The 2024 Spring Conference will be held as follows, and we look forward to your interest and active participation.
A. Schedule : May 8th (Wed) ~ 10th (Fri), 2024
B. Venue : Jeju International Convention Center
C. Paper preparation and submission
 (1) Manuscript length: 1 page or more on A4 paper
 (2) File format : PDF file
 (3) Language : English
 (4) Deadline: Until March 7, 2024 (Thu) 24:00
 (5) Submission method: Click on the conference website to submit a paper at the conference.
D. Presentation Submission
 (1) With the consent of the presenter, we are posting the presentation material on our website.
 (2) Submission period: May 13 (Mon) ~ May 17 (Fri), 2024

E. Paper Writing Form
 (1)Tips for writing papers, example papers, and field codes for writing papers are attached below.

F. Paper Review System
 (1)The papers must be unpublished, and only the papers that have been selected through the review by the relevant research subcommittee can be presented. The selected field and presentation format may be changed during the review process. The best papers will be selected and awarded at the 2024 Fall Conference.

G. Cancellation of Papers
 (1) Published papers cannot be canceled after the conference.
 (2) Unpublished papers will be canceled due to the circumstances of the presenter.

H. Payment of registration fee for accepted papers
 (1) Accepted papers must pay the registration fee.