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Cover Image Nuclear Engineering and Technology

Nuclear Engineering and Technology

Volume 54, Issue 7, Pages 2339-2754 , July 2022
Review Articles

Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Radioactive Waste Management


Reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel in carbonate media: Problems, achievements, and prospects

Pages 2339-2358
Sergei I. Stepanov, Alexander V. Boyarintsev
Original Articles

Nuclear Fuel and Reactor Materials


Comparison of the effects of irradiation on iso-molded, fine grain nuclear graphites: ETU-10, IG-110 and NBG-25

Pages 2359-2366
Se-Hwan Chi

Physics-based modelling and validation of inter-granular helium behaviour in SCIANTIX

Pages 2367-2375
R. Giorgi, A. Cechet, L. Cognini, A. Magni, D. Pizzocri, G. Zullo, A. Schubert, P. Van Uffelen, L. Luzzi

Inclusion and mechanical properties of ODS-RAFM steels with Y, Ti, and Zr fabricated by melting

Pages 2376-2385
Guo-xing Qiu, Xu-li Wei, Chong Bai, De-jun Miao, Lei Cao, Xiao-ming Li

Effect of strain rate and stress triaxiality on fracture strain of 304 stainless steels for canister impact simulation

Pages 2386-2394
Jun-Min Seo, Hune-Tae Kim, Yun-Jae Kim, Hiroyuki Yamada, Tomohisa Kumagai, Hayato Tokunaga, Naoki Miura

Application of the SCIANTIX fission gas behaviour module to the integral pin performance in sodium fast reactor irradiation conditions

Pages 2395-2407
A. Magni, D. Pizzocri, L. Luzzi, M. Lainet, B. Michel

Effect of irradiation temperature on the nanoindentation behavior of P92 steel with thermomechanical treatment

Pages 2408-2417
Xi Huang, Yinzhong Shen, Qingshan Li, Xiaoyan Li, Zixiong Zhan, Guang Li, Zhenhe Li
Original Articles

Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Radioactive Waste Management


Verification of the adequacy of domestic low-level radioactive waste grouping analysis using statistical methods

Pages 2418-2426
Dong-Ju Lee, Hyunjong Woo, Dae-Seok Hong, Gi Yong Kim, Sang-Hee Oh, Wonjun Seong, Junhyuck Im, Jae Hwan Yang

Order–disorder structural tailoring and its effects on the chemical stability of (Gd, Nd)2(Zr, Ce)2O7 pyrochlore ceramic for nuclear waste forms

Pages 2427-2434
Yan Wang, Jin Wang, Xue Zhang, Nan Li, Junxia Wang, Xiaofeng Liang
Original Articles

Nuclear I&C


Design of digital nuclear power small reactor once-through steam generator control system

Pages 2435-2443
Hong Qian, Mingyao Zou

FPGA integrated IEEE 802.15.4 ZigBee wireless sensor nodes performance for industrial plant monitoring and automation

Pages 2444-2452
Ompal, Vishnu Mohan Mishra, Adesh Kumar

Concept of an intelligent operator support system for initial emergency responses in nuclear power plants

Pages 2453-2466
Jung Sung Kang, Seung Jun Lee
Original Articles

Nuclear Policy, Economics and Human Resource Development


Thinking multiculturality in the age of hybrid threats: Converging cyber and physical security in Akkuyu nuclear power plant

Pages 2467-2474
A. Salih Bıçakcı, Ayhan Gücüyener Evren
Original Articles

Nuclear Safety


Performance evaluation of Accident Tolerant Fuel under station blackout accident in PWR nuclear power plant by improved ISAA code

Pages 2475-2490
Bin Zhang, Pengcheng Gao, Tao Xu, Miao Gui, Jianqiang Shan

Application and optimal design of the bionic guide vane to improve the safety serve performances of the reactor coolant pump

Pages 2491-2509
Haoran Liu, Xiaofang Wang, Yeming Lu, Yongqi Yan, Wei Zhao, Xiaocui Wu, Zhigang Zhang

Correlation between events with different safety significance in nuclear power plants

Pages 2510-2518
Zdenko Šimić, Miguel Peinador Veira, Reni Banov

Effects of child pick-up behavior on emergency evacuations

Pages 2519-2528
Sang Hoon Jang, Ha Hwang, Ji-Bum Chung
Original Articles

Nuclear Structural Analysis /Plant Management & Maintenance


Preliminary strong ground motion simulation at seismic stations within nuclear power plant sites in South Korea by a scenario earthquake on the causative fault of 2016 Gyeongju earthquake

Pages 2529-2539
Hoseon Choi

Research on the inlet preswirl effect of clearance flow in canned motor reactor coolant pump

Pages 2540-2549
Rui Xu, Yuchen Song, Xiyao Gu, Bin Lin, Dezhong Wang

Precise dynamic finite element elastic-plastic seismic analysis considering welds for nuclear power plants

Pages 2550-2563
Jong-Sung Kim, Hyun-Su Jang
Original Articles

Radiation Application


The detection efficiency study of NaI(Tl) scintillation detector with the different numbers of SiPMs

