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Cover Image Nuclear Engineering and Technology

Nuclear Engineering and Technology

Volume 53, Issue 8, Pages 2427-2774 , August 2021

Review Article
Thermal Hydraulics

Evaluation of various large-scale energy storage technologies for flexible operation of existing pressurized water reactors

Pages 2427-2444

Jin Young Heo, Jung Hwan Park, Yong Jae Chae, Seung Hwan Oh, So Young Lee, Ju Yeon Lee, Nirmal Gnanapragasam, Jeong Ik Lee

Original Articles
Reactor Physics

An inter-comparison between ENDF/B-VIII.0-NECP-Atlas and ENDF/B-VIII.0-NJOY results for criticality safety benchmarks and benchmarks on the reactivity temperature coefficient

Pages 2445-2453

Ouadie Kabach, Abdelouahed Chetaine, Abdelfettah Benchrif, Hamid Amsil

Use of americium as a burnable absorber for VVER-1200 reactor

Pages 2454-2463

Afroza Shelley, Mahmud Hasan Ovi

Thermal Hydraulics

Direct-contact heat transfer of single droplets in dispersed flow film boiling: Experiment and model assessment

Pages 2464-2476

Junseok Park, Hyungdae Kim

Integral effect test for steam line break with coupling reactor coolant system and containment using ATLAS-CUBE facility

Pages 2477-2487

Byoung-Uhn Bae, Jae Bong Lee, Yu-Sun Park, Jongrok Kim, Kyoung-Ho Kang

Multi-scale simulation of wall film condensation in the presence of non-condensable gases using heat structure-coupled CFD and system analysis codes

Pages 2488-2498

Chang Won Lee, Jin-Seong Yoo, Hyoung Kyu Cho

Nuclear Safety

Comparisons of performance and operation characteristics for closed- and open-loop passive containment cooling system design

Pages 2499-2508

Jungjin Bang, Dong-Wook Jerng, Hangon Kim

A study on calculation of friction coefficient and packing stress using static diagnosis test for a balanced globe valve in nuclear power plants

Pages 2509-2522

Jaehyung Kim, Taemook Lim, Ho-Geun Ryu

Uncertainty quantification and propagation with probability boxes

Pages 2523-2533

L. Duran-Vinuesa, D. Cuervo

Research on rapid source term estimation in nuclear accident emergency decision for pressurized water reactor based on Bayesian network

Pages 2534-2546

Guohua Wu, Jiejuan Tong, Liguo Zhang, Diping Yuan, Yiqing Xiao

Nuclear I & C

Leak flow prediction during loss of coolant accidents using deep fuzzy neural networks

Pages 2547-2555

Ji Hun Park, Ye Ji An, Kwae Hwan Yoo, Man Gyun Na

Control of a pressurized light-water nuclear reactor two-point kinetics model with the performance index-oriented PSO

Pages 2556-2563

Seyed Mohammad Hossein Mousakazemi

Nuclear Physics, Fusion, and Laser Technology

HCCR breeding blankets optimization by changing neutronic constrictions

Pages 2564-2569

R. Zadfathollah Seighalani, M. Sedaghatizade, H. Sadeghi

Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Radioactive Waste Management

Hydrogen isotope exchange behavior of protonated lithium metal compounds

Pages 2570-2575

Chan Woo Park, Sung-Wook Kim, Youngho Sihn, Hee-Man Yang, Ilgook Kim, Kwang Se Lee, Changhyun Roh, In-Ho Yoon

Evaluating thermal stability of rare-earth containing wasteforms at extraordinary nuclear disposal conditions

Pages 2576-2581

Miae Kim, Kyong-Soo Hong, Jaeyoung Lee, Mirang Byeon, Yesul Jeong, Jong Hwa Kim, Wooyong Um, Hyun Gyu Kim

Nuclear Fuel and Reactor Materials

Effect of mechanical alloying on the microstructural evolution of a ferritic ODS steel with (Y–Ti–Al–Zr) addition processed by Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS)

Pages 2582-2590

E. Macía, A. García-Junceda, M. Serrano, S.J. Hong, M. Campos

Effect of thermal aging on the mechanical, intergranular corrosion and corrosion fatigue properties of Z3CN20.09M cast duplex stainless steel

Pages 2591-2599

Wenxin Ti, Huanchun Wu, Fei Xue, Guodong Zhang, Qunjia Peng, Kewei Fang, Xitao Wang

Environmental fatigue correction factor model for domestic nuclear-grade low-alloy steel

Pages 2600-2609

Jun Gao, Chang Liu, Jibo Tan, Ziyu Zhang, Xinqiang Wu, En-Hou Han, Rui Shen, Bingxi Wang, Wei Ke

