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Nuclear Engineering and Technology

Volume 53, Issue 4, Pages 1049-1390 , April 2021 ( <=클릭하시면 논문을 보실 수 있습니다)
Review Article

Nuclear Fuel and Reactor Materials


Resistance, electron- and laser-beam welding of zirconium alloys for nuclear applications: A review

Pages 1049-1078
Mikhail Slobodyan
Original Articles

Reactor Physics


NTP-ERSN verification with C5G7 1D extension benchmark and GUI development

Pages 1079-1087
M. Lahdour, T. El Bardouni, O. El Hajjaji, E. Chakir, M. Mohammed, Jamal Al Zain, H. Ziani

Time-frequency analysis of reactor neutron noise under bubble disturbance and control rod vibration

Pages 1088-1099
Baoxin Yuan, Simao Guo, Wankui Yang, Songbao Zhang, Bin Zhong, Junxia Wei, Yangjun Ying

Thermal Hydraulics


Evaluation of correlations for prediction of onset of heat transfer deterioration for vertically upward flow of supercritical water in pipe

Pages 1100-1108
Suresh Sahu, Abhijeet M. Vaidya

Heat transfer characteristics of redan structure in large-scale test facility STELLA-2

Pages 1109-1118
Jung Yoon, Jewhan Lee, Hyungmo Kim, Yong-Bum Lee, Jaehyuk Eoh

Preliminary numerical study of single bubble dynamics in swirl flow using volume of fluid method

Pages 1119-1126
Zhongchun Li, Zhifang Qiu, Sijia Du, Shuhua Ding, Hui Bao, Xiaoming Song, Jian Deng

Nuclear Safety


Development of risk assessment framework and the case study for a spent fuel pool of a nuclear power plant

Pages 1127-1133
Jintae Choi, Ho Seok

Parametric analyses for the design of a closed-loop passive containment cooling system

Pages 1134-1145
Jungjin Bang, Ji-Hwan Hwang, Han Gon Kim, Dong-Wook Jerng

Probability subtraction method for accurate quantification of seismic multi-unit probabilistic safety assessment

Pages 1146-1156
Seong Kyu Park, Woo Sik Jung

Numerical analysis to determine fire suppression time for multiple water mist nozzles in a large fire test compartment

Pages 1157-1166
Gaghyeon Ha, Weon Gyu Shin, Jaiho Lee

Nuclear I & C


FPGA application for wireless monitoring in power plant

Pages 1167-1175
Adesh Kumar, Kamal Bansal, Deepak Kumar, Aakanksha Devrari, Roushan Kumar, Prashant Mani

RADAR level measurement in Joule heated ceramic melter: A novel technique

Pages 1176-1180
G. Suneel, Mukesh Mahashabde, Ritusmita Borkotoky, Nitin Kumar Sharma, M.P. Pradeep, J.K.Gayen, H.R. Pimparkar, K.V. Ravi

Abnormal state diagnosis model tolerant to noise in plant data

Pages 1181-1188
Ji Hyeon Shin, Jae Min Kim, Seung Jun Lee

Development of underwater 3D shape measurement system with improved radiation tolerance

Pages 1189-1198
Taewon Kim, Youngsoo Choi, Yun-ho Ko

Impact parameter prediction of a simulated metallic loose part using convolutional neural network

Pages 1199-1209
Seongin Moon, Seongjin Han, To Kang, Soonwoo Han, Kyungmo Kim, Yongkyun Yu, Joseph Eom

Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Radioactive Waste Management


Analytical method for determination of 41Ca in radioactive concrete

Pages 1210-1217
Yong-Jin Lee, Jong-Myoung Lim, Jin-Hong Lee, Sang-Bum Hong, Hyuncheol Kim

Extraction behaviors of platinum group metals in simulated high-level liquid waste by a hydrophobic ionic liquid bearing an amino moiety

Pages 1218-1223
Hao Wu, Seong-Yun Kim, Tadayuki Takahashi, Haruka Oosugi, Tatsuya Ito, Kiyoshi Kanie

Development of a multi criteria decision analysis framework for the assessment of integrated waste management options for irradiated graphite

Pages 1224-1235
Liam Abrahamsen-Mills, Alan Wareing, Linda Fowler, Richard Jarvis, Simon Norris, Anthony Banford

Nuclear Fuel and Reactor Materials


An evaluation on in-pile behaviors of SiCf/SiC cladding under normal and accident conditions with updated FROBA-ATF code

