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New Issue: Nuclear Engineering and Technology

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Cover Image Nuclear Engineering and Technology

Nuclear Engineering and Technology

Volume 53, Issue 11, Pages 3465-3860 , November 2021
Review Articles

Nuclear Safety


Recent research towards integrated deterministic-probabilistic safety assessment in Korea

Pages 3465-3473
Gyunyoung Heo, Sejin Baek, Dohun Kwon, Hyeonmin Kim, Jinkyun Park
Review Articles

Nuclear Fuel and Reactor Materials


Review on sodium corrosion evolution of nuclear-grade 316 stainless steel for sodium-cooled fast reactor applications

Pages 3474-3490
Yaonan Dai, Xiaotao Zheng, Peishan Ding
Review Articles

Radiation Protection


State-of-the-art and challenges of non-destructive techniques for in-situ radiological characterization of nuclear facilities to be dismantled

Pages 3491-3504
Khalil Amgarou, Margarita Herranz

Path planning in nuclear facility decommissioning: Research status, challenges, and opportunities

Pages 3505-3516
Justina Onyinyechukwu Adibeli, Yong-kuo Liu, Abiodun Ayodeji, Ngbede Junior Awodi
Original articles

Reactor Physics


An ultra-long-life small safe fast reactor core concept having heterogeneous driver-blanket fuel assemblies

Pages 3517-3527
Kyu Jung Choi, Yeonguk Jo, Ser Gi Hong

Applicability of the Krško nuclear power plant core Monte Carlo model for the determination of the neutron source term

Pages 3528-3542
Tanja Goričanec, Žiga Štancar, Domen Kotnik, Luka Snoj, Marjan Kromar

High performance 3D pin-by-pin neutron diffusion calculation based on 2D/1D decoupling method for accurate pin power estimation

Pages 3543-3562
Jooil Yoon, Hyun Chul Lee, Han Gyu Joo, Hyeong Seog Kim

Machine learning of LWR spent nuclear fuel assembly decay heat measurements

Pages 3563-3579
Bamidele Ebiwonjumi, Alexey Cherezov, Siarhei Dzianisau, Deokjung Lee
Original articles

Thermal Hydraulics


PILLAR: Integral test facility for LBE-cooled passive small modular reactor research and computational code benchmark

Pages 3580-3596
Yong-Hoon Shin, Jaeyeong Park, Jungho Hur, Seongjin Jeong, Il Soon Hwang

Numerical investigation of steady state characteristics and stability of supercritical water natural circulation loop of a heater and cooler arrangements

Pages 3597-3611
Santosh Kumar Rai, Pardeep Kumar, Vinay Panwar

A cavitation performance prediction method for pumps: Part2-sensitivity and accuracy

Pages 3612-3624
Long Yun, Zhang Yan, Chen Jianping, Zhu Rongsheng, Wang Dezhong

Validation of RANS models and Large Eddy simulation for predicting crossflow induced by mixing vanes in rod bundle

Pages 3625-3634
Fabian Wiltschko, Wenhai Qu, Jinbiao Xiong

Experimental research on the mechanisms of condensation induced water hammer in a natural circulation system

Pages 3635-3642
Jianchuang Sun, Jian Deng, Xu Ran, Xiaxin Cao, Guangming Fan, Ming Ding

Sizing of a tube inlet orifice of a once-through steam generator to suppress the parallel channel instability

Pages 3643-3652
Juhyeon Yoon
Original articles

Nuclear Safety


Development and verification of PWR core transient coupling calculation software

Pages 3653-3664
Zhigang Li, Ping An, Wenbo Zhao, Wei Liu, Tao He, Wei Lu, Qing Li
Original articles

Nuclear I&C


Hybrid of the fuzzy logic controller with the harmony search algorithm to PWR in-core fuel management optimization

Pages 3665-3674
Sayyed Mostafa Mahmoudi, Milad Mansouri Rad, Dariush Rezaei Ochbelagh

New method for dependence assessment in human reliability analysis based on linguistic hesitant fuzzy information

Pages 3675-3684
Ling Zhang, Yu-Jie Zhu, Lin-Xiu Hou, Hu-Chen Liu

Disturbance observer-based robust backstepping load-following control for MHTGRs with actuator saturation and disturbances

