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Nuclear Engineering and Technology

Volume 53, Issue 1, Pages 1-356 , January 2021

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Original Article
Reactor Physics

Analysis of VVER-1000 mock-up criticality experiments with nuclear data library ENDF/B-VIII.0 and Monte Carlo code MCS

Fathurrahman Setiawan, Matthieu Lemaire, Deokjung Lee

Validation of UNIST Monte Carlo code MCS for criticality safety calculations with burnup credit through MOX criticality benchmark problems

Duy Long Ta, Ser Gi Hong, Deokjung Lee

Advanced two-level CMFD acceleration method for the 3D whole-core high-fidelity neutron adjoint transport calculation

Kaijie Zhu, Chen Hao, Yunlin Xu

Validation of spent nuclear fuel decay heat calculation by a two-step method

Jaerim Jang, Bamidele Ebiwonjumi, Wonkyeong Kim, Jinsu Park, Jiwon Choe, Deokjung Lee

Thermal Hydraulics

Experimental study on vertically upward steam-water two-phase flow patterns in narrow rectangular channel

Jiancheng Zhou, Tianzhou Ye, Dalin Zhang, Gongle Song, Rulei Sun, Jian Deng, Wenxi Tian, G.H. Su, Suizheng Qiu

Numerical investigation of the large over-reading of Venturi flow rate in ARE of nuclear power plant

Hong Wang, Zhimao Zhu, Miao Zhang, Jinlong Han

Experiment and modeling of liquid-phase flow in a venturi tube using stereoscopic PIV

Yuchen Song, Yunqi Shentu, Yalan Qian, Junlian Yin, Dezhong Wang

Analysis of the flow distribution and mixing characteristics in the reactor pressure vessel

L.L. Tong, L.Q. Hou, X.W. Cao

Nuclear Safety

A rapid modeling method and accuracy criteria for common-cause failures in Risk Monitor PSA model

Bing Zhang, Shanqi Chen, Zhixian Lin, Shaoxuan Wang, Zhen Wang, Daochuan Ge, Dingqing Guo, Jian Lin, Fang Wang, Jin Wang

Study on relocation behavior of debris bed by improved bottom gas-injection experimental method

Chunming Teng, Bin Zhang, Jianqiang Shan


Nuclear I&C

Preventing cascading failure of electric power protection systems in nuclear power plant

Moustafa Abdelrahman Mohamed Mohamed Moustafa, Choong-koo Chang

Quantitative measures of thoroughness of FBD simulations for PLC-based digital I&C system

Dong-Ah Lee, Eui-Sub Kim, Junbeom Yoo

An electrochemical hydrogen peroxide sensor for applications in nuclear industry

Junghwan Park, Jong Woo Kim, Hyunjin Kim, Wonhyuck Yoon

A multi-layer approach to DN 50 electric valve fault diagnosis using shallow-deep intelligent models

Yong-kuo Liu, Wen Zhou, Abiodun Ayodeji, Xin-qiu Zhou, Min-jun Peng, Nan Chao


Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Radioactive Waste Management

Sorption behavior of Eu(Ⅲ) on Tamusu clay under strong ionic strength: Batch experiments and BSE/EDS analysis

Han Zhang, Hanyi He, Jun Liu, Honghui Li, Shuaiwei Zhao, Meilan Jia, Jijun Yang, Ning Liu, Yuanyou Yang, Jiali Liao


Nuclear Fuel and Reactor Materials

Microstructure and properties of 316L stainless steel foils for pressure sensor of pressurized water reactor

Qubo He, Fusheng Pan, Dongzhe Wang, Haiding Liu, Fei Guo, Zhongwei Wang, Yanlong Ma

Design and evaluation of an innovative LWR fuel combined dual-cooled annular geometry and SiC cladding materials

Yangbin Deng, Minghao Liu, Bowen Qiu, Yuan Yin, Xing Gong, Xi Huang, Bo Pang, Yongchun Li

Preparation by the Double Extraction Process with preliminary neutron irradiation of yttria or calcia stabilised cubic zirconium dioxide microspheres

Marcin Brykala, Rafal Walczak, Danuta Wawszczak, Stanislaw Kilim, Marcin Rogowski, Elzbieta Strugalska-Gola, Tadeusz Olczak, Tomasz Smolinski, Marcin Szuta


