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Nuclear Engineering and Technology : Volume 51, Issue 2

Original Articles
Reactor Physics
Computational design and characterization of a subcritical reactor assembly with TRIGA fuel
Alvie Asuncion-Astronomo, Žiga Štancar, Tanja Goričanec, Luka Snoj
Evaluation of the reutilization of used nuclear fuel in a PWR core without reprocessing
Zafar Iqbal Zafar, Yun Seo Park, Myung Hyun Kim
Verification and validation of STREAM/RAST-K for PWR analysis
Jiwon Choe, Sooyoung Choi, Peng Zhang, Jinsu Park,Wonkyeong Kim, Ho Cheol Shin, Hwan Soo Lee, Ji-Eun Jung, Deokjung Lee
An advanced core design for a soluble-boron-free small modular reactor ATOM with centrally-shielded burnable absorber
Xuan Ha Nguyen, ChiHyung Kim, Yonghee Kim
Neutronic study of utilization of discrete thorium-uranium fuel pins in CANDU-6 reactor
Nianbiao Deng, Tao Yu, Jinsen Xie, Zhenping Chen, QinXie, Pengcheng Zhao, Zijing Liu, Wenjie Zeng
Experimental validation of a nuclear forensics methodology for source reactor-type discrimination of chemically separated plutonium
Jeremy M. Osborn, Kevin J. Glennon, Evans D. Kitcher,Jonathan D. Burns, Charles M. Folden, Sunil S. Chirayath

Thermal Hydraulics
Sensitivity analysis of thermal-hydraulic parameters to study the corrosion intensity in nuclear power plant steam generators
S. Tashakor, A. Afsari, M. Hashemi-Tilehnoee

Nuclear Safety
RCD success criteria estimation based on allowable coping time
Jaehyun Ham, Jaehyun Cho, Jaewhan Kim, Hyun Gook Kang
Numerical analysis on the rapid fire suppression using a water mist nozzle in a fire compartment with a door opening
Jaiho Lee
Detonation cell size model based on deep neural network for hydrogen, methane and propane mixtures with air and oxygen
Konrad Malik, Mateusz Żbikowski, Andrzej Teodorczyk

Nuclear I&C
The investigation of a new fast timing system based on DRS4 waveform sampling system
Xiuling Zhang, Chengming Du, Jinda Chen, Herun Yang,Jie kong, Haibo Yang, Peng Ma, Guozhu Shi, limin Duan, Zhengguo Hu
Performance evaluation of noise reduction algorithm with median filter using improved thresholding method in pixelated semiconductor gamma camera system: A numerical simulation study
Youngjin Lee
Evaluation of availability of nuclear power plant dynamic systems using extended dynamic reliability graph with general gates (DRGGG)
Eun Chan Lee, Seung Ki Shin, Poong Hyun Seong
Comprehensive evaluation method for user interface design in nuclear power plant based on mental workload
Yu Chen, Shengyuan Yan, Cong Chi Tran
Architectural model driven dependability analysis of computer based safety system in nuclear power plant
Amol Wakankar, Ashutosh Kabra, A.K. Bhattacharjee,Gopinath Karmakar
Nuclear Fuel and Reactor Materials
Comparison of oxide layers formed on the low-cycle fatigue crack surfaces of Alloy 690 and 316 SS tested in a simulated PWR environment
Junjie Chen, Andrieanto Nurrochman, Jong-Dae Hong, TaeSoon Kim, Changheui Jang, Yongsun Yi
Behavior characteristics of hydrogen and its isotope in molten salt of LiF-NaF-KF (FLiNaK)
Youshi Zeng, Wenguan Liu, Wei Liu, Yuan Qian, NanQian, Xiaoling Wu, Yu Huang, Shengwei Wu, Guanghua Wang
A study on the mechanically equivalent surrogate plate of UMo dispersion fuel using tungsten
Hyun-Jung Kim, Jeong-Sik Yim, Yong-Jin Jeong, Kang-HeeLee
Study on the irradiation effect of mechanical properties of RPV steels using crystal plasticity model
Junfeng Nie, Yunpeng Liu, Qihao Xie, Zhanli Liu
Time dependent heat transfer of proliferation resistant plutonium
Cody Lloyd, Ravi Hadimani, Braden Goddard
Impact of thermal and chemical treatment on the mechanical properties of E110 and E110G cladding tubes
M. Király, Z. Hózer, M. Horváth, T. Novotny, E.Perez-Feró, N. Vér

Radiation Application
Efficiency calibration of a coaxial HPGe detector-Marinelli beaker geometry using an 152Eu source prepared in epoxy matrix and its validation by efficiency transfer method
Haluk Yücel, Senem Zümrüt, Recep Bora Narttürk, GizemGedik
Comparison of knife-edge and multi-slit camera for proton beam range verification by Monte Carlo simulation
Jong Hoon Park, Sung Hun Kim, Youngmo Ku, Hyun Su Lee,Chan Hyeong Kim, Dong Ho Shin, Jong Hwi Jeong
Effects of collimator on imaging performance of Yttrium-90 Bremsstrahlung photons: Monte Carlo simulation
Minho Kim, Jae Keon Bae, Bong Hwan Hong, Kyeong MinKim, Wonho Lee

Nuclear Structural Analysis and Plant Management & Maintenance
Research on the structure design of the LBE reactor coolant pump in the lead base heap
Yonggang Lu, Rongsheng Zhu, Qiang Fu, Xiuli Wang, CeAn, Jing Chen
The design and fabrication of 81.25 MHz RFQ for Low Energy Accelerator Facility
Bo Zhao, Shuping Chen, Tieming Zhu, Fengfeng Wang,Xiaofeng Jin, Chenxing Li, Wei Ma, Bin Zhang
Seismic fragility evaluation of the base-isolated nuclear power plant piping system using the failure criterion based on stress-strain
Sung-Wan Kim, Bub-Gyu Jeon, Dae-Gi Hahm, Min-Kyu Kim
Two-way fluid-structure interaction simulation for steady-state vibration of a slender rod using URANS and LES turbulence models
Tooraj Nazari, Ataollah Rabiee, Hossein Kazeminejad
Numerical validation of burst pressure estimation equations for steam generator tubes with multiple axial surface cracks
Ji-Seok Kim, Myeong-Woo Lee, Yun-Jae Kim, Jin-Weon Kim
Conceptual design of ultra-high performance fiber reinforced concrete nuclear waste container
H. Othman, T. Sabrah, H. Marzouk
Large strain nonlinear model of lead rubber bearings for beyond design basis earthquakes
Seunghyun Eem, Daegi Hahm
Logic tree approach for probabilistic typhoon wind hazard assessment
Young-Sun Choun, Min-Kyu Kim

Nuclear Policy, Economics and Human Resource Development
Human resource planning for authorized inspection activity
Seung-hee Lee, Robert Murray Field
Positive or negative? Public perceptions of nuclear energy in South Korea: Evidence from Big Data
Eunil Park
Economic analysis of thorium extraction from monazite
Ahmad Hayaton Jamely Mohd Salehuddin, Aznan FazliIsmail, Che Nor Aniza Che Zainul Bahri, Eli Syafiqah Aziman
Technical Note
Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Radioactive Waste Management
A method for properties evaluation of activated charcoal sorbents in iodine capture under dynamic conditions
Eldar P. Magomedbekov, Alexander V. Obruchikov