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Cover Image Nuclear Engineering and Technology

Nuclear Engineering and Technology

Volume 54, Issue 6, Pages 1935-2338 , June 2022
Original Articles

Nuclear Fuel and Reactor Materials


Front-end investigations of the coated particles of nuclear fuel samples – ion polishing method

Pages 1935-1946
Zuzanna M. Krajewska, Tomasz Buchwald, Tomasz Tokarski, Wacław Gudowski

Effect of surface quality on hydrogen/helium irradiation behavior in tungsten

Pages 1947-1953
Hongyu Chen, Qiu Xu, Jiahuan Wang, Peng Li, Julong Yuan, Binghai Lyu, Jinhu Wang, Kazutoshi Tokunaga, Gang Yao, Laima Luo, Yucheng Wu

Corrosion behavior of refractory metals in liquid lead at 1000 °C for 1000 h

Pages 1954-1961
Zunqi Xiao, Jing Liu, Zhizhong Jiang, Lin Luo

Corrosion behavior and mechanism of CLAM and 316L steels in flowing Pb–17Li alloy under magnetic field

Pages 1962-1971
Zunqi Xiao, Jing Liu, Zhizhong Jiang, Lin Luo, Qunying Huang

Effects of pulsed laser surface remelting on microstructure, hardness and lead-bismuth corrosion behavior of a ferrite/martensitic steel

Pages 1972-1981
Hao Wang, Qian Yuan, Linjiang Chai, Ke Zhao, Ning Guo, Jun Xiao, Xing Yin, Bin Tang, Yuqiong Li, Shaoyu Qiu

Experimental evaluation of fuel rod pattern analysis in fuel assembly using Yonsei single-photon emission computed tomography (YSECT)

Pages 1982-1990
Hyung-joo Choi, Bo-Wi Cheon, Min Kyu Baek, Heejun Chung, Yong Hyun Chung, Sei Hwan You, Chul Hee Min, Hyun Joon Choi
Original Articles

Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Radioactive Waste Management


Hydrothermal synthesis, structure and sorption performance to cesium and strontium ions of nanostructured magnetic zeolite composites

Pages 1991-2003
Artur Dran'kov, Oleg Shichalin, Evgeniy Papynov, Alexey Nomerovskii, Vitaliy Mayorov, Vladimir Pechnikov, Andrei Ivanets, Igor Buravlev, Sofiya Yarusova, Alexey Zavjalov, Aleksey Ognev, Valeriya Balybina, Aleksey Lembikov, Ivan Tananaev, Nikolay Shapkin

Plutonium mass estimation utilizing the (α,n) signature in mixed electrochemical samples

Pages 2004-2010
Stephen N. Gilliam, Jamie B. Coble, Braden Goddard
Original Articles

Nuclear I&C


Development of a method for securing the operator's situation awareness from manipulation attacks on NPP process data

Pages 2011-2022
Chanyoung Lee, Jae Gu Song, Cheol Kwon Lee, Poong Hyun Seong

Multi-channel analyzer based on a novel pulse fitting analysis method

Pages 2023-2030
Qingshan Wang, Xiongjie Zhang, Xiangting Meng, Bao Wang, Dongyang Wang, Pengfei Zhou, Renbo Wang, Bin Tang

Fault injection and failure analysis on Xilinx 16 nm FinFET Ultrascale+ MPSoC

Pages 2031-2036
Weitao Yang, Yonghong Li, Chaohui He

Empirical estimation of human error probabilities based on the complexity of proceduralized tasks in an analog environment

Pages 2037-2047
Jinkyun Park, Hee Eun Kim, Inseok Jang

Uncertainty quantification of the power control system of a small PWR with coolant temperature perturbation

Pages 2048-2054
Xiaoyu Li, Chuhao Li, Yang Hu, Yongqi Yu, Wenjie Zeng, Haibiao Wu

Adaptive undervoltage protection scheme for safety bus in nuclear power plants

Pages 2055-2061
Choong-koo Chang
Original Articles

Nuclear Policy, Economics and Human Resource Development


The relationship between public acceptance of nuclear power generation and spent nuclear fuel reuse: Implications for promotion of spent nuclear fuel reuse and public engagement

Pages 2062-2066
Seungkook Roh, Dongwook Kim
Original Articles

Nuclear Safety


Graded approach to determine the frequency and difficulty of safety culture attributes: The F-D matrix

Pages 2067-2076
Jeeyea Ahn, Byung Joo Min, Seung Jun Lee

Theoretical simulation on evolution of suspended sodium combustion aerosols characteristics in a closed chamber

Pages 2077-2083
Sujatha Pavan Narayanam, Amit Kumar, Usha Pujala, Subramanian V., Srinivas C.V., Venkatesan R., Athmalingam S., Venkatraman B.