Radiation Application

MCNP-polimi simulation for the compressed-sensing based reconstruction in a coded-aperture imaging CAI extended to partially-coded field-of-view

Manhee Jeong, Geehyun Kim

Optimization study of a clustering algorithm for cosmic-ray muon scattering tomography used in fast inspection

Linjun Hou, Yonggang Huo, Wenming Zuo, Qingxu Yao, Jianqing Yang, Quanhu Zhang

Characterization of Rhizophora SPP. Particleboards with SOY protein isolate modified with NaOH/IA-PAE adhesive for use as phantom material at photon energies of 16.59–25.26 keV

Damilola Oluwafemi Samson, Ahmad Shukri, Mohd Zubir Mat Jafri, Rokiah Hashim, Othman Sulaiman, Mohd Zahri Abdul Aziz, Mohd Fahmi Mohd Yusof

Proposal for the list of potential radionuclides of interest during NPP site characterization or final status surveys

Hyung-Woo Seo, Jae Yong Oh, Weon Gyu Shin

Impact of boundary layer simulation on predicting radioactive pollutant dispersion: A case study for HANARO research reactor using the WRF-MMIF-CALPUFF modeling system

Kyo-Sun Sunny Lim, Jong-Myung Lim, Jiwoo Lee, Hyeyum Hailey Shin

Analysis of ultra-low radionuclide concentrations in water samples with baromembrane method

Maxim Vasyanovich, Aleksey Ekidin, Alexander Trapeznikov, Anatoly Plataev

Application of sigmoidal optimization to reconstruct nuclear medicine image: Comparison with filtered back projection and iterative reconstruction method

Han-Back Shin, Moo-Sub Kim, Martin Law, Shih-Kien Djeng, Min-Geon Choi, Byung Wook Choi, Sungmin Kang, Dong-Wook Kim, Tae Suk Suh, Do-Kun Yoon

Development of a neural network method for measuring the energy spectrum of a pulsed electron beam, based on Bremsstrahlung X-Ray

Mohsen Sohrabi, Navid Ayoobian, Babak Shirani

Radiation Protection

Radiological safety assessment of lead shielded spent resin treatment facility with the treatment capacity of 1 ton/day

Jaehoon Byun, Woo Nyun Choi, Hee Reyoung Kim

Investigations on borate glasses within SBC-Bx system for gamma-ray shielding applications

Y.S. Rammah, H.O. Tekin, C. Sriwunkum, I. Olarinoye, Amani Alalawi, M.S. Al-Buriahi, T. Nutaro, Baris T. Tonguc


Nuclear Structural Analysis and Plant Management & Maintenance

A fast high-resolution vibration measurement method based on vision technology for structures

Ki-Sung Son, Hyeong-Seop Jeon, Gyung-Sun Chae, Jae-Seok Park, Se-Oh Kim

Bayesian model updating for the corrosion fatigue crack growth rate of Ni-base Alloy X-750

Jae Young Yoon, Tae Hyun Lee, Kyung Ha Ryu, Yong Jin Kim, Sung Hyun Kim, Jong Won Park


Nuclear Policy, Economics and Human Resource Development

Determinants of nuclear power expansion in Indonesia

Inkyung Cho, Surim Oh, Soohyeon Kim, Fadolly Ardin, Eunnyeong Heo

Technical Notes

Nuclear Safety

Numerical prediction of transient hydraulic loads acting on PWR steam generator tubes and supports during blowdown following a feedwater line break

Jong Chull Jo, Jae Jun Jeong, Byong Jo Yun, Jongkap Kim

Radiation Application

Effects of element composition in soil samples on the efficiencies of gamma energy peaks evaluated by the MCNP5 code

Vu Ngoc Ba, Bui Ngoc Thien, Truong Thi Hong Loan

Development of long-term irradiation testing technology at HANARO

Kee Nam Choo, Seong Woo Yang, Seng Jae Park, Yoon Taeg Shin

Radiation Protection

Administrative dose control for occupationally-exposed workers in Korean nuclear power plants

Tae Young Kong, Si Young Kim, Yoonhee Jung, Jeong Mi Kim, Moonhyung Cho