Pages 2564-2571
Bao Wang, Xiongjie Zhang, Qingshan Wang, Dongyang Wang, Dong Li, Mingdong Xiahou, Pengfei Zhou, Hao Ye, Bin Hu, Lijiao Zhang

Evaluation of cadmium ratio for conceptual design of a cyclotron-based thermal neutron radiography system

Pages 2572-2578
Weng-Sheng Kuo

Towards effective indirect radioisotope energy converters with bright and radiation hard scintillators of (Gd,Y)3Al2Ga3O12 family

Pages 2579-2585
M. Korzhik, R. Abashev, A. Fedorov, G. Dosovitskiy, E. Gordienko, I. Kamenskikh, D. Kazlou, D. Kuznecova, V. Mechinsky, V. Pustovarov, V. Retivov, A. Vasil'ev

Deuterium ion irradiation impact on the current-carrying capacity of DI-BSCCO superconducting tape

Pages 2586-2591
M. Rajput, H.L. Swami, R. Kumar, A. Bano, S. Vala, M. Abhangi, Upendra Prasad, Rajesh Kumar, R. Srinivasan

Optimized TOF-PET detector using scintillation crystal array for brain imaging

Pages 2592-2598
Hyuntae Leem, Yong Choi, Jiwoong Jung, Kuntai Park, Yeonkyeong Kim, Jin Ho Jung
Original Articles

Radiation Protection


Reference dosimetry for inter-laboratory comparison on retrospective dosimetry techniques in realistic field irradiation experiment using 192Ir

Pages 2599-2605
Yoomi Choi, Hyoungtaek Kim, Min Chae Kim, Hyungjoon Yu, Hyunseok Lee, Jeong Tae Lee, Hanjin Lee, Young-su Kim, Han Sung Kim, Jungil Lee

Evaluation of radiological safety according to accident scenarios for commercialization of spent resin mixture treatment device

Pages 2606-2613
Woo Nyun Choi, Jaehoon Byun, Hee Reyoung Kim

Comparative optimization of Be/Zr(BH4)4 and Be/Be(BH4)2 as 252Cf source shielding assemblies: Effect on landmine detection by neutron backscattering technique

Pages 2614-2624
Nassreldeen A.A. Elsheikh
Original Articles

Reactor Physics


Goal-oriented multi-collision source algorithm for discrete ordinates transport calculation

Pages 2625-2634
Wang Xinyu, Zhang Bin, Chen Yixue

Neutronic simulation of the CEFR experiments with the nodal diffusion code system RAST-F

Pages 2635-2649
Tuan Quoc Tran, Deokjung Lee

Beam-target configurations and robustness performance of the tungsten granular flow spallation target for an Accelerator-Driven Sub-critical system

Pages 2650-2659
Han-Jie Cai, Huan Jia, Xin Qi, Ping Lin, Sheng Zhang, Yuan Tian, Yuanshuai Qin, Xunchao Zhang, Lei Yang, Yuan He

Assessment of the material attractiveness and reactivity feedback coefficients of various fuel cycles for the Canadian concept of Super-Critical Water Reactors

Pages 2660-2669
Remon Ibrahim, Adriaan Buijs, John Luxat

Analysis of several VERA benchmark problems with the photon transport capability of STREAM

Pages 2670-2689
Nhan Nguyen Trong Mai, Kyeongwon Kim, Matthieu Lemaire, Tung Dong Cao Nguyen, Woonghee Lee, Deokjung Lee

Numerical studies on the important fission products for estimating the source term during a severe accident

Pages 2690-2701
Yoonhee Lee, Yong Jin Cho, Kukhee Lim
Original Articles

Thermal Hydraulics


Separate and integral effect tests of aerosol retention in steam generator during tube rupture accident

Pages 2702-2713
Byeonghee Lee, Sung-Il Kim, Kwang Soon Ha

Analytical model of transverse pressure loss in a rod array

Pages 2714-2719
Guillaume Ricciardi, Jean Peybernes, Vincent Faucher

Study on flow characteristics in LBE-cooled main coolant pump under positive rotating condition

Pages 2720-2727
Yonggang Lu, Zhengwei Wang, Rongsheng Zhu, Xiuli Wang, Yun Long

Thermal-hydraulic research on rod bundle in the LBE fast reactor with grid spacer

Pages 2728-2735
Jie Liu, Ping Song, Dalin Zhang, Shibao Wang, Chao Lin, Yapeng Liu, Lei Zhou, Chenglong Wang, Wenxi Tian, Suizheng Qiu, G.H. Su
Technical Notes

Radiation Protection


A study on pressurizer cutting scenario for radiation dose reduction for workers using VISIPLAN

Pages 2736-2747
Hak Yun Lee, Sun Il Kim, Jong Soon Song
Technical Notes

Radiation Application


Feasibility study of β-ray detection system for small leakage from reactor coolant system

Pages 2748-2754
Jaeyeong Jang, Jae Young Jeong, Junesic Park, Young-Sik Cho, Kihong Pak, Yong Kyun Kim