Pages 3685-3693
Jiuwu Hui, Jingqi Yuan

Instrumentation and control systems design for nuclear power plant: An interview study with industry practitioners

Pages 3694-3703
Pooja Singh, Lalit Kumar Singh
Original articles

Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Radioactive Waste Management


Change in radiation characteristics outside the SNF storage container as an indicator of fuel rod cladding destruction

Pages 3704-3710
V.G. Rudychev, N.A. Azarenkov, I.O. Girka, Y.V. Rudychev

Entropy, enthalpy, and gibbs free energy variations of 133Cs via CO2-activated carbon filter and ferric ferrocyanide hybrid composites

Pages 3711-3716
Joon Hyuk Lee, Dong Hack Suh

Radioactivity analysis for EPS waste using organic solvents

Pages 3717-3722
Jun Woo Bae, Hee Reyoung Kim
Original articles

Nuclear Fuel and Reactor Materials


Preliminary study on the thermal-mechanical performance of the U3Si2/Al dispersion fuel plate under normal conditions

Pages 3723-3740
Guangliang Yang, Hailong Liao, Tao Ding, Hongli Chen

FALCON code-based analysis of PWR fuel rod behaviour during RIA transients versus new U.S.NRC and current Swiss failure limits

Pages 3741-3758
G. Khvostov, A. Gorzel
Original articles

Radiation Application


Determination of energy resolution for a NaI(Tl) detector modeled with FLUKA code

Pages 3759-3763
Nilgün Demir, Zehra Nur Kuluöztürk

Lost gamma source detection algorithm based on convolutional neural network

Pages 3764-3771
Atefeh Fathi, S. Farhad Masoudi

Gamma ray interactions based optimization algorithm: Application in radioisotope identification

Pages 3772-3783
Aydin Ghalehasadi, Saleh Ashrafi, Davood Alizadeh, Niyazi Meriç

Neutron spectroscopy using pure LaCl3 crystal and the dependence of pulse shape discrimination on Ce-doped concentrations

Pages 3784-3789
Phan Quoc Vuong, Hongjoo Kim, Nguyen Thanh Luan, Sunghwan Kim

Serial line multiplexing method based on bipolar pulse for PET

Pages 3790-3797
Yeonkyeong Kim, Yong Choi, Kyu Bom Kim, Hyuntae Leem, Jin Ho Jung

Tritium radioactivity estimation in cement mortar by heat-extraction and liquid scintillation counting

Pages 3798-3807
Ki Joon Kang, Jun Woo Bae, Hee Reyoung Kim
Original articles

Radiation Protection


Evaluation of photon radiation attenuation and buildup factors for energy absorption and exposure in some soils using EPICS2017 library

Pages 3808-3815
F.C. Hila, A.M.V. Javier-Hila, M.I. Sayyed, A. Asuncion-Astronomo, G.P. Dicen, J.F.M. Jecong, N.R.D. Guillermo, A.V. Amorsolo

The influence of BaO on the mechanical and gamma / fast neutron shielding properties of lead phosphate glasses

Pages 3816-3823
K.A. Mahmoud, F.I. El-Agawany, O.L. Tashlykov, Emad M. Ahmed, Y.S. Rammah

Dose evaluation of workers according to operating time and outflow rate in a spent resin treatment facility

Pages 3824-3836
Jaehoon Byun, Woo Nyun Choi, Hee Reyoung Kim
Original articles

Nuclear Structural Analysis and Plant Management & Maintenance


Experimental evaluation of fatigue strength for small diameter socket welded joints under vibration loading condition

Pages 3837-3851
Chang-Young Oh, Jun-Ho Lee, Dong-Woo Kim, Sang-Hoon Lee

Fatigue life evaluation of socket welded pipe with incomplete penetration defect: I-test and FE analysis

Pages 3852-3859
Dong-Min Lee, Seung-Jae Kim, Hyun-Jae Lee, Yun-Jae Kim


Corrigendum to “Topology optimization of tie-down structure for transportation of metal cask containing spent nuclear fuel” [NET 53(2021) p.2276]

Page 3860
Gil-Eon Jeong, Woo-Seok Choi, Sang Soon Cho
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