A study of predicting irradiation-induced transition temperature shift for RPV steels with XGBoost modeling

Pages 2610-2615

Chaoliang Xu, Xiangbing Liu, Hongke Wang, Yuanfei Li, Wenqing Jia, Wangjie Qian, Qiwei Quan, Huajian Zhang, Fei Xue

Modelling of effective irradiation swelling for inert matrix fuels

Pages 2616-2628

Jing Zhang, Haoyu Wang, Hongyang Wei, Jingyu Zhang, Changbing Tang, Chuan Lu, Chunlan Huang, Shurong Ding, Yuanming Li

Microstructural characteristics of a fresh U(Mo) monolithic mini-plate: Focus on the Zr coating deposited by PVD

Pages 2629-2639

Xavière Iltis, Doris Drouan, Thierry Blay, Isabelle Zacharie, Catherine Sabathier, Claire Onofri, Christian Steyer, Christian Schwarz, Bruno Baumeister, Jérôme Allenou, Bertrand Stepnik, Winfried Petry

Radiation Application

Development and performance evaluation of large-area hybrid gamma imager (LAHGI)

Pages 2640-2645

Hyun Su Lee, Jae Hyeon Kim, Junyoung Lee, Chan Hyeong Kim

Performance evaluation of an adjustable gantry PET (AGPET) for small animal PET imaging

Pages 2646-2651

Hankyeol Song, In Soo Kang, Kyu Bom Kim, Chanwoo Park, Min Kyu Baek, Seongyeon Lee, Yong Hyun Chung

Radiation Protection

Region-wise evaluation of gamma-ray exposure dose in decontamination operation after a nuclear accident

Pages 2652-2660

Hae Sun Jeong, Won Tae Hwang, Moon Hee Han, Eun Han Kim, Jo Eun Lee, Cheol Woo Lee

Gamma ray exposure buildup factor and shielding features for some binary alloys using MCNP-5 simulation code

Pages 2661-2668

Y.S. Rammah, K.A. Mahmoud, Faras Q. Mohammed, M.I. Sayyed, O.L. Tashlykov, R. El-Mallawany

Nuclear Structural Analysis and Plant Management & Maintenance

Investigation on cavitating flow and parameter effects in a control valve with a perforated cage

Pages 2669-2681

Hong Wang, Zhimao Zhu, Miao Zhang, Jie Li, Weiqi Huo

Safety assessment of nuclear fuel reprocessing plant under the free drop impact of spent fuel cask and fuel assembly part I: Large-scale model test and finite element model validation

Pages 2682-2695

Z.C. Li, Y.H. Yang, Z.F. Dong, T. Huang, H. Wu

Efficiency of various structural modeling schemes on evaluating seismic performance and fragility of APR1400 containment building

Pages 2696-2707

Duy-Duan Nguyen, Bidhek Thusa, Hyosang Park, Md Samdani Azad, Tae-Hyung Lee

Position error compensation of the multi-purpose overload robot in nuclear power plants

Pages 2708-2715

Guodong Qin, Aihong Ji, Yong Cheng, Wenlong Zhao, Hongtao Pan, Shanshuang Shi, Yuntao Song

Earthquake response of a core shroud for APR1400

Pages 2716-2727

Myung Jo Jhung, Youngin Choi, Chang-Sik Oh

Mitigation of seismic responses of actual nuclear piping by a newly developed tuned mass damper device

Pages 2728-2745

Shinyoung Kwag, Seunghyun Eem, Jinsung Kwak, Hwanho Lee, Jinho Oh, Gyeong-Hoi Koo

Nuclear Policy, Economics and Human Resource Development

Testing the pollution haven hypothesis on the pathway of sustainable development: Accounting the role of nuclear energy consumption

Pages 2746-2752

Danish, Salah Ud-Din Khan, Ashfaq Ahmad

Exergy and exergoeconomic analysis of hydrogen and power cogeneration using an HTR plant

Pages 2753-2760

Nima Norouzi, Saeed Talebi, Maryam Fani, Hossein Khajehpour

Technical Notes

Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Radioactive Waste Management

Selection of a carrying agent for obtaining radioactive methyliodide vapors under dynamic conditions

Pages 2761-2766

Alexander V. Obruchikov, Aleksei O. Merkushkin, Eldar P. Magomedbekov, Olga M. Anurova, Elena A. Vanina

Radiation Application

Bragg-curve simulation of carbon-ion beams for particle-therapy applications: A study with the GEANT4 toolkit

Pages 2767-2773

Morad Kh. Hamad