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Nuclear Engineering and Technology

Volume 53, Issue 10, Pages 3127-3464 , October 2021
Original articles

Reactor Physics


Delayed fast neutron as an indicator of burn-up for nuclear fuel elements

Pages 3127-3132
T. Akyurek, S.B. Shoaib, S. Usman

Validation of Serpent-SUBCHANFLOW-TRANSURANUS pin-by-pin burnup calculations using experimental data from the Temelín II VVER-1000 reactor

Pages 3133-3150
Manuel García, Radim Vočka, Riku Tuominen, Andre Gommlich, Jaakko Leppänen, Ville Valtavirta, Uwe Imke, Diego Ferraro, Paul Van Uffelen, Lukáš Milisdörfer, Victor Sanchez-Espinoza

Copper neutron transport libraries validation by means of a 252Cf standard neutron source

Pages 3151-3157
Martin Schulc, Michal Košťál, Evžen Novák, Jan Šimon

Monte Carlo simulations of chromium target under proton irradiation of 17.9, 22.3 MeV

Pages 3158-3163
A. Kara, A. Yılmaz, M. Yiğit

GEANT4 characterization of the neutronic behavior of the active zone of the MEGAPIE spallation target

Pages 3164-3170
Abdesslam Lamrabet, Abdelmajid Maghnouj, Jaouad Tajmouati, Mohamed Bencheikh
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Thermal Hydraulics


Design and analysis of RIF scheme to improve the CFD efficiency of rod-type PWR core

Pages 3171-3181
Guangliang Chen, Hao Qian, Lei Li, Yang Yu, Zhijian Zhang, Zhaofei Tian, Xiaochang Li

Modelling of multidimensional effects in thermal-hydraulic system codes under asymmetric flow conditions – Simulation of ROCOM tests 1.1 and 2.1 with ATHLET 3D-Module

Pages 3182-3195
E. Diaz Pescador, F. Schäfer, S. Kliem

Implementation of a new empirical model of steam condensation for the passive containment cooling system into MARS-KS code: Application to containment transient analysis

Pages 3196-3206
Yeon-Gun Lee, Sang Gyu Lim

CFD investigation of a JAEA 7-pin fuel assembly experiment with local blockage for SFR

Pages 3207-3216
Jae-Ho Jeong, Min-Seop Song

Flow blockage analysis for fuel assembly in a lead-based fast reactor

Pages 3217-3228
Chenglong Wang, Di Wu, Minyang Gui, Rong Cai, Dahuan Zhu, Dalin Zhang, Wenxi Tian, Suizheng Qiu, G.H. Su

Experimental investigations and development of mathematical model to estimate drop diameter and jet length

Pages 3229-3235
Amitava Roy, G. Suneel, J.K. Gayen, K.V. Ravi, R.B. Grover
Original articles

Nuclear Safety


Effect of multiple-failure events on accident management strategy for CANDU-6 reactors

Pages 3236-3246
Seon Oh YU, Manwoong KIM

Study of combinations of site operating states for multi-unit PSA

Pages 3247-3255
Heejong Yoo, Kyungho Jin, Gyunyoung Heo

The detection and diagnosis model for small scale MSLB accident

Pages 3256-3263
Meng Wang, Wenzhen Chen

Numerical simulation on jet breakup in the fuel-coolant interaction using smoothed particle hydrodynamics

Pages 3264-3274
Hae Yoon Choi, Hoon Chae, Eung Soo Kim

Artificial neural network for predicting nuclear power plant dynamic behaviors

Pages 3275-3285
M. El-Sefy, A. Yosri, W. El-Dakhakhni, S. Nagasaki, L. Wiebe

A mechanistic analysis of H2O and CO2 diluent effect on hydrogen flammability limit considering flame extinction mechanism

Pages 3286-3297
Joongoo Jeon, Yeon Soo Kim, Hoichul Jung, Sung Joong Kim

Fuzzy-technique-based expert elicitation on the occurrence probability of severe accident phenomena in nuclear power plants

Pages 3298-3313
Young A Suh, Kiwon Song, Jaehyun Cho
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Nuclear I&C


Electromagnetic interference caused by an electric-line current in a cable tray in nuclear power plants

Pages 3314-3318
Hoon-Keun Lee, Yong-Hwa Kim, Jaeyul Choo

Application of STPA-SafeSec for a cyber-attack impact analysis of NPPs with a condensate water system test-bed

Pages 3319-3326
Jinsoo Shin, Jong-Gyun Choi, Jung-Woon Lee, Cheol-Kwon Lee, Jae-Gu Song, Jun-Young Son

