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Nuclear Engineering and Technology

Volume 52, Issue 12, Pages 2687-2982 , December 2020
Review Article

Nuclear I&C


A new perspective towards the development of robust data-driven intrusion detection for industrial control systems

Pages 2687-2698
Abiodun Ayodeji, Yong-kuo Liu, Nan Chao, Li-qun Yang

Reactor Physics


Three-D core multiphysics for simulating passively autonomous power maneuvering in soluble-boron-free SMR with helical steam generator

Pages 2699-2708
Ahmed Amin E. Abdelhameed, Khurrum Saleem Chaudri, Yonghee Kim

Application of deep neural networks for high-dimensional large BWR core neutronics

Pages 2709-2716
Rabie Abu Saleem, Majdi I. Radaideh, Tomasz Kozlowski

Comprehensive validation of silicon cross sections

Pages 2717-2724
Tomáš Czakoj, Michal Košťál, Jan Šimon, Jaroslav Šoltés, Martin Mareček, Roberto Capote

Analysis of the first core of the Indonesian multipurpose research reactor RSG-GAS using the Serpent Monte Carlo code and the ENDF/B-VIII.0 nuclear data library

Pages 2725-2732
Donny Hartanto, Peng Hong Liem

An assessment of the applicability of multigroup cross sections generated with Monte Carlo method for fast reactor analysis

Pages 2733-2742
Ching-Sheng Lin, Won Sik Yang

Thermal Hydraulics


Conceptual design of small modular reactor driven by natural circulation and study of design characteristics using CFD & RELAP5 code

Pages 2743-2759
Mun Soo Kim, Yong Hoon Jeong

Calculation of fuel temperature profile for heavy water moderated natural uranium oxide fuel using two gas mixture conductance model for noble gas Helium and Xenon

Pages 2760-2770
Alok Jha, Anurag Gupta, Rajarshi Das, Shantanu D. Paraswar

Experimental study of bubble flow behavior during flow instability under uniform and non-uniform transverse heat distribution

Pages 2771-2788
Omar S. Al-Yahia, Ho Joon Yoon, Daeseong Jo

Code development on steady-state thermal-hydraulic for small modular natural circulation lead-based fast reactor

Pages 2789-2802
Pengcheng Zhao, Zijing Liu, Tao Yu, Jinsen Xie, Zhenping Chen, Chong Shen

CFD study of the PTS experiment in ROCOM test facility

Pages 2803-2811
Zoran Čarija, Fran Ledić, Ante Sikirica, Bojan Niceno

Nuclear Safety


Effects of house load operation on PSA based on operational experiences in Korea

Pages 2812-2820
Hak Kyu Lim, Jong-hoon Park

Parameter importance ranking for SBLOCA of CPR1000 with moment-independent sensitivity analysis

Pages 2821-2835
Qingwen Xiong, Junli Gou, Jianqiang Shan

Improved prediction model for H2/CO combustion risk using a calculated non-adiabatic flame temperature model

Pages 2836-2846
Yeon Soo Kim, Joongoo Jeon, Chang Hyun Song, Sung Joong Kim

Nuclear I&C


On-site water level measurement method based on wavelength division multiplexing for harsh environments in nuclear power plants

Pages 2847-2851
Hoon-Keun Lee, Jaeyul Choo, Gangsig Shin, Sung-Man Kim

Simulation, design optimization, and experimental validation of a silver SPND for neutron flux mapping in the Tehran MTR

Pages 2852-2859
Mahdi Saghafi, Seyed Mohsen Ayyoubzadeh, Mohammad Sadegh Terman

Nuclear Physics, Fusion, and Laser Technology


Microstructure evolution and effect on deuterium retention in oxide dispersion strengthened tungsten during He+ irradiation

Pages 2860-2866
Xiao-Yu Ding, Qiu Xu, Xiao-yong Zhu, Lai-Ma Luo, Jian-Jun Huang, Bin Yu, Xiang Gao, Jian-Gang Li, Yu-Cheng Wu

Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Radioactive Waste Management


Restoration of the isotopic composition of reprocessed uranium hexafluoride using cascade with additional product

Pages 2867-2873
Valerii Palkin, Eugenii Maslyukov

Novel homogeneous burnable poisons in pressurized water reactor ceramic fuel

Pages 2874-2879
Brandon Dodd, Taylor Britt, Cody Lloyd, Manit Shah, Braden Goddard

Nuclear Fuel and Reactor Materials


Thermodynamic and experimental analyses of the oxidation behavior of UO2 pellets in damaged fuel rods of pressurized water reactors

Pages 2880-2886
Tae-Sik Jung, Yeon-Soo Na, Min-Jae Joo, Kwang-Young Lim, Yoon-Ho Kim, Seung-Jae Lee

Analysis of cladding failure in a BWR fuel rod using a SLICE-DO model of the FALCON code

Pages 2887-2900
G. Khvostov

Thermal creep behavior of CZ cladding under biaxial stress state

Pages 2901-2909
Jin Xin, Lin Yuyu, Zhang Libin

Radiation Application


Performance of 3D printed plastic scintillators for gamma-ray detection

Pages 2910-2917
Dong-geon Kim, Sangmin Lee, Junesic Park, Jaebum Son, Tae Hoon Kim, Yong Hyun Kim, Kihong Pak, Yong Kyun Kim

Nuclear Structural Analysis and Plant Management & Maintenance


Simplified elastic-plastic analysis procedure for strain-based fatigue assessment of nuclear safety class 1 components under severe seismic loads

Pages 2918-2927
Jong-Sung Kim, Jun-Young Kim

Entropy and exergy analysis and optimization of the VVER nuclear power plant with a capacity of 1000 MW using the firefly optimization algorithm

Pages 2928-2938
Saeed Talebi, Nima Norouzi

Analytic responses of slender beams supported by rotationally restrained hinges during support motions

Pages 2939-2948
Jeong Yeon Ryu, Yong-Woo Kim

Crack growth analysis and remaining life prediction of dissimilar metal pipe weld joint with circumferential crack under cyclic loading

Pages 2949-2957
A. Ramachandra Murthy, P. Gandhi, S. Vishnuvardhan, G. Sudharshan

Nuclear Policy, Economics and Human Resource Development


Analyzing local perceptions toward the new nuclear research reactor in Thailand

Pages 2958-2968
Sarasinee Tantitaechochart, Naraphorn Paoprasert, Kampanart Silva

Is nuclear energy a better alternative for mitigating CO2 emissions in BRICS countries? An empirical analysis

Pages 2969-2974
Syed Tauseef Hassan, Danish, Salah-Ud-Din khan, Muhammad Awais Baloch, Zahid Hassan Tarar
Technical Note

Nuclear Structural Analysis and Plant Management & Maintenance


Evaluation of the radiation damage effect on mechanical properties in Tehran research reactor (TRR) clad

Pages 2975-2981
Mohamad Amin Amirkhani, Farrokh Khoshahval