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This is for Introductory Statement for the “KNS-US Chapter” website

Welcome to the website of the KNS-US Chapter!

The branch organization of the Korean Nuclear Society (KNS) in Unites States (US), referred to as KNS-US Chapter, was launched on June 25, 2012, with an aiming goal to enhance academic and industrial R&D collaboration and information exchange of nuclear science and technology between Korea and US. The KNS-US Chapter also promotes the KNS to be involved in the global nuclear community as a key professional organization.

The Chapter organization consists of six board members and about 20 active members who represent the academia, national laboratories, as well as nuclear industries in North America. General meeting of the KNS-US Chapter has usually been held twice a year during ANS Annual and Winter meetings to invite keynote speaker for special topical presentation and to discuss on-going agenda for the organizational business. So far, the founder of the nonprofit pronuclear organization PopAtomic Studios (Ms. Suzanne H. Baker) and an ex-president of KNS (Dr. Jong In Lee) were invited to the meeting during the ANS conferences.

We, KNS-US Chapter members, will continuously focus on mutual exchange and collaboration with nuclear industries and academia to keep the KNS professionals involved in making nuclear energy more competitive and safe.

KNS-US Chapter officers (board members) are:

  • - Chair: Dr. Lee, Si Young
    Savannah River National Laboratory
  • - Vice chair: Dr. Yang, Won Sik
    School of Nuclear Engineering, Purdue University
  • - Auditor: Dr. Ahn, Joonhong
    Dept. of Nuclear Eng., University of California, Berkeley
  • - Secretary in General: Dr. Lee, Changho
    Argonne National Laboratory
  • - Coordination Officer: Dr. Kim, Seungjin
    Nuclear Eng. Dept., Penn. State University
  • - Student Officer: Mr. Park, Heeho
    Nuclear Eng. Dept., University of Michigan

The 2013 Activities:

  • - Approved the KNS-US Chapter By-Law
  • - Established the Chapter organization consisting of six board members
  • - Invited external speakers for special presentations related to nuclear professions

The Future Business Plan:

  • - Promote the technical and R&D information exchange through special seminars and meetings sponsored by KNS-US Chapter and KNS
  • - Hold KNS-ANS workshop on nuclear safety and energy technology
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