In accordance with Article 3 (Dues, etc.), Paragraph 2 of the Enforcement Regulations of the Articles of Incorporation of the Society, please pay the annual dues for 2024 as follows and update your membership information.
In particular, this year is the year of the election of the 28th Councilor (term: September 1, 2024 to August 31, 2026), and the right to vote for Councilor candidates, Councilor qualifications, and straight Councilor voting is granted only to members who have paid their annual dues,
We need accurate information on your "Research Affiliation".
1. Annual fee payment
A. Payment deadline: year-round, but the rights of members who have not paid annual dues after May 31 will be restricted.
B. Benefits for paid members
  - Spring and fall conference registration fee is applied to members
  - Eligibility to nominate and receive awards
  - Eligibility and election of councilors (voting rights)
  - Eligibility for Vice President of Research
  - Qualifications for officers
C. Payment method: Credit card, real-time account transfer, virtual account
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2. Update your membership information
  - Affiliation: Select up to 2 organizations if not already checked
  - Personal information: Edit if there is any change in affiliation, email address, contact information, etc.
  - Membership Type: Contact the Society Secretariat if there is a change (if an undergraduate student (student member) graduates and goes to graduate school or gets a job, the membership type must be changed)
  - Gender: Required if unchecked by previous members to run a women's chapter
  - Date of Birth: Required if unchecked for the management of the youth chapter and identification of senior members
  - Google Scholar ID: Select if you wish to enter your Google Scholar ID to utilize the data collected by the Society's Human Resources Information Search System.