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Cover Image Nuclear Engineering and Technology

Nuclear Engineering and Technology

Volume 54, Issue 5, Pages 1535-1934 , May 2022
Original Articles

Nuclear Fuel and Reactor Materials


Overview of CSNS tantalum cladded tungsten solid Target-1 and Target-2

Pages 1535-1540
Shaohong Wei, Ruiqiang Zhang, Quan Ji, Changfeng Li, Bin Zhou, Youlian Lu, Jun Xu, Ke Zhou, Chongguang Zhao, Ning He, Wen Yin, Tianjiao Liang

Effective thermal conductivity model of porous polycrystalline UO2: A computational approach

Pages 1541-1548
Bohyun Yoon, Kunok Chang

Study of the mechanical properties and effects of particles for oxide dispersion strengthened Zircaloy-4 via a 3D representative volume element model

Pages 1549-1559
Dong-Hyun Kim, Jong-Dae Hong, Hyochan Kim, Jaeyong Kim, Hak-Sung Kim

Effect of process parameters on the recovery of thorium tetrafluoride prepared by hydrofluorination of thorium oxide, and their optimization

Pages 1560-1569
Raj Kumar, Sonal Gupta, Sourabh Wajhal, S.K. Satpati, M.L. Sahu

Creep strain modeling for alloy 690 SG tube material based on modified theta projection method

Pages 1570-1578
Seongin Moon, Jong-Min Kim, Joon-Yeop Kwon, Bong-Sang Lee, Kwon-Jae Choi, Min-Chul Kim

Temperature-dependent axial mechanical properties of Zircaloy-4 with various hydrogen amounts and hydride orientations

Pages 1579-1587
Shinhyo Bang, Ho-a Kim, Jae-soo Noh, Donguk Kim, Kyunghwan Keum, Youho Lee

Prediction of fatigue crack initiation life in SA312 Type 304LN austenitic stainless steel straight pipes with notch

Pages 1588-1596
A. Ramachandra Murthy, S. Vishnuvardhan, K.V. Anjusha, P. Gandhi, P.K. Singh
Original Articles

Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Radioactive Waste Management


Recovery of cesium ions from seawater using a porous silica-based ionic liquid impregnated adsorbent

Pages 1597-1605
Hao Wu, Tatsuya Kudo, Seong-Yun Kim, Misako Miwa, Shigeo Matsuyama

Novel approach to predicting the release probability when applying the MARSSIM statistical test to a survey unit with a specific residual radioactivity distribution based on Monte Carlo simulation

Pages 1606-1615
Ga Hyun Chun, Jae Hak Cheong

Sorption of Se(-II) on illite, MX-80 bentonite, shale, and limestone in Na–Ca–Cl solutions

Pages 1616-1622
Andrew Walker, Joshua Racette, Takumi Saito, Tammy (Tianxiao) Yang, Shinya Nagasaki

Development of a gamma irradiation loop to evaluate the performance of a EURO-GANEX process

Pages 1623-1634
I. Sánchez-García, H. Galán, A. Núñez, J.M. Perlado, J. Cobos
Original Articles

Nuclear I&C


A formal approach to support the identification of unsafe control actions of STPA for nuclear protection systems

Pages 1635-1643
Sejin Jung, Yoona Heo, Junbeom Yoo

Adaptive second-order nonsingular terminal sliding mode power-level control for nuclear power plants

Pages 1644-1651
Jiuwu Hui, Jingqi Yuan

Experimental testing and evaluation of coating on cables in container fire test facility

Pages 1652-1656
P. Babu Aurtherson, J. Hemanandh, Yuvarajan Devarajan, Ruby Mishra, Biju Cherian Abraham
Original Articles

Nuclear Policy, Economics and Human Resource Development


Nuclear energy consumption and CO2 emissions in India: Evidence from Fourier ARDL bounds test approach

Pages 1657-1663
Onder Ozgur, Veli Yilanci, Maxwell Kongkuah

Evaluating the asymmetric effects of nuclear energy on carbon emissions in Pakistan

Pages 1664-1673
Muhammad Tariq Majeed, Ilhan Ozturk, Isma Samreen, Tania Luni
Original Articles

Nuclear Safety


Transient simulation and experiment validation on the opening and closing process of a ball valve

Pages 1674-1685
Yong Han, Ling Zhou, Ling Bai, Peng Xue, Wanning Lv, Weidong Shi, Gaoyang Huang

SACADA and HuREX: Part 1. the use of SACADA and HuREX systems to collect human reliability data

Pages 1686-1697
Yung Hsien James Chang, Yochan Kim, Jinkyun Park, Lawrence Criscione

Application of a combined safety approach for the evaluation of safety margin during a Loss of Condenser Vacuum event

Pages 1698-1711
Dong-Hun Shin, Hae-Yong Jeong, Moon-Ghu Park, Jung-Uk Sohn
Original Articles

