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Cover Image Nuclear Engineering and Technology

Nuclear Engineering and Technology

Volume 54, Issue 4, Pages 1153-1534 , April 2022
Review Article

Nuclear Structural Analysis and Plant Management & Maintenance


A review of missing video frame estimation techniques for their suitability analysis in NPP

Pages 1153-1160
Mrityunjay Chaubey, Lalit Kumar Singh, Manjari Gupta
Original Articles

Nuclear Fuel and Reactor Materials


Densification of matrix graphite for spherical fuel elements used in molten salt reactor via addition of green pitch coke

Pages 1161-1166
Zhao He, Hongchao Zhao, Jinliang Song, Xiaohui Guo, Zhanjun Liu, Yajuan Zhong, T. James Marrow

Classification of ultrasonic signals of thermally aged cast austenitic stainless steel (CASS) using machine learning (ML) models

Pages 1167-1174
Jin-Gyum Kim, Changheui Jang, Sung-Sik Kang

Fractal kinetic characteristics of uranium leaching from low permeability uranium-bearing sandstone

Pages 1175-1184
Sheng Zeng, Yuan Shen, Bing Sun, Kaixuan Tan, Shuwen Zhang, Wenhao Ye

Adsorption behaviour of film-forming amine on pre-oxidized carbon steel surface

Pages 1185-1194
Lin Genxian, Sun Yun, Liu Canshuai, Fang Jun, Song Lijun, Liu Bin

On the use of spectral algorithms for the prediction of short-lived volatile fission product release: Methodology for bounding numerical error

Pages 1195-1205
G. Zullo, D. Pizzocri, L. Luzzi
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Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Radioactive Waste Management


Melting and draining tests on glass waste form for the immobilization of Cs, Sr, and rare-earth nuclides using a cold-crucible induction melting system

Pages 1206-1212
Jung-Hoon Choi, Byeonggwan Lee, Ki-Rak Lee, Hyun Woo Kang, Hyeon Jin Eom, Hwan-Seo Park
Original Articles

Nuclear I&C


Dynamic reliability analysis framework using fault tree and dynamic Bayesian network: A case study of NPP

Pages 1213-1220
Mohan Rao Mamdikar, Vinay Kumar, Pooja Singh

Study of concrete de-bonding assessment technique for containment liner plates in nuclear power plants using ultrasonic guided wave approach

Pages 1221-1229
Yonghee Lee, Hyunmin Yun, Younho Cho

Unsupervised learning algorithm for signal validation in emergency situations at nuclear power plants

Pages 1230-1244
Younhee Choi, Gyeongmin Yoon, Jonghyun Kim

A study on classification of the security controls for the effective implementation to nuclear power plant

Pages 1245-1252
Sang Min Han, Chanyoung Lee, Young Ho Chae, Poong Hyun Seong

Power control of CiADS core with the intensity of the proton beam

Pages 1253-1260
Kai Yin, Wenjing Ma, Wenjuan Cui, Zhiyong He, Xinxin Li, Shiwu Dang, Feng Yang, Yuhui Guo, Limin Duan, Meng Li, Yikai Hou

Use of gaze entropy to evaluate situation awareness in emergency accident situations of nuclear power plant

Pages 1261-1270
Yejin Lee, Kwang-Tae Jung, Hyun-Chul Lee

A reliable intelligent diagnostic assistant for nuclear power plants using explainable artificial intelligence of GRU-AE, LightGBM and SHAP

Pages 1271-1287
Ji Hun Park, Hye Seon Jo, Sang Hyun Lee, Sang Won Oh, Man Gyun Na
Original Articles

Nuclear Policy, Economics and Human Resource Development


Hydrogen production in the light of sustainability: A comparative study on the hydrogen production technologies using the sustainability index assessment method

Pages 1288-1294
Nima Norouzi

Radiation risk perception and its associated factors among residents living near nuclear power plants: A nationwide survey in Korea

Pages 1295-1300
Hyoju Sung, Jung Un Kim, Dalnim Lee, Young Woo Jin, Hyemi Jo, Jae Kwan Jun, Sunhoo Park, Songwon Seo

Nuclear energy consumption, nuclear fusion reactors and environmental quality: The case of G7 countries

Pages 1301-1311
Nigar Demircan Çakar, Seyfettin Erdoğan, Ayfer Gedikli, Mehmet Akif Öncü

The effect of nuclear energy on the environment in the context of globalization: Consumption vs production-based CO2 emissions

Pages 1312-1320
Danish, Recep Ulucak, Seyfettin Erdogan
Original Articles

Nuclear Safety


Effect of radiation model on simulation of water vapor - hydrogen premixed flame using flamelet combustion model in OpenFOAM

Pages 1321-1335
Sangmin Kim, Jongtae Kim

A new method for safety classification of structures, systems and components by reflecting nuclear reactor operating history into importance measures

