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Nuclear Engineering and Technology

Volume 56, Issue 1, Pages 1-358 , January 2024
Nuclear I&C

The planning strategy of robotics technology for nuclear decommissioning in Taiwan

Pages 64-69
Chung Yi Tu, Kuen Tsann Chen, Kuen Ting, Chin Yang Sheng

Radiation-hardened-by-design preamplifier with binary weighted current source for radiation detector

Pages 189-194
Minuk Seung, Jong-Gyun Choi, Woo-young Choi, Inyong Kwon

Design of power and phase feedback control system for ion cyclotron resonance heating in the Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak

Pages 216-221
L.N. Liu, W.M. Zheng, X.J. Zhang, H. Yang, S. Yuan, Y.Z. Mao, W. Zhang, G.H. Zhu, L. Wang, C.M. Qin, Y.P. Zhao, Y. Cheng, K. Zhang
Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Radioactive Waste Management

Molybdenum release from high burnup spent nuclear fuel at alkaline and hyperalkaline pH

Pages 34-41
Sonia García-Gómez, Javier Giménez, Ignasi Casas, Jordi Llorca, Joan De Pablo, Albert Martínez-Torrents, Frederic Clarens, Jakub Kokinda, Luis Iglesias, Daniel Serrano-Purroy

Electrochemical extraction of uranium on the gallium and cadmium reactive electrodes in molten salt

Pages 42-47
Valeri Smolenski, Alena Novoselova

In-pile tritium release behavior and the post-irradiation experiments of Li4SiO4 fabricated by melting process

Pages 106-113
Linjie Zhao, Mao Yang, Chengjian Xiao, Yu Gong, Guangming Ran, Xiaojun Chen, Jiamao Li, Lei Yue, Chao Chen, Jingwei Hou, Heyi Wang, Xinggui Long, Shuming Peng

X-Ray Diffraction line profile analysis of defects and precipitates in high displacement damage neutron-irradiated austenitic stainless steels

Pages 114-122
Shreevalli M., Ran Vijay Kumar, Divakar R., Ashish K., Padmaprabu C., Karthik V., Archna Sagdeo

Searching for the viability of using thorium-based accident-tolerant fuel for VVER-1200

Pages 167-179
Mohamed Y.M. Mohsen, Mohamed A.E. Abdel-Rahman, Ahmed Omar, Nassar Alnassar, A. Abdelghafar Galahom

Effects of environmental parameters on chloride-induced stress corrosion cracking behavior of austenitic stainless steel welds for dry storage canister application

Pages 317-327
Seunghyun Kim, Gidong Kim, Chan Kyu Kim, Sang-Woo Song
Nuclear Policy, Economics, and Human Resource Development

Does nuclear energy reduce consumption-based carbon emissions: The role of environmental taxes and trade globalization in highest carbon emitting countries

Pages 180-188
Muhammad Yasir Mehboob, Benjiang Ma, Muhammad Sadiq, Yunsheng Zhang

Modular reactors: What can we learn from modular industrial plants and off site construction research

Pages 222-232
Paul Wrigley, Paul Wood, Daniel Robertson, Jason Joannou, Sam O'Neill, Richard Hall

Artificial intelligence approach for linking competences in nuclear field

Pages 340-356
Vincent Kuo, Günther H. Filz, Jussi Leveinen
Nuclear Physics, Fusion, and Laser Technology

Development of a low energy ion irradiation system for erosion test of first mirror in fusion devices

Pages 70-77
Kihyun Lee, YoungHwa An, Bongki Jung, Boseong Kim, Yoo kwan Kim

Design and simulation of 500 MHz single cell superconducting RF cavity for SILF

Pages 195-206
Yanbing Sun, Wei Ma, Nan Yuan, Yulin Ge, Zhen Yang, Liping Zou, Liang Lu

Investigating the effect of changing parameters in the IEC device in comparative study

Pages 292-300
H. Ghammas, M.N. Nasrabadi
Nuclear Structural Analysis /Plant Management & Maintenance

Thermal aging of Gr. 91 steel in supercritical thermal plant and its effect on structural integrity at elevated temperature

Pages 1-8
Min-Gu Won, Si-Hwa Jeong, Nam-Su Huh, Woo-Gon Kim, Hyeong-Yeon Lee

Pump availability prediction using response surface method in nuclear plant

Pages 48-55
Parasuraman Suganya, Ganapathiraman Swaminathan, Bhargavan Anoop

Numerical investigation on seismic performance of reinforced rib-double steel plate concrete combination shear wall

Pages 78-91
Longyun Zhou, Xiaohu Li, Xiaojun Li

Development of a new CVAP structural analysis methodology of APR1400 reactor internals using scaled model tests

Pages 309-316
Jongsung Moon, Inseong Jin, Doyoung Ko, Kyuhyung Kim
Nuclear Safety

A study on transport and plugging of sodium aerosol in leak paths of concrete blocks

Pages 132-140
Sujatha Pavan Narayanam, Soubhadra Sen, Kalpana Kumari, Amit Kumar, Usha Pujala, V. Subramanian, S. Chandrasekharan, R. Preetha, B. Venkatraman