Nuclear Structural Analysis and Plant Management & Maintenance


Improvement on optimal design of dynamic absorber for enhancing seismic performance of nuclear piping using adaptive Kriging method

Pages 1712-1725
Shinyoung Kwag, Seunghyun Eem, Jinsung Kwak, Hwanho Lee, Jinho Oh, Gyeong-Hoi Koo

Constraint-corrected fracture mechanics analysis of nozzle crotch corners in pressurized water reactors

Pages 1726-1746
Jong-Sung Kim, Jun-Min Seo, Ju-Yeon Kang, Youn-Young Jang, Yun-Joo Lee, Kyu-Wan Kim
Original Articles

Radiation Application


Application of a deep learning algorithm to Compton imaging of radioactive point sources with a single planar CdTe pixelated detector

Pages 1747-1753
G. Daniel, Y. Gutierrez, O. Limousin

Source and LVis based coincidence summing correction in HPGe gamma-ray spectrometry

Pages 1754-1759
Jieun Lee, HyoJin Kim, Yong Uk Kye, Dong Yeon Lee, Jeung Kee Kim, Wol Soon Jo, Yeong-Rok Kang

Improving light collection efficiency using partitioned light guide on pixelated scintillator-based γ-ray imager

Pages 1760-1768
Suyeon Hyeon, Mark Hammig, Manhee Jeong
Original Articles

Radiation Protection


Development of a dose estimation code for BNCT with GPU accelerated Monte Carlo and collapsed cone Convolution method

Pages 1769-1780
Chang-Min Lee, Hee-Seock Lee

External exposure specific analysis for radiation worker in reuse of containment building for Kori Unit 1

Pages 1781-1788
Jihyang Byon, Sangjune Park, Yangjin Kim, Seokyoung Ahn
Original Articles

Reactor Physics


Verification of a two-step code system MCS/RAST-F to fast reactor core analysis

Pages 1789-1803
Tuan Quoc Tran, Alexey Cherezov, Xianan Du, Deokjung Lee

A critical study on best methodology to perform UQ for RIA transients and application to SPERT-III experiments

Pages 1804-1812
A. Dokhane, A. Vasiliev, M. Hursin, D. Rochman, H. Ferroukhi

Verification of SARAX code system in the reactor core transient calculation based on the simplified EBR-II benchmark

Pages 1813-1824
Xiaoqian Jia, Youqi Zheng, Xianna Du, Yongping Wang, Jianda Chen
Original Articles

Thermal Hydraulics


Investigation on the nonintrusive multi-fidelity reduced-order modeling for PWR rod bundles

Pages 1825-1834
Huilun Kang, Zhaofei Tian, Guangliang Chen, Lei Li, Tianhui Chu

Cavitation optimization of single-orifice plate using CFD method and neighborhood cultivation genetic algorithm

Pages 1835-1844
Yu Zhang, Jiang Lai, Chao He, Shihao Yang

Can a nanofluid enhance the critical heat flux if the recirculating coolant contains debris?

Pages 1845-1850
Jihoon Han, Giju Nam, Hyungdae Kim

Experiment investigation on flow characteristics of open natural circulation system

Pages 1851-1859
Xiangjie Qi, Zichen Zhao, Peng Ai, Peng Chen, Zhongning Sun, Zhaoming Meng

Comparative study of constitutive relations implemented in RELAP5 and TRACE – Part II: Wall boiling heat transfer

Pages 1860-1873
Sung Gil Shin, Jeong Ik Lee

Evaluation of thermal-hydraulic performance and economics of Printed Circuit Heat Exchanger (PCHE) for recuperators of Sodium-cooled Fast Reactors (SFRs) using CO2 and N2 as working fluids

Pages 1874-1889
Su Won Lee, Seong Min Shin, SungKun Chung, HangJin Jo

Development of a special thermal-hydraulic component model for the core makeup tank

Pages 1890-1901
Min Gi Kim, Adnan Wisudhaputra, Jong-Hyuk Lee, Kyungdoo Kim, Hyun-Sik Park, Jae Jun Jeong
Technical Notes

Reactor Physics


Performing linear regression with responses calculated using Monte Carlo transport codes

Pages 1902-1908
Dean Price, Brendan Kochunas
Technical Notes

Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Radioactive Waste Management


Uranium tetrafluoride production at pilot scale using a mercury electrode cell

Pages 1909-1913
Munir Dides, José Hernández, Luis Olivares
Technical Notes

Thermal Hydraulics


Numerical investigation of the critical heat flux in a 5 × 5 rod bundle with multi-grid

Pages 1914-1928
Wei Liu, Zemin Shang, Shihao Yang, Lixin Yang, Zihao Tian, Yu Liu, Xi Chen, Qian Peng
Technical Notes

Nuclear Fuel and Reactor Materials


On the intra-granular behaviour of a cocktail of inert gases in oxide nuclear fuel: Methodological recommendation for accelerated experimental investigation

Pages 1929-1934
M. Romano, D. Pizzocri, L. Luzzi