Pages 1336-1342
Jie Cheng, Jie Liu, Shanqi Chen, Yazhou Li, Jin Wang, Fang Wang

Critical heat flux in a CANDU end shield – Influence of shielding ball diameter

Pages 1343-1354
Justin Spencer
Original Articles

Nuclear Structural Analysis and Plant Management & Maintenance


Structural integrity of KJRR-F fresh nuclear fuel under vehicle-induced vibration for normal transport condition

Pages 1355-1362
Gil-Eon Jeong, Yun-Young Yang, Kyoung-Sik Bang

Seismic capacity re-evaluation of the 480V motor control center of South Korea NPPs using earthquake experience and experiment data

Pages 1363-1373
Eujeong Choi, Min Kyu Kim, In-Kil Choi

Motion planning of a steam generator mobile tube-inspection robot

Pages 1374-1381
Biying Xu, Ge Li, Kuan Zhang, Hegao Cai, Jie Zhao, Jizhuang Fan

Seismic demand estimation of electrical cabinet in nuclear power plant considering equipment-anchor-interaction

Pages 1382-1393
Sung Gook Cho, Kashif Salman

Analysis methodology of local damage to dry storage facility structure subjected to aircraft engine crash

Pages 1394-1405
Belal Almomani, Tae-Yong Kim, Yoon-Suk Chang
Original Articles

Radiation Application


Diamond-based neutron scatter camera

Pages 1406-1413
Ahmed Alghamdi, Eric Lukosi

Variation of optimization techniques for high dose rate brachytherapy in cervical cancer treatment

Pages 1414-1420
Ahmad Naqiuddin Azahari, Ahmad Tirmizi Ghani, Reduan Abdullah, Jayapramila Jayamani, Gokula Kumar Appalanaido, Jasmin Jalil, Mohd Zahri Abdul Aziz

Calibration of cylindrical NaI(Tl) gamma-ray detector intended for truncated conical radioactive source

Pages 1421-1430
Mohamed S. Badawi, Abouzeid A. Thabet

Natural radioactivity level in fly ash samples and radiological hazard at the landfill area of the coal-fired power plant complex, Vietnam

Pages 1431-1438
Truong Thi Hong Loan, Vu Ngoc Ba, Bui Ngoc Thien

Feasibility study of deep learning based radiosensitivity prediction model of National Cancer Institute-60 cell lines using gene expression

Pages 1439-1448
Euidam Kim, Yoonsun Chung

Investigation of transport of radionuclide in a thermal stratification test facility using radiotracer technique

Pages 1449-1455
Harish Jagat Pant, Sunil Goswami, Sunil B. Chafle, Vijay Kumar Sharma, Vimal Kotak, Vikram Shukla, Amitanshu Mishra, Nilesh C. Gohel, Sujay Bhattacharya
Original Articles

Radiation Protection


Implementation of waste silicate glass into composition of ordinary cement for radiation shielding applications

Pages 1456-1463
Mohanad S. Eid, I.I. Bondouk, Hosam M. Saleh, Khaled M. Omar, M.I. Sayyed, Ahmed M. El-Khatib, Mohamed Elsafi
Original Articles

Reactor Physics


Design optimization of cylindrical burnable absorber inserted into annular fuel pellets for soluble-boron-free SMR

Pages 1464-1470
YuGwon Jo, Ho Cheol Shin

A novel analytical solution of the deformed Doppler broadening function using the Kaniadakis distribution and the comparison of computational efficiencies with the numerical solution

Pages 1471-1481
Willian V. de Abreu, Aquilino S. Martinez, Eduardo D. do Carmo, Alessandro C. Gonçalves
Original Articles

Thermal Hydraulics


An evaluation of power conversion systems for land-based nuclear microreactors: Can aeroderivative engines facilitate near-term deployment?

Pages 1482-1494
D.P. Guillen, P.J. McDaniel


Partition method of wall friction and interfacial drag force model for horizontal two-phase flows

Pages 1495-1507
Takashi Hibiki, Jae Jun Jeong
Technical Notes

Thermal Hydraulics


The influence of the water ingression and melt eruption model on the MELCOR code prediction of molten corium-concrete interaction in the APR-1400 reactor cavity

Pages 1508-1515
Muritala A. Amidu, Yacine Addad
Technical Notes

Nuclear Safety


Interfacing between MAAP and MACCS to perform radiological consequence analysis

Pages 1516-1525
Sung-yeop Kim, Keo-hyoung Lee, Soo-Yong Park, Seok-Jung Han, Kwang-Il Ahn, Seok-Won Hwang
Technical Notes

Reactor Physics


Selection of burnable poison in plate fuel assembly for small modular marine reactors

Pages 1526-1533
Shikun Xu, Tao Yu, Jinsen Xie, Zhulun Li, Yi Xia, Lei Yao