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Cover Image Nuclear Engineering and Technology

Nuclear Engineering and Technology

Volume 54, Issue 8, Pages 2755-3180 , August 2022
Review Articles

Nuclear Fuel and Reactor Materials


Role of A-TIG process in joining of martensitic and austenitic steels for ultra-supercritical power plants -a state of the art review

Pages 2755-2770
Vishwa Bhanu, Ankur Gupta, Chandan Pandey
Original Articles Nuclear Fuel and Reactor Materials


Towards grain-scale modelling of the release of radioactive fission gas from oxide fuel. Part I: SCIANTIX

Pages 2771-2782
G. Zullo, D. Pizzocri, A. Magni, P. Van Uffelen, A. Schubert, L. Luzzi

Defect structure classification of neutron-irradiated graphite using supervised machine learning

Pages 2783-2791
Jiho Kim, Geon Kim, Gyunyoung Heo, Kunok Chang

Study on the effect of long-term high temperature irradiation on TRISO fuel

Pages 2792-2800
Asset Shaimerdenov, Shamil Gizatulin, Daulet Dyussambayev, Saulet Askerbekov, Shohei Ueta, Jun Aihara, Taiju Shibata, Nariaki Sakaba

The high thermal stability induced by a synergistic effect of ZrC nanoparticles and Re solution in W matrix in hot rolled tungsten alloy

Pages 2801-2808
T. Zhang, W.Y. Du, C.Y. Zhan, M.M. Wang, H.W. Deng, Z.M. Xie, H. Li
Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Radioactive Waste Management


Two new relationships for slip velocity and characteristic velocity in a non-center rotating column

Pages 2809-2818
Rezvan Torkaman, Mehran Heydari, Javad Najafi Cheshmeh, Ali Heydari, Mehdi Asadollahzadeh

Optimization of spent nuclear fuels per canister to improve the disposal efficiency of a deep geological repository in Korea

Pages 2819-2827
Jongtae Jeong, Jung-Woo Kim, Dong-Keun Cho

A modularized numerical framework for the process-based total system performance assessment of geological disposal systems

Pages 2828-2839
Jung-Woo Kim, Hong Jang, Dong Hyuk Lee, Hyun Ho Cho, Jaewon Lee, Minjeong Kim, Heejae Ju
Nuclear I&C


Operation optimization of auxiliary electric boiler system in HTR-PM nuclear power plant

Pages 2840-2851
Xingxuan Du, Xiaolong Ma, Junfeng Liu, Shifa Wu, Pengfei Wang

Design of HUST-PTF beamline control system for fast energy changing

Pages 2852-2858
Peilun Li, Dong Li, Bin Qin, Chong Zhou, Wenjie Han, Yicheng Liao, Aote Chen

Graph neural network based multiple accident diagnosis in nuclear power plants: Data optimization to represent the system configuration

Pages 2859-2870
Young Ho Chae, Chanyoung Lee, Sang Min Han, Poong Hyun Seong

Radiation effect on the polymer-based capacitive relative humidity sensors

Pages 2871-2876
I.V. Shchemerov, S.A. Legotin, P.B. Lagov, Y.S. Pavlov, K.I. Tapero, A.S. Petrov, A.V. Sidelev, V.S. Stolbunov, T.V. Kulevoy, M.E. Letovaltseva, V.N. Murashev, M.P. Konovalov, V.N. Kirilov

Optimization of automatic power control of pulsed reactor IBR-2M in the presence of instability

Pages 2877-2882
Yu.N. Pepelyshev, Sumkhuu Davaasuren
Nuclear Policy, Economics, and Human Resource Development


Examination of excess electricity generation patterns in South Korea under the renewable initiative for 2030

Pages 2883-2897
Philseo Kim, So-Bin Cho, Man-Sung Yim
Nuclear Safety


Similarity of energy balance in mechanically ventilated compartment fires: An insight into the conditions for reduced-scale fire experiments

Pages 2898-2914
Hitoshi Suto, Ken Matsuyama, Yasuo Hattori

Application of Chernoff bound to passive system reliability evaluation for probabilistic safety assessment of nuclear power plants

Pages 2915-2923
Eunseo So, Man Cheol Kim

Generic and adaptive probabilistic safety assessment models: Precursor analysis and multi-purpose utilization

Pages 2924-2932
Ali Ayoub, Wolfgang Kröger, Didier Sornette

Insights gained from applying negate-down during quantification for seismic probabilistic safety assessment

Pages 2933-2940
Ji Suk Kim, Man Cheol Kim

Optimal Bayesian MCMC based fire brigade non-suppression probability model considering uncertainty of parameters

Pages 2941-2959
Sunghyun Kim, Sungsu Lee

Numerical analysis on in-core ignition and subsequent flame propagation to containment in OPR1000 under loss of coolant accident

Pages 2960-2973
Chang Hyun Song, Joon Young Bae, Sung Joong Kim
Nuclear Structural Analysis /Plant Management & Maintenance