Theoretical approach for uncertainty quantification in probabilistic safety assessment using sum of lognormal random variables

Pages 2084-2093
Gyun Seob Song, Man Cheol Kim

Coupled irradiation-thermal-mechanical analysis of the solid-state core in a heat pipe cooled reactor

Pages 2094-2106
Yugao Ma, Jiusong Liu, Hongxing Yu, Changqing Tian, Shanfang Huang, Jian Deng, Xiaoming Chai, Yu Liu, Xiaoqiang He
Original Articles

Nuclear Structural Analysis /Plant Management & Maintenance


An improved regularized particle filter for remaining useful life prediction in nuclear plant electric gate valves

Pages 2107-2119
Ren-yi Xu, Hang Wang, Min-jun Peng, Yong-kuo Liu

Numerical evaluation of hypothetical core disruptive accident in full-scale model of sodium-cooled fast reactor

Pages 2120-2134
Zhihong Guo, Xiaodong Chen, Guoqing Hu

Physical protection system vulnerability assessment of a small nuclear research reactor due to TNT-shaped charge impact on its reinforced concrete wall

Pages 2135-2146
Jee Hoon Moo, Sunil S. Chirayath, Sung Gook Cho

Beyond design basis seismic evaluation of underground liquid storage tanks in existing nuclear power plants using simple method

Pages 2147-2155
Shen Wang

The optimum steel fiber reinforcement for prestressed concrete containment under internal pressure

Pages 2156-2172
Zhi Zheng, Ye Sun, Xiaolan Pan, Chunyang Su, Jingchang Kong

An investigation into the thermo-elasto-hydrodynamic effect of notched mechanical seals

Pages 2173-2187
Xiangkai Meng, Yujie Qiu, Yi Ma, Xudong Peng

Thermal stress intensity factor solutions for reactor pressure vessel nozzles

Pages 2188-2197
Si-Hwa Jeong, Kyung-Seok Chung, Wan-Jun Ma, Jun-Seog Yang, Jae-Boong Choi, Moon Ki Kim
Original Articles

Radiation Application


Radiation tolerance of a small COTS single board computer for mobile robots

Pages 2198-2203
Andrew West, Jordan Knapp, Barry Lennox, Steve Walters, Stephen Watts

Super-spatial resolution method combined with the maximum-likelihood expectation maximization (MLEM) algorithm for alpha imaging detector

Pages 2204-2212
Guna Kim, Ilhan Lim, Kanghyon Song, Jong-Guk Kim

Performance prediction of gamma electron vertex imaging (GEVI) system for interfractional range shift detection in spot scanning proton therapy

Pages 2213-2220
Sung Hun Kim, Jong Hwi Jeong, Youngmo Ku, Jaerin Jung, Chan Hyeong Kim

Research on the optimization method for PGNAA system design based on Signal-to-Noise Ratio evaluation

Pages 2221-2229
JiaTong Li, WenBao Jia, DaQian Hei, Zeen Yao, Can Cheng
Original Articles

Radiation protection


Assessment of natural radionuclides and heavy metals contamination to the environment: Case study of Malaysian unregulated tin-tailing processing industry

Pages 2230-2243
Muhammad Abdullah Rahmat, Aznan Fazli Ismail, Nursyamimi Diyana Rodzi, Eli Syafiqah Aziman, Wan Mohd Razi Idris, Tukimat Lihan

Geoinformation decision support system for remediation of the 137Cs contaminated agricultural lands after the Chernobyl NPP accident

Pages 2244-2252
Igor Evgenievich Titov, Viktor Vladimirovich Krechetnikov, Rena Aleksandrovna Mikailova, Aleksei Valerievich Panov

Enhancement and optimization of gamma radiation shielding by doped nano HgO into nanoscale bentonite

Pages 2253-2261
Elhassan A. Allam, Rehab M. El-Sharkawy, Atef El-Taher, E.R. Shaaban, RedaElsaman, E. El Sayed Massoud, Mohamed E. Mahmoud
Original Articles

Thermal Hydraulics


Conceptual design of a copper-bonded steam generator for SFR and the development of its thermal-hydraulic analyzing code

Pages 2262-2275
Sunghyuk Im, Yohan Jung, Jonggan Hong, Sun Rock Choi

Investigation of subcooled boiling wall closures at high pressure using a two-phase CFD code

Pages 2276-2296
Yazan Alatrash, Yun Je Cho, Chul-Hwa Song, Han Young Yoon

Application of the machine learning technique for the development of a condensation heat transfer model for a passive containment cooling system

Pages 2297-2310
Dong Hyun Lee, Jee Min Yoo, Hui Yung Kim, Dong Jin Hong, Byong Jo Yun, Jae Jun Jeong

The effects of activated cooler power on the transient pressure decay and helium mixing in the PANDA facility

Pages 2311-2320
R. Kapulla, S. Paranjape, M. Fehlmann, S. Suter, U. Doll, D. Paladino

Numerical study on CMT boron replenishment strategy for an AP1000 nuclear power unit

Pages 2321-2328
Hong Wang, Miao Zhang, Jialong Li, Junpeng Wang
Technical Notes

Nuclear Fuel and Reactor Materials


Electrochemical corrosion study on base metals used in nuclear power plants in the HyBRID process for chemical decontamination

Pages 2329-2333
Sung-Wook Kim, Sang-Yoon Park, Chang-Hyun Roh, Ji-Hyung Shim, Sun-Byeong Kim
Technical Notes

Nuclear Physics, Fusion, and Laser Technology


Estimation of the neutron production of KSTAR based on empirical scaling law of the fast ion stored energy and ion density under NBI power and machine size upgrade

Pages 2334-2337
Jong-Gu Kwak, S.C. Hong
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