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New Issue: Nuclear Engineering and Technology

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Cover Image Nuclear Engineering and Technology

Nuclear Engineering and Technology

Volume 53, Issue 9, Pages 2775-3126 , September 2021
Review Article

Thermal Hydraulics


Review of researches on coupled system and CFD codes

Pages 2775-2787
Jianping Long, Bin Zhang, Bao-Wen Yang, Sipeng Wang
Original Articles

Reactor Physics


Use of Monte Carlo code MCS for multigroup cross section generation for fast reactor analysis

Pages 2788-2802
Tung Dong Cao Nguyen, Hyunsuk Lee, Deokjung Lee

Uncertainty quantification in decay heat calculation of spent nuclear fuel by STREAM/RAST-K

Pages 2803-2815
Jaerim Jang, Chidong Kong, Bamidele Ebiwonjumi, Alexey Cherezov, Yunki Jo, Deokjung Lee

Uncertainty analyses of spent nuclear fuel decay heat calculations using SCALE modules

Pages 2816-2829
Ahmed Shama, Dimitri Rochman, Susanne Pudollek, Stefano Caruso, Andreas Pautz

Simulation of low-enriched uranium burnup in Russian VVER-1000 reactors with the Serpent Monte-Carlo code

Pages 2830-2838
L. Mercatali, N. Beydogan, V.H. Sanchez-Espinoza
Original Articles

Thermal Hydraulics


A preliminary study on material effects of critical heat flux for downward-facing flow boiling

Pages 2839-2846
Kai Wang, Chun-Yen Li, Kotaro Uesugi, Nejdet Erkan, Koji Okamoto

CFD analysis of the flow blockage in a rectangular fuel assembly of the IAEA 10 MW MTR research reactor

Pages 2847-2858
Shuang Xia, Xuhua Zhou, Gaojie Hu, Xiaxin Cao
Original Articles

Nuclear Safety


Analysis of severe accident progression and Cs behavior for SBO event during mid-loop operation of OPR1000 using MELCOR

Pages 2859-2865
Yerim Park, Hoyoung Shin, Seungwoo Kim, Youngho Jin, Dong Ha Kim, Moosung Jae

Experimental study of sodium fire and its characteristics under the coupling action of columnar liquid sodium flow and concrete

Pages 2866-2877
Yan Huo, Gao-Wan Zou, Hui Dong, Jian-Fu Lv, Jian He

Effect analysis of ISLOCA pathways on fission product release at Westinghouse 2-loop PWR using MELCOR

Pages 2878-2887
Seungwoo Kim, Yerim Park, Youngho Jin, Dong Ha Kim, Moosung Jae

Vital area identification for the physical protection of NPPs in low-power and shutdown operations

Pages 2888-2898
Myung Woong Kwak, Woo Sik Jung
Original Articles

Nuclear Physics, Fusion, and Laser Technology


Design of online damage images detection system for large-aperture mirrors of high power laser facility based on wavefront coding technology

Pages 2899-2908
Wang Fang, Liu Qinxiao, Hu Dongxia, Liu Hongjie, Zheng Tianran

Design of muon production target system for the RAON μSR facility in Korea

Pages 2909-2917
Jae Young Jeong, Jae Chang Kim, Yonghyun Kim, Kihong Pak, Kyungmin Kim, Junesic Park, Jaebum Son, Yong Kyun Kim, Wonjun Lee, Ju Hahn Lee
Original Articles

Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Radioactive Waste Management


Decontamination of spent ion exchange resins contaminated with iron-oxide deposits using mineral acid solutions

Pages 2918-2925
E.A. Tokar, A.I. Matskevich, M.S. Palamarchuk, Yu.A. Parotkina, A.M. Egorin

Investigation of thorium separation from rare-earth extraction residue via electrosorption with carbon based electrode toward reducing waste volume

Pages 2926-2936
Eli Syafiqah Aziman, Aznan Fazli Ismail, Nabilla Abdul Muttalib, Muhammad Syafiq Hanifah

Original Articles

Nuclear Fuel and Reactor Materials


Thermo-mechanical coupling behavior analysis for a U–10Mo/Al monolithic fuel assembly

Pages 2937-2952
Xiaoxiao Mao, Xiaobin Jian, Haoyu Wang, Jingyu Zhang, Jibin Zhang, Feng Yan, Hongyang Wei, Shurong Ding, Yuanming Li

A practical power law creep modeling of alloy 690 SG tube materials

Pages 2953-2959
Bong-Sang Lee, Jong-Min Kim, June-Yeop Kwon, Kwon-Jae Choi, Min-Chul Kim

A hardening model considering grain size effect for ion-irradiated polycrystals under nanoindentation

