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Cover Image Nuclear Engineering and Technology

Nuclear Engineering and Technology

Volume 54, Issue 2, Pages 423-780 , February 2022

Special Theme (4th Conference on Nuclear Analytical Techniques, 6th Symposium on Radiation in Medicine, Space, and Power (NAT2020 & RMSP-VI))
Original articles 


High sensitivity determination of iridium contents in ultra-basic rocks by INAA with coincidence gamma-ray detection

Pages 423-428
Mitsuru Ebihara, Naoki Shirai, Jin Kuwayama, Yosuke Toh

Thermally assisted IRSL and VSL measurements of display glass from mobile phones for retrospective dosimetry

Pages 429-436
Michael Discher, Hyoungtaek Kim, Jungil Lee

Development of neutron time-of-flight measurement system for 1.7-MV tandem proton accelerator with lithium target

Pages 437-441
Soobin Lim, Donghwan Kim, Jin-Goo Kang, Jeong-Jeung Dang, Pilsoo Lee, Geehyun Kim, Kyoung-Jae Chung, Y.S. Hwang

Evaluation of dose received by workers while repairing a failed spent resin mixture treatment device

Pages 442-448
Woo Nyun Choi, Jaehoon Byun, Hee Reyoung Kim

Analysis of radiation safety management status of medical linear accelerator facilities in Korea

Pages 449-455
Na Hye Kwon, Dong Oh Shin, So Hyun Ann, Jin Sung Kim, Sang Hyoun Choi, Dong Wook Kim

Application of radiotracer technique in remediation of Zn(II) from aqueous solutions by dry cowdung powder

Pages 456-461
Sabrina Afzal Shaikh, Hemlata Kapil Bagla

Evaluation of peak-fitting software for magnesium quantification through k0-instrumental neutron activation analysis

Pages 462-468
Kishore B. Dasari, Hana Cho, Radojko Jaćimović, Byung-Gun Park, Gwang-Min Sun

Tritium extraction in aluminum metal by heating method without melting

Pages 469-478
Ki Joon Kang, Jaehoon Byun, Hee Reyoung Kim

Measurement uncertainty analysis of radiophotoluminescent glass dosimeter reader system based on GD-352M for estimation of protection quantity

Pages 479-485
Jae Seok Kim, Byeong Ryong Park, Jaeryong Yoo, Wi-Ho Ha, Seongjae Jang, Won Il Jang, Gyu Seok Cho, Hyun Kim, Insu Chang, Yong Kyun Kim

Removal of NOx using electron beam process with NaOH spraying

Pages 486-492
Jae Kyeong Shin, Sang-Hee Jo, Tae-Hun Kim, Yong-Hwan Oh, Seungho Yu, Youn-Suk Son, Tak-Hyun Kim

Derivation of site-specific derived concentration guideline levels at Korea Research Reactor-1&2 sites

Pages 493-500
Geun-Ho Kim, Tae Gwan Do, Jae Kwon, Gangwoo Ryu, Kwang Pyo Kim

Turn-off time improvement by fast neutron irradiation on pnp Si Bipolar Junction Transistor

Pages 501-506
Sung Ho Ahn, Gwang Min Sun, Hani Baek

Current status of disposal and measurement analysis of radioactive components in linear accelerators in Korea

Pages 507-513
Na Hye Kwon, Dong Oh Shin, Jinsung Kim, Jaeryong Yoo, Min Seok Park, Kum Bae Kim, Dong Wook Kim, Sang Hyoun Choi

Comparison of X-ray computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging to detect pest-infested fruits: A pilot study

Pages 514-522
Taeyun Kim, Jaegi Lee, Gwang-Min Sun, Byung-Gun Park, Hae-Jun Park, Deuk-Soo Choi, Sung-Joon Ye
Original articles 

Reactor Physics


Sensitivity and uncertainty quantification of neutronic integral data in the TRIGA Mark II research reactor

Pages 523-531
M. Makhloul, H. Boukhal, E. Chakir, T. El Bardouni, M. Lahdour, M. Kaddour, Abdulaziz Ahmed, A. Arectout, H. El Yaakoubi

Convergence analysis of fixed-point iteration with Anderson Acceleration on a simplified neutronics/thermal-hydraulics system

Pages 532-545
Jaejin Lee, Han Gyu Joo
Original article

Thermal Hydraulics


Flow regime transition criteria for vertical downward two-phase flow in rectangular channel

Pages 546-553
Vikrant Siddharudh Chalgeri, Ji Hwan Jeong

Experimental investigation and validation of TASS/SMR-S code for single-phase and two-phase natural circulation tests with SMART-ITL facility

Pages 554-564
Hwang Bae, Ji-Han Chun, Eunkoo Yun, Young-Jong Chung, Sung-Won Lim, Hyun-Sik Park

Robust technique using magnetohydrodynamics for safety improvement in sodium-cooled fast reactor

Pages 565-578
Jong Hui Lee, Il Seouk Park
Original article

Nuclear Safety


Assessment of the severe accident code MIDAC based on FROMA, QUENCH-06&16 experiments

Pages 579-588
Shihao Wu, Yapei Zhang, Dong Wang, Wenxi Tian, Suizheng Qiu, G.H. Su