On component isolation of conceptual advanced reactors

Pages 2974-2988
Samyog Shrestha, Efe G. Kurt, Arun Prakash, Ayhan Irfanoglu

Study on failure mechanism of line contact structures of nuclear graphite

Pages 2989-2998
Shigang Jia, Yanan Yi, Lu Wang, Guangyan Liu, Qinwei Ma, Libin Sun, Li Shi, Shaopeng Ma
Radiation Application


Experimental setup for elemental analysis using prompt gamma rays at research reactor IBR-2

Pages 2999-3005
C. Hramco, K. Turlybekuly, S.B. Borzakov, N.A. Gundorin, E.V. Lychagin, G.V. Nehaev, A. Yu Muzychka, A.V. Strelkov, E. Teymurov

Daily adaptive proton therapy: Feasibility study of detection of tumor variations based on tomographic imaging of prompt gamma emission from proton–boron fusion reaction

Pages 3006-3016
Min-Geon Choi, Martin Law, Shin-Kien Djeng, Moo-Sub Kim, Han-Back Shin, Bo-Young Choe, Do-Kun Yoon, Tae Suk Suh

Selective adsorption of Ba2+ using chemically modified alginate beads with enhanced Ba2+ affinity and its application to 131Cs production

Pages 3017-3026
Jin-Hee Kim, Seung-Kon Lee

Comparison and optimization of deep learning-based radiosensitivity prediction models using gene expression profiling in National Cancer Institute-60 cancer cell line

Pages 3027-3033
Euidam Kim, Yoonsun Chung
Radiation protection


Influence of operation of thermal and fast reactors of the Beloyarsk NPP on the radioecological situation in the cooling pond. Part 1: Surface water and bottom sediments

Pages 3034-3042
Aleksei Panov, Alexander Trapeznikov, Vera Trapeznikova, Alexander Korzhavin

Performance testing of a FastScan whole body counter using an artificial neural network

Pages 3043-3050
Moonhyung Cho, Yuho Weon, Taekmin Jung

A novel barium oxide-based Iraqi sand glass to attenuate the low gamma-ray energies: Fabrication, mechanical, and radiation protection capacity evaluation

Pages 3051-3058
F.H.F. Al-Saeedi, M.I. Sayyed, F.L. Kapustin, Hanan Al-Ghamdi, E.V. Kolobkova, O.L. Tashlykov, Aljawhara H. Almuqrin, K.A. Mahmoud
Reactor Physics


Jacobian-free Newton Krylov two-node coarse mesh finite difference based on nodal expansion method

Pages 3059-3072
Xiafeng Zhou

Propagation of radiation source uncertainties in spent fuel cask shielding calculations

Pages 3073-3084
Bamidele Ebiwonjumi, Nhan Nguyen Trong Mai, Hyun Chul Lee, Deokjung Lee

Preliminary conceptual design of a small high-flux multi-purpose LBE cooled fast reactor

Pages 3085-3094
Yangbin Xiong, Chengjie Duan, Qin Zeng, Peng Ding, Juqing Song, Junjie Zhou, Jinggang Xu, Jingchen Yang, Zhifeng Li

Neutronic design and evaluation of the solid microencapsulated fuel in LWR

Pages 3095-3105
Qianliang Deng, Songyang Li, Dingqu Wang, Zhihong Liu, Fei Xie, Jing Zhao, Jingang Liang, Yueyuan Jiang

Burnable poison optimized on a long-life, annular HTGR core

Pages 3106-3116
Odmaa Sambuu, Jamiyansuren Terbish
Thermal Hydraulics


Molecular dynamics study of liquid sodium film evaporation and condensation by Lennard-Jones potential

Pages 3117-3129
Zetao Wang, Kailun Guo, Chenglong Wang, Dalin Zhang, Wenxi Tian, Suizheng Qiu, Guanghui Su

Development of analysis program for direct containment heating

Pages 3130-3139
Herui Jiang, Geyu Shen, Zhaoming Meng, Wenzhe Li, Ruihao Yan

Numerical investigation of a plate-type steam generator for a small modular nuclear reactor

Pages 3140-3153
Jinhoon Kang, Jin-Yeong Bak, Byung Jin Lee, Chang Kyu Chung, Byongjo Yun

Study on the effect of flow blockage due to rod deformation in QUENCH experiment

Pages 3154-3165
Pengcheng Gao, Bin Zhang, Jianqiang Shan

Numerical investigation of two-component single-phase natural convection and thermal stratification phenomena in a rod bundle with axial heat flux profile

Pages 3166-3175
Audrius Graževičius, Marijus Šeporaitis, Mindaugas Valinčius, Algirdas Kaliatka
Technical Notes
Radiation Application


A proposed new configuration of a shuffle-dwell gamma irradiator

Pages 3176-3180
Hsingtzu Wu