Pages 2960-2967
Kai Liu, Xiangyun Long, Bochuan Li, Xiazi Xiao, Chao Jiang

3D reconstruction of two-phase random heterogeneous material from 2D sections: An approach via genetic algorithms

Pages 2968-2976
D. Pizzocri, R. Genoni, F. Antonello, T. Barani, F. Cappia

Corrosion fatigue crack growth behavior of 316LN stainless steel in high-temperature pressurized water

Pages 2977-2981
Ziyu Zhang, Jibo Tan, Xinqiang Wu, En-Hou Han, Wei Ke

Evaluation of 475 °C embrittlement in UNS S32750 super duplex stainless steel using four-point electric conductivity measurements

Pages 2982-2989
Gildardo Gutiérrez-Vargas, Alberto Ruiz, Víctor H. López-Morelos, Jin-Yeon Kim, Jorge González-Sánchez, Ariosto Medina-Flores

Segmented mandrel tests of as-received and hydrogenated WWER fuel cladding tubes

Pages 2990-3002
Márton Király, Márta Horváth, Richárd Nagy, Nóra Vér, Zoltán Hózer

Flow-accelerated corrosion assessment for SA106 and SA335 pipes with elbows and welds

Pages 3003-3011
Dong-Jin Kim, Sung-Woo Kim, Jong Yeon Lee, Kyung Mo Kim, Se Beom Oh, Gyeong Geun Lee, Jongbeom Kim, Seong-Sik Hwang, Min Jae Choi, Yun Soo Lim, Sung Hwan Cho, Hong Pyo Kim
Original Articles

Radiation Application


Neutron diagnostics using nickel foil activation analysis in the KSTAR

Pages 3012-3017
San Chae, Jae-Yong Lee, Yong-Soo Kim

A feasibility study of using a 3D-printed tumor model scintillator to verify the energy absorbed to a tumor

Pages 3018-3025
Tae Hoon Kim, Sangmin Lee, Dong Geon Kim, Jae Young Jeong, Hye Jeong Yang, Thomas Schaarschmidt, Sang Hyoun Choi, Gyu-Seok Cho, Yong Kyun Kim, Hyun-Tai Chung
Original Articles

Radiation Protection


A design of transmission-type multi-target X-ray tube based on electric field modulation

Pages 3026-3034
Lei Zhao, Wenbao Jia, Limin Jin, Qing Shan, Can Cheng, Hongkui Zhu, Daqian Hei

A preliminary evaluation of the implementation of a radiation protection program for the lens of the eye in Korean nuclear power plants

Pages 3035-3043
Tae Young Kong, Si Young Kim, Moonhyung Cho, Yoonhee Jung, Jung Kwon Son, Han Jang, Hee Geun Kim

Monte Carlo approach for calculation of mass energy absorption coefficients of some amino acids

Pages 3044-3050
Ahmet Bozkurt, Aycan Sengul

Fabrication, characterization, simulation and experimental studies of the ordinary concrete reinforced with micro and nano lead oxide particles against gamma radiation

Pages 3051-3057
K. Mokhtari, M. Kheradmand Saadi, H. Ahmadpanahi, Gh. Jahanfarnia

Experimental investigation of zinc sodium borate glass systems containing barium oxide for gamma radiation shielding applications

Pages 3058-3067
A. Aboalatta, J. Asad, M. Humaid, H. Musleh, S.K.K. Shaat, Kh Ramadan, M.I. Sayyed, Y. Alajerami, N. Aldahoudi
Original Articles

Nuclear Structural Analysis and Plant Management & Maintenance


Damage and vibrations of nuclear power plant buildings subjected to aircraft crash part I: Model test

Pages 3068-3084
Z.R. Li, Z.C. Li, Z.F. Dong, T. Huang, Y.G. Lu, J.L. Rong, H. Wu

Damage and vibrations of nuclear power plant buildings subjected to aircraft crash part II: Numerical simulations

Pages 3085-3099
Z.R. Li, Z.C. Li, Z.F. Dong, T. Huang, Y.G. Lu, J.L. Rong, H. Wu

Distributed plasticity approach for nonlinear analysis of nuclear power plant equipment: Experimental and numerical studies

Pages 3100-3111
Thanh-Tuan Tran, Kashif Salman, Dookie Kim

Studies on the effect of thermal shock on crack resistance of 20MnMoNi55 steel using compact tension specimens

Pages 3112-3121
K. Thamaraiselvi, S. Vishnuvardhan
Technical Note
Nuclear Safety


Signal processing method of bubble detection in sodium flow based on inverse Fourier transform to calculate energy ratio

Pages 3122-3125
Wei Xu, Ke-Jun Xu, Xin-Long Yu, Ya Huang, Wen-Kai Wu
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