Knowledge from recent investigations on sloshing motion in a liquid pool with solid particles for severe accident analyses of sodium-cooled fast reactor

Pages 589-600
Ruicong Xu, Songbai Cheng, Shuo Li, Hui Cheng

Design and characterization of a Muon tomography system for spent nuclear fuel monitoring

Pages 601-607
Chanwoo Park, Min Kyu Baek, In-soo Kang, Seongyeon Lee, Heejun Chung, Yong Hyun Chung
Original article

Nuclear I&C


Power peaking factor prediction using ANFIS method

Pages 608-616
Nur Syazwani Mohd Ali, Khaidzir Hamzah, Faridah Idris, Nor Afifah Basri, Muhammad Syahir Sarkawi, Muhammad Arif Sazali, Hairie Rabir, Mohamad Sabri Minhat, Jasman Zainal

Artificial neural network reconstructs core power distribution

Pages 617-626
Wenhuai Li, Peng Ding, Wenqing Xia, Shu Chen, Fengwan Yu, Chengjie Duan, Dawei Cui, Chen Chen
Original article

Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Radioactive Waste Management


The effect of UV-C irradiation and EDTA on the uptake of Co2+ by antimony oxide in the presence and absence of competing cations Ca2+ and Ni2+

Pages 627-636
Leena Malinen, Eveliina Repo, Risto Harjula, Nina Huittinen

Sensitivity simulation on isotopic fissile measurement using neutron resonances

Pages 637-643
YongDeok Lee, Seong-Kyu Ahn, Woo-Seok Choi

Investigation of neural network-based cathode potential monitoring to support nuclear safeguards of electrorefining in pyroprocessing

Pages 644-652
Young-Eun Jung, Seong-Kyu Ahn, Man-Sung Yim

Interaction between UN and CdCl2 in molten LiCl–KCl eutectic. II. Experiment at 1023 K

Pages 653-660
Alexander Zhitkov, Alexei Potapov, Kirill Karimov, Anna Kholkina, Vladimir Shishkin, Alexander Dedyukhin, Yury Zaykov
Original article

Radiation Application


Experimental investigation on the degradation of SiGe LNAs under different bias conditions induced by 3 MeV proton irradiation

Pages 661-665
Zhuoqi Li, Shuhuan Liu, Xiaotang Ren, Mathew Adefusika Adekoya, Jun Zhang, Shuangying Liu

Numerical optimization of transmission bremsstrahlung target for intense pulsed electron beam

Pages 666-673
Xiao Yu, Jie Shen, Shijian Zhang, Jie Zhang, Nan Zhang, Ivan Sergeevich Egorov, Sha Yan, Chang Tan, Gennady Efimovich Remnev, Xiaoyun Le
Original article

Radiation Protection


On the use of flyash-lime-gypsum (FaLG) bricks in the storage facilities for low level nuclear waste

Pages 674-680
Baltej Singh Sidhu, A.S. Dhaliwal, K.S. Kahlon, Suhkpal Singh

Organ dose conversion coefficients in CT scans for Korean adult males and females

Pages 681-688
Choonsik Lee, Tristan Won, Yeon Soo Yeom, Keith Griffin, Choonik Lee, Kwang Pyo Kim

Iodine-131 S values for use in organ dose estimation of Korean patients in radioiodine therapy

Pages 689-700
Yeon Soo Yeom, Bangho Shin, Chansoo Choi, Haegin Han, Chan Hyeong Kim

Investigation of gamma radiation shielding properties of polyethylene glycol in the energy range from 8.67 to 23.19 keV

Pages 701-708
H. Akhdar, M.W. Marashdeh, M. AlAqeel
Original article

Nuclear Structural Analysis and Plant Management & Maintenance


A comprehensive study of the effects of long-term thermal aging on the fracture resistance of cast austenitic stainless steels

Pages 709-731
David A. Collins, Emily L. Carter, Timothy G. Lach, Thak Sang Byun

Efficient elastic stress analysis method for piping system with wall-thinning and reinforcement

Pages 732-740
Ji-Su Kim, Je-Hoon Jang, Yun-Jae Kim
Original article

Nuclear Policy, Economics and Human Resource Development


Study on the policy literacy of the Republic of Korea regarding nuclear and new-renewable energy

Pages 741-748
Eunok Im, Ju Kyong Kim, Seung Min Woo

Human resource development and needs analysis for nuclear power plant deployment in Nigeria

Pages 749-763
Jafaru M. Egieya, Ronke M. Ayo-Imoru, Daniel R.E. Ewim, Ebisomu C. Agedah
Technical Notes

Reactor Physics


Static and transient analyses of Advanced Power Reactor 1400 (APR1400) initial core using open-source nodal core simulator KOMODO

Pages 764-769
Jwaher Alnaqbi, Donny Hartanto, Reem Alnuaimi, Muhammad Imron, Victor Gillette
Technical Note

Radiation Protection


Radiological Alert Network of Extremadura (RAREx) at 2021:30 years of development and current performance of real-time monitoring

Pages 770-780
María Ángeles Ontalba, José Ángel Corbacho, Antonio Baeza, José Vasco, José Manuel Caballero, David Valencia, Juan Antonio Baeza