su

Optimization of an extra vessel electromagnetic pump for Lead–Bismuth eutectic coolant circulation in a non-refueling full-life small reactor

Pages 3919-3927
Tae Uk Kang, Jae Sik Kwak, Hee Reyoung Kim

Numerical analysis of temperature fluctuation characteristics associated with thermal striping phenomena in the PGSFR

Pages 3928-3942
Yohan Jung, Sun Rock Choi, Jonggan Hong
Technical Notes

Nuclear I&C


Preliminary study of artificial intelligence-based fuel-rod pattern analysis of low-quality tomographic image of fuel assembly

Pages 3943-3948
Saerom Seong, Sehwan Choi, Jae Joon Ahn, Hyung-joo Choi, Yong Hyun Chung, Sei Hwan You, Yeon Soo Yeom, Hyun Joon Choi, Chul Hee Min
Technical Notes

Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Radioactive Waste Management


Evaluation of system design modifications for full system decontamination of Kori Unit 1

Pages 3949-3956
HakSoo Kim, JeongJu Kim, ChoRong Kim

Cesium and strontium recovery from LiCl-KCl eutectic salt using electrolysis with liquid cathode

Pages 3957-3961
Junhyuk Jang, Minsoo Lee, Gha-Young Kim, Sang-Chae Jeon
Technical Notes

Thermal Hydraulics


Improvement of the critical heat flux correlation in a thermal-hydraulic system code for a downward-flow narrow rectangular channel

Pages 3962-3973
Adnan Wisudhaputra, Byong Jo Yun, Jae Jun Jeong
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