Smart grid and nuclear power plant security by integrating cryptographic hardware chip

Pages 3327-3334
Niraj Kumar, Vishnu Mohan Mishra, Adesh Kumar

Radiation testing of low cost, commercial off the shelf microcontroller board

Pages 3335-3343
Tomas Fried, Antonio Di Buono, David Cheneler, Neil Cockbain, Jonathan M. Dodds, Peter R. Green, Barry Lennox, C. James Taylor, Stephen D. Monk
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Nuclear Physics, Fusion, and Laser Technology


Beam line design and beam transport calculation for the μSR facility at RAON

Pages 3344-3351
Kihong Pak, Junesic Park, Jae Young Jeong, Jae Chang Kim, Kyungmin Kim, Yong Hyun Kim, Jaebum Son, Ju Hahn Lee, Wonjun Lee, Yong Kyun Kim
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Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Radioactive Waste Management


Adsorption and separation behaviors of Y(III) and Sr(II) in acid solution by a porous silica based adsorbent

Pages 3352-3358
Hao Wu, Taiga Kawamura, Seong-Yun Kim

Thermal conductivity prediction model for compacted bentonites considering temperature variations

Pages 3359-3366
Seok Yoon, Min-Jun Kim, Seunghun Park, Geon-Young Kim
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Nuclear Fuel and Reactor Materials


Assessment of three European fuel performance codes against the SUPERFACT-1 fast reactor irradiation experiment

Pages 3367-3378
L. Luzzi, T. Barani, B. Boer, L. Cognini, A. Del Nevo, M. Lainet, S. Lemehov, A. Magni, V. Marelle, B. Michel, D. Pizzocri, A. Schubert, P. Van Uffelen, M. Bertolus

Prediction of ballooning and burst for nuclear fuel cladding with anisotropic creep modeling during Loss of Coolant Accident (LOCA)

Pages 3379-3397
Jinsu Kim, Jeong Whan Yoon, Hyochan Kim, Sung-Uk Lee

Influence of neutron irradiation and ageing on behavior of SAV-1 reactor alloy

Pages 3398-3405
K.V. Tsay, O.V. Rofman, V.V. Kudryashov, A.V. Yarovchuk, O.P. Maksimkin
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Radiation Application


A real-time sorting algorithm for in-beam PET of heavy-ion cancer therapy device

Pages 3406-3412
Lingyun Ke, Junwei Yan, Jinda Chen, Changxin Wang, Xiuling Zhang, Chengming Du, Minchi Hu, Zuoqiao Yang, Jiapeng Xu, Yi Qian, Qianshun She, Haibo Yang, Hongyun Zhao, Tianlei Pu, Changxu Pei, Hong Su, Jie Kong

An investigation on the improvement of neutron radiography system of the Tehran research reactor by using MCNPX simulations

Pages 3413-3420
Moharram Amini, Seyed Mehrdad Zamzamian, Amir Hossein Fadaei, Morteza Gharib, Seyed Amir Hosein Feghhi

Efficiency calibration and coincidence summing correction for a NaI(Tl) spherical detector

Pages 3421-3430
Salam F. Noureddine, Mahmoud I. Abbas, Mohamed S. Badawi

Comparison of theoretical and machine learning models to estimate gamma ray source positions using plastic scintillating optical fiber detector

Pages 3431-3437
Jinhong Kim, Seunghyeon Kim, Siwon Song, Jae Hyung Park, Jin Ho Kim, Taeseob Lim, Cheol Ho Pyeon, Bongsoo Lee
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Nuclear Structural Analysis and Plant Management & Maintenance


Characterising the dynamic seals used in absorber rod drive mechanisms in Indian FBR

Pages 3438-3448
Nihal Kaushal, Sudheer Patri, R. Suresh Kumar, C. Meikandamurthy, B.K. Sreedhar, S. Murugan, S. Raghupathy
Technical Notes

Thermal Hydraulics


Extension of the NEAMS workbench to parallel sensitivity and uncertainty analysis of thermal hydraulic parameters using Dakota and Nek5000

Pages 3449-3459
Marc-Olivier G. Delchini, Laura P. Swiler, Robert A. Lefebvre
Technical Notes

Nuclear I&C


Human-machine system optimization in nuclear facility systems

Pages 3460-3463
Jonathan K. Corrado


Corrigendum to “High performance γ-ray imager using dual anti-mask method for the investigation of high-energy nuclear materials” [NET, volume 53, issue 7, July 2021, pages 2371–2376]

Page 3464
Taewoong Lee, Wonho Lee