Pages 1236-1249
Ping Chen, Bowen Qiu, Yuanming Li, Yingwei Wu, Yongbo Hui, Yangbin Deng, Kun Zhang

Effect of initial coating crack on the mechanical performance of surface-coated zircaloy cladding

Pages 1250-1258
Ze Xu, Yulan Liu, Biao Wang

Radiation Application


Design and performance prediction of large-area hybrid gamma imaging system (LAHGIS) for localization of low-level radioactive material

Pages 1259-1265
Hyun Su Lee, Jae Hyeon Kim, Junyoung Lee, Chan Hyeong Kim

Impact of aperture-thickness on the real-time imaging characteristics of coded-aperture gamma cameras

Pages 1266-1276
Seoryeong Park, Jiwhan Boo, Mark Hammig, Manhee Jeong

Proposing a gamma radiation based intelligent system for simultaneous analyzing and detecting type and amount of petroleum by-products

Pages 1277-1283
Mohammadmehdi Roshani, Giang Phan, Rezhna Hassan Faraj, Nhut-Huan Phan, Gholam Hossein Roshani, Behrooz Nazemi, Enrico Corniani, Ehsan Nazemi

Design optimization of GaN diode with p-GaN multi-well structure for high-efficiency betavoltaic cell

Pages 1284-1288
Young Jun Yoon, Jae Sang Lee, In Man Kang, Jung-Hee Lee, Dong-Seok Kim

Electron beam scattering device for FLASH preclinical studies with 6-MeV LINAC

Pages 1289-1296
Dong Hyeok Jeong, Manwoo Lee, Heuijin Lim, Sang Koo Kang, Sang Jin Lee, Hee Chang Kim, Kyohyun Lee, Seung Heon Kim, Dong Eun Lee, Kyoung Won Jang

Calibration-free real-time organic film thickness monitoring technique by reflected X-Ray fluorescence and compton scattering measurement

Pages 1297-1303
Junghwan Park, Yong Suk Choi, Junhyuck Kim, Jeongmook Lee, Tae Jun Kim, Young-Sang Youn, Sang Ho Lim, Jong-Yun Kim

Development of a novel reconstruction method for two-phase flow CT with improved simulated annealing algorithm

Pages 1304-1310
Mingfei Yan, Huasi Hu, Guang Hu, Bin Liu, Chao He, Qiang Yi

Radiation Protection


Spectral resolution evaluation by MCNP simulation for airborne alpha detection system with a collimator

Pages 1311-1317
Min Ji Kim, Si Hyeong Sung, Hee Reyoung Kim

Performing angiographic intervention with a femoral entry shield: Element analysis microscopy and hand dose reduction for interventional radiologist

Pages 1318-1322
Martin Law, Dickon H.L. Ng, Do-Kun Yoon, Shih-Kien Djeng

Bismuth modified gamma radiation shielding properties of titanium vanadium sodium tellurite glasses as a potent transparent radiation-resistant glass applications

Pages 1323-1330
M.H.M. Zaid, K.A. Matori, H.A.A. Sidek, I.R. Ibrahim

Nuclear Structural Analysis and Plant Management & Maintenance


Seismic capacity evaluation of fire-damaged cabinet facility in a nuclear power plant

Pages 1331-1344
Tahmina Tasnim Nahar, Md Motiur Rahman, Dookie Kim

Evaluation of MCC seismic response according to the frequency contents through the shake table test

Pages 1345-1356
Sung-Jin Chang, Young-Soo Jeong, Seung-Hyun Eem, In-Kil Choi, Dong-Uk Park

Thermal aging effect on fracture toughness of GTAW/SMAW of 316L stainless steel: experiments and applicability of existing CASS models

Pages 1357-1368
Gyo-Geun Youn, Yun-Jae Kim, Yasufumi Miura

Nuclear Policy, Economics and Human Resource Development


Effects of the move towards Gen IV reactors in capacity expansion planning by total generation cost and environmental impact optimization

Pages 1369-1377
Ali Bamshad, Omid Safarzadeh
Technical Note

Nuclear Physics, Fusion, and Laser Technology


Remote handling systems for the ISAC and ARIEL high-power fission and spallation ISOL target facilities at TRIUMF

Pages 1378-1389
Grant Minor, Jason Kapalka, Chad Fisher, William Paley, Kevin Chen, Maxim Kinakin, Isaac Earle, Bevan Moss, Pierre Bricault, Alexander Gottberg