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Cover Image Nuclear Engineering and Technology

Nuclear Engineering and Technology

Volume 54, Issue 9, Pages 3181-3586 , September 2022
Review Articles

Reactor Physics


Variational nodal methods for neutron transport: 40 years in review

Pages 3181-3204
Tengfei Zhang, Zhipeng Li
Original Articles

Nuclear Fuel and Reactor Materials


Effect of post processing of digital image correlation on obtaining accurate true stress-strain data for AISI 304L

Pages 3205-3214
Olivia Angel, Glynn Rothwell, Russell English, James Ren, Andrew Cummings

Low-cycle fatigue behaviors of 316L austenitic stainless steel in high temperature water: Effects of pre-soaking, dissolved oxygen, and boric acid & lithium hydroxide

Pages 3215-3224
Yida Xiong, Yutaka Watanabe, Yuki Shibayama, Xiangyu Zhong, Nicolas Mary

Bayesian approach for prediction of primary water stress corrosion cracking in Alloy 690 steam generator tubing

Pages 3225-3234
Dayu Fajrul Falaakh, Chi Bum Bahn
Original Articles

Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Radioactive Waste Management


Evaluation of cementation of intermediate level liquid waste produced from fission 99Mo production process and disposal feasibility of cement waste form

Pages 3235-3241
Jong-Sik Shon, Hyun-Kyu Lee, Tack-Jin Kim, Gi-Yong Kim, Hongrae Jeon

Packing placement method using hybrid genetic algorithm for segments of waste components in nuclear reactor decommissioning

Pages 3242-3249
Hyong Chol Kim, Sam Hee Han, Young Jin Lee, Dai Il Kim

A novel approach for rice straw agricultural waste utilization: Synthesis of solid aluminosilicate matrices for cesium immobilization

Pages 3250-3259
A.E. Panasenko, O.O. Shichalin, S.B. Yarusova, A.I. Ivanets, A.A. Belov, A.N. Dran'kov, S.A. Azon, A.N. Fedorets, I. Yu Buravlev, V. Yu Mayorov, D. Kh Shlyk, A.A. Buravleva, E.B. Merkulov, N.V. Zarubina, E.K. Papynov

Spent fuel characterization analysis using various nuclear data libraries

Pages 3260-3271
Dušan Čalič, Marjan Kromar
Original Articles

Nuclear I&C


Thickness evaluation of Cr coating fuel rod using encircling ECT sensor

Pages 3272-3282
Jeong Won Park, Jong Moon Ha, Hong Min Seung, Hun Jang, Wonjae Choi

Fault-tolerant control system for once-through steam generator based on reinforcement learning algorithm

Pages 3283-3292
Cheng Li, Ren Yu, Wenmin Yu, Tianshu Wang
Original Articles

Nuclear Physics, Fusion, and Laser Technology


Surface removal of stainless steel using a single-mode continuous wave fiber laser to decontaminate primary circuits

Pages 3293-3298
Ki-Hee Song, Jae Sung Shin
Original Articles

Nuclear Policy, Economics, and Human Resource Development


Linking nuclear energy, human development and carbon emission in BRICS region: Do external debt and financial globalization protect the environment?

Pages 3299-3309
Muhammad Sadiq, Riazullah Shinwari, Muhammad Usman, Ilhan Ozturk, Aktham Issa Maghyereh
Original Articles

Nuclear Safety


Study of an improved and novel venturi scrubber configuration for removal of radioactive gases from NPP containment air during severe accident

Pages 3310-3316
Mujahid Farooq, Ammar Ahmed, Kamran Qureshi, Ajmal Shah, Khalid Waheed, Waseem Siddique, Naseem Irfan, Masroor Ahmad, Amjad Farooq

A rapid and direct method for half value layer calculations for nuclear safety studies using MCNPX Monte Carlo code

Pages 3317-3323
H.O. Tekin, Ghada ALMisned, Shams A.M. Issa, Hesham M.H. Zakaly

Application of probabilistic safety assessment (PSA) to the power reactor innovative small module (PRISM)

Pages 3324-3335
Ibrahim Alrammah

Machine learning-based categorization of source terms for risk assessment of nuclear power plants

Pages 3336-3346
Kyungho Jin, Jaehyun Cho, Sung-yeop Kim

Traffic management for large-scale evacuation with public transportation and calculation of appropriate operating ratio

Pages 3347-3352
Seunghee Ham, Jun Lee, Sang Jo Lee
Original Articles

Nuclear Structural Analysis /Plant Management & Maintenance


Dynamic response of a fuel assembly for a KSNP design earthquake

Pages 3353-3360
Myung Jo Jhung, Youngin Choi, Changsik Oh

Shaking table test and numerical analysis of nuclear piping under low- and high-frequency earthquake motions

Pages 3361-3379
Shinyoung Kwag, Seunghyun Eem, Jinsung Kwak, Hwanho Lee, Jinho Oh, Gyeong-Hoi Koo, Sungjin Chang, Bubgyu Jeon
Original Articles

Radiation Application


Performance analysis of improved hybrid median filter applied to X-ray computed tomography images obtained with high-resolution photon-counting CZT detector: A pilot study

Pages 3380-3389
Youngjin Lee

Does mudcake change the results of modeling gamma-gamma well-logging?

Pages 3390-3397
Fatemeh S. Rasouli

Measurements of low dose rates of gamma-rays using position-sensitive plastic scintillation optical fiber detector

Pages 3398-3402
Siwon Song, Jinhong Kim, Jae Hyung Park, Seunghyeon Kim, Taeseob Lim, Jin Ho Kim, Sin Kim, Bongsoo Lee

Optimization of block-matching and 3D filtering (BM3D) algorithm in brain SPECT imaging using fan beam collimator: Phantom study

Pages 3403-3414
Yongho Do, Youngkwon Cho, Seong-Hyeon Kang, Youngjin Lee

Impact of geometrical parameters on SGEMP responses in cylinder model

Pages 3415-3421
Jian-Nan Chen, Jun-Jie Zhang

New algorithm to estimate proton beam range for multi-slit prompt-gamma camera

Pages 3422-3428
Youngmo Ku, Jaerin Jung, Chan Hyeong Kim
Original Articles

Radiation protection


Validation of MCS code for shielding calculation using SINBAD

Pages 3429-3439
XiaoYong Feng, Peng Zhang, Hyunsuk Lee, Deokjung Lee, Hyun Chul Lee

Effect of the new photoatomic data library EPDL2017 to mass attenuation coefficient calculation of materials used in the nuclear medicine facilities using EpiXS software

Pages 3440-3447
J.F.M. Jecong, F.C. Hila, C.V. Balderas, N.R.D. Guillermo

Potential of biochar reinforced concrete as neutron shielding material

Pages 3448-3451
Riccardo Martellucci, Daniele Torsello

Age or environmental radiation dose rate: Which is more correlated with cancer incidence rates in the Republic of Korea?

Pages 3452-3458
Han Young Joo, Jae Wook Kim, So Yun Jeong, Jin Sik Choi, Joo Hyun Moon

An empirical study on the X-ray attenuation capability of n-WO3/n-Bi2O3/PVA with added starch

Pages 3459-3469
Namuwonge Oliver, Ramzun Maizan Ramli, Nurul Zahirah Noor Azman

Radiation shielding properties of weathered soils: Influence of the chemical composition and granulometric fractions

Pages 3470-3477
Luiz F. Pires
Original Articles

Reactor Physics


Incorporation of anisotropic scattering into the method of characteristics

Pages 3478-3487
Anisur Rahman, Deokjung Lee

A complete 3D map of Bell Glasstone spatial correction factors for BRAHMMA subcritical core

Pages 3488-3493
Shefali Shukla, Tushar Roy, Yogesh Kashyap, Mayank Shukla, Prashant Singh

Development of nodal diffusion code RAST-V for Vodo–Vodyanoi Energetichesky reactor analysis

Pages 3494-3515
Jaerim Jang, Siarhei Dzianisau, Deokjung Lee

An approach to minimize reactivity penalty of Gd2O3 burnable absorber at the early stage of fuel burnup in Pressurized Water Reactor

Pages 3516-3525
Umme Mahbuba Nabila, Md. Hossain Sahadath, Md. Towhid Hossain, Farshid Reza
Original Articles

Thermal Hydraulics


Comparative study of constitutive relations implemented in RELAP5 and TRACE – Part I: Methodology & wall friction

Pages 3526-3539
Sung Gil Shin, Jeong Ik Lee

Numerical analysis of Poiseuille-Rayleigh-Bénard convection in supercritical carbon dioxide

Pages 3540-3550
Zhipeng Wang, Hong Xu, Chong Chen, Gang Hong, Zhenguo Song, Yaoli Zhang

Design of large-scale sodium thermal-hydraulic integral effect test facility, STELLA-2

Pages 3551-3566
Jewhan Lee, Jaehyuk Eoh, Jung Yoon, Seok-Kwon Son, Hyungmo Kim

On the validation of ATHLET 3-D features for the simulation of multidimensional flows in horizontal geometries under single-phase subcooled conditions

Pages 3567-3579
E. Diaz-Pescador, F. Schäfer, S. Kliem
Technical Notes

Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Radioactive Waste Management


Thermal stability of nitric acid solutions of reducing agents used in spent nuclear fuel reprocessing

Pages 3580-3585
A.S. Obedkov, V.V. Kalistratova, I.V. Skvortsov, E.V. Belova
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