Comparison of event tree/fault tree and convolution approaches in calculating station blackout risk in a nuclear power plant

Pages 141-146
Man Cheol Kim

Impingement wastage experiment with SUS 316 in a printed circuit steam generator

Pages 257-264
Siwon Seo, Bowon Hwang, Sangji Kim, Jaeyoung Lee

Characteristics of debris resulting from simulated molten fuel coolant interactions in SFRS

Pages 283-291
E. Hemanth Rao, Prabhat Kumar Shukla, D. Ponraju, B. Venkatraman
Radiation Application

Development of a real-time gamma camera for high radiation fields

Pages 56-63
Minju Lee, Yoonhee Jung, Sang-Han Lee

Measurements of proton beam flux and energy of APEP using foil activation technique

Pages 328-334
Wenlin Li, Qifan Dong, Hantao Jing, Li Ou, Zhixin Tan, Sixuan Zhuang, Qingbiao Wu
Radiation protection

A proposal on multi-agent static path planning strategy for minimizing radiation dose

Pages 92-99
Minjae Lee, SeungSoo Jang, Woosung Cho, Janghee Lee, CheolWoo Lee, Song Hyun Kim

Artificial neural network approach for calculating mass attenuation coefficient of different glass systems

Pages 100-105
A. Benhadjira, M.I. Sayyed, O. Bentouila, K.E. Aiadi

X-band EPR dosimetry using minimum mass of tooth enamel for use in radiological accidents

Pages 123-131
Jae Seok Kim, Byeong Ryong Park, Han Sung Kim, In Mo Eo, Jaeryong Yoo, Won Il Jang, Minsu Cho, HyoJin Kim, Yong Kyun Kim

Optimized inverse distance weighted interpolation algorithm for γ radiation field reconstruction

Pages 160-166
Biao Zhang, Jinjia Cao, Shuang Lin, Xiaomeng Li, Yulong Zhang, Xiaochang Zheng, Wei Chen, Yingming Song

Radionuclide concentrations in agricultural soil and lifetime cancer risk due to gamma radioactivity in district Swabi, KPK, Pakistan

Pages 207-215
Umair Azeem, Hannan Younis, Niamat ullah, Khurram Mehboob, Muhammad Ajaz, Mushtaq Ali, Abdullah Hidayat, Wazir Muhammad

Calculation of X-ray attenuation coefficients for normal and cancerous breast tissues

Pages 241-246
Aysun Böke

Optical, thermal and gamma ray attenuation characteristics of tungsten oxide modified: B2O3–SrCO3–TeO2–ZnO glass series

Pages 247-256
Hammam Abdurabu Thabit, Abd Khamim Ismail, M.I. Sayyed, S. Hashim, I. Abdullahi, Mohamed Elsafi, K. Keshavamurthy, G. Jagannath

Radiation attenuation and elemental composition of locally available ceramic tiles as potential radiation shielding materials for diagnostic X-ray rooms

Pages 301-308
Mohd Aizuddin Zakaria, Mohammad Khairul Azhar Abdul Razab, Mohd Zulfadli Adenan, Muhammad Zabidi Ahmad, Suffian Mohamad Tajudin, Damilola Oluwafemi Samson, Mohd Zahri Abdul Aziz

Evaluation of exposure to ionizing radiation of medical staff performing procedures with glucose labeled with radioactive fluorine - 18F-FDG

Pages 335-339
Michał Biegała, Marcin Brodecki, Teresa Jakubowska, Joanna Domienik-Andrzejewska
Reactor Physics

Conceptual design study on Plutonium-238 production in a multi-purpose high flux reactor

Pages 147-159
Jian Li, Jing Zhao, Zhihong Liu, Ding She, Heng Xie, Lei Shi
Thermal Hydraulics

In-depth investigation of natural convection thermal characteristics of BALI experiment through Eulerian computational fluid dynamics code and comparison with Lagrangian code

Pages 9-18
Hyeongi Moon, Sohyun Park, Eungsoo Kim, Jae-Ho Jeong

Development of a one-dimensional system code for the analysis of downward air-water two-phase flow in large vertical pipes

Pages 19-33
Donkoan Hwang, Soon Ho Kang, Nakjun Choi, HangJin Jo

Numerical simulation of a toroidal single-phase natural circulation loop with a k-kL transitional turbulence model

Pages 233-240
Yiwa Geng, Xiongbin Liu, Xiaotian Li, Yajun Zhang

Thermo-hydrodynamic investigation into the effects of minichannel configuration on the thermal performance of subcooled flow boiling

Pages 265-274
Amal Igaadi, Rachid El Amraoui, Hicham El Mghari

Temperature analysis of extra vessel electromagnetic pump cooling for a Micro nuclear reactor with an electric power of 20 MW

Pages 275-282
Tae Uk Kang, Hee Reyoung Kim

Corrigendum to “Thermal-hydraulic safety analysis of radioisotope production in HANARO using MCNP6 and COMSOL multiphysics: A feasibility study” [NET 55(2023) p.3997]

Page 357
Taeyun Kim, Bo-Young Han, Seongwoo Yang, Jaegi Lee, Gwang-Min Sun, Byung-Gun Park, Sung